Compare PG Dating Pro & PG Socialbiz


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Difference between 2 software products of Pilot Group.Net - PG Dating Pro & PG Socialbiz.

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Compare PG Dating Pro & PG Socialbiz

  1. 1. Comparing Two Favorite SoftwareProducts: PG Dating Proand PG SocialBizPG SocialBiz and PG Dating Pro are the two products of PilotGroup.NETCompany. They may havesimilardesign in user panel, however there are some significant changes in the functionality that wewould like to tell you about.1. Structure of administration panelsFirst of all take a look at the structure of administration panels. Some people find theadministration panel of social networking software (SocialBiz) to be more convenient, as all menuitems are there in one place and you can expand/collapse bigger items:
  2. 2. For other people the administration panel of dating site script (Dating Pro) is better because it isstructured by what you are going to need more often, and all settings that you will likely need onceor twice are one or two levels deeper:
  3. 3. 2. Consider different sets of integrated payment gateways:Authorize.Net; PayPal; CCBill; E-gold; USAepay; WorldPay; Ogone; Webmoney; Allopass; PayPoint;Yandex.Money; 2checkout; NMI and some others forSocialBiz andAuthorize.Net; PayPal; 2CheckOut; Webmoney; ROBOKASSA; Skrill/Moneybookers for Dating Pro.In PG Dating Pro there is an offline/cheque payment option that lets the site owner accept cash orwire transfers and so on.3. In SocialBiz there is a virtual currency tool. You can create your own currency and give it anyname, which makes it easy to create a special community in your own world.4. The Bonus systemof SocialBiz helps boost site members’ activity by encouraging them to uploadavatar and photos, come back to the site daily, pay for membership,and more.5. Friendship requests.In SocialBiz there is a Friends chain and a Friends circle. In both PG SocialBiz and PG Dating Pro youshould request permission to become friends with another person. Plus in Dating Pro you can viewall sent and received requests:
  4. 4. 6. Multimedia galleriesBoth Dating Pro and SocialBizbased websites offer their members the opportunity to uploadmultimedia content, such as photos, audio and video files. There are 3 types of multimedia galleriesand they look almost the same, with the photo gallery in Dating Pro being something quite special:This is how the photo gallery in SocialBiz looks like:
  5. 5. 7.Private network functionality in PG SocialBiz solution makes it possible to create a closedcommunity and only accept members who you have sent invitation to, for examples all employeesof your company or all class members.8. You can lend your PG SocialBiz site a touch of dating by switching on the Dating module. It addsone more section to members’ profiles where they can indicate their hair colour, height and weightand other personal parameters for better match search:
  6. 6. 9. Profile builderPG Dating Pro goes further than that giving the site administrator a powerful profile builder tool.With this tool you can create any new profile fields and add them into sign up form, quick searchand advanced search forms as well as use them for finding perfect matches:10. Sign Up form.SocialBiz can boast of a shorter and simpler sign up form which serves the idea of a network wherepeople’s primary goal is communicating and finding friends, business partners and so on, unlikeDating Pro where people come to describe themselves and find matches going by such descriptions.11. In SocialBiz there is an extended system of privacy settings:
  7. 7. 12. Gift storeAlong with the real gifts (Gift store module) you also have virtual gifts in SocialBiz that memberscan send to one another and that you can make a free or a paid service:Another fun tool is posting graffiti in guestbooks:
  8. 8. 13. Dating Pro helps members attract attention to their profiles with the Carouselservicethat canalso be made free or paid:14. Take a tourTake tour is duplicated on the homepage of Dating Pro based site giving site administrator moreways to communicate with site members, especially new members and welcome them, giving someclues on how and where to start:
  9. 9. 15. LanguagesIn PG Dating Pro there is a more advanced language files structure. RTL languages are supported,for example Arabic or Hebrew.16. Site designDating Pro design management tool in admin panel makes it easy to change colour scheme of thewebsite:For PG SocialBiz there are 3 design themes: Business, Corporate and Community.
  10. 10. For PG Dating Pro there are 14 design themes. You can see them at