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*Infographic* Studies Reveal the Real Benefits of Teamwork in Business


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From Me to We: Studies reveal the intricacies of the new business team and the benefits of teamwork in the modern workplace, including:

* Teamwork in the modern workforce
* Generational impact of Millennials in the workplace
* Technology trends for virtual collaboration and team workspaces
* Contributions to collaboration - the new workflow and project management processes

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*Infographic* Studies Reveal the Real Benefits of Teamwork in Business

  1. 1. Teams Drive Innovation, Productivity and Growth Companies are constantly adapting to provide the most efficient and productive work environments for their employees. The team —not the individual contributor—is the new secret for business success. too The Power of Teams: Cross-Functional Collaboration: . G tt d 't k' 'l ; Better Collaboratlon = in; et: ade. £i? esy b(I'? ngvfl‘: <:irI: i1SiI1I)JSe value Better Results to other projects and campaigns. Benefits of the Collaborative Organization T‘ ® Time to Market 36. Innovation v Morale Interconnected team ":3 Greatideas Employees feelliketheir communication bubble to the ideas and skills are highly sri1gni_ficantlyLeduces surface with valued, leading to t e time it ta es to diverse strengths improved commitment bring an idea to and perspectives and loyalty to the team fFUItI0D- working together. and company. Millennials in particular seek collaborative work cultures. 0 prefer collaboration 88 [0 overcompetition. of the workforce 0 will be Millennials 5 0 / O by 2020. I want a chance to prove 2 5 of their leadership ability 0 in the workplace. Technology reigns supreme in TeCh11010gY Powers today's teamwork-driven the Modern Team workplace. connecting more employees than ever before. Corporate investments in collaboration technologies include team workspaces. project management. group chat, social intranets and video conferencing. c°uab°"ati°" of North American Market > 8 5 0!) users across $33_3B organizational levels $21.73 connect with peers 2 via video—the most f ' . 2014 2018 0 any region 1 of collaboration services will be cloud—delivered by 2018. Growing trends 2-in-3 companies will adopt bring—your—own—device [BYOD] programs by 2017. 9*’? ! FIOII1, Tearn Individual work will always C t t t have its place in the office, but on I1 u 01-‘S 0 teamwork and collaboration boost Tear“ Collaborators overall company success. Productivity Improved time to market Workplace collaboration can Better workplace collaboration increase successful and fewer approval levels can innovation by reduce time to market by I 5% 20% 5 Characteristics of Successful 0 Teams Body language is focused on the speaker, and members ' use energetic gestures when talking. 9 3 Team members Members Speak and collaborate with “Ste” 9CIU3IIY- each other— not just the leader. 0 Members continue collaborating together outside of formal colleagues OUTSIDE the gatherings, such as meetings team, bringing information and debriefings. and ideas back to the group. Results in Results in greater 5 U of improvement in 3 5 of innovation 0 communication. 0 and creativity. 6 Employees collaborate with With businesses continuing to support teamwork and connectivity in and out of the office, employees can be more productive, efficient and, ultimately, satisfied on the job. Get the 3-step system for building a teamwork culture in any organization: . Sources: tinyhr. com I adjuvi. com I hbr. org I redbooth. com I polycom. com I akuity. com I Wainhouse Research I IDC