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Debates reflections paula garro


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Debates reflections paula garro

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD LATINOAMERICANA DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGIA<br />School of Education<br />Grade:Professor Carlos Tánchez Newspaper Contribution: (First Draft)II Quarter, 2010<br />Student: Paula Garro Ramírez<br />Group: Wednesday and Friday<br />DEBATES REFLECTIONS<br />Dear members of student government, GOES. I congratulate for your effort to create activities within the university to help with our professional training. It is important to acquire the skill to be able to discuss, no matter what is our profession. <br />I had the opportunity to be part of the debate and actually was a challenge to leave the nerves aside, be concentrated in a specific position and defend it until the end. Debates require prior preparation, for example people have to collect information, study and be sure of their positions. Also debates require physical expression, a good diction; it’s definitely an activity that helps us to form as a person.<br />I recommend for next debates that the jury also know the topic to be discussed. Also to have the possibility to present evidence, in this way the arguments will have more credibility.<br />Moreover, after each debate, it would be nice if someone who has experience can give a feed back to the people who participated. So people can know their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to present their arguments.<br />You have my support in your upcoming projects.<br />Best Regards<br />Paula Garro Ramírez<br />Psychology student<br />