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Foro 3 overcoming obstacles


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Foro 3 overcoming obstacles

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD LATINOAMERICANA DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGIA School of Education Professor Carlos Tánchez Newspaper Contribution: (First Draft) II Quarter, 2010 Grade: Student: Paula Garro Ramírez Group: Wednesday and Friday June 08th,2010. PAOLA ARANA Paola is a friend of mine. Few years ago, she weighed two hundred eighty pounds, because of this; she had a very low self-esteem. She had an operation, the gastric bypass. She lost over eighty pounds, after that, again had social life, she was beginning to enjoy life. But one night she had an accident. She lost his right leg there. This was 5 years ago when she came from a party with her cousins. The car ran out of gas, and they began to push the car toward the shore. Just then, came a drunk driver and crush with their bodies. Her cousin died. She was seriously injured. She lost mobility in one arm and unfortunately, lost his right leg. From that day her life changed completely. At the beginning it was very difficult for her. She suffered from severe depression, lost his job and all her routines changed. Now a day Paola has completely changed their mentality. She have her own beauty salon, she likes to look good, and always has a smile on her face. I recently, doctors put prosthesis. Paola is learning how to walk again. She always says that the obstacles are in the mind and it takes effort and dedication to beat the trials of life.