Adventurous outfitters in the north of sweden


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Adventures and outdoorliving in the north of Sweden. Challenges and social get-togethers.

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Adventurous outfitters in the north of sweden

  1. 1. Exclusive adventures with world-class horses Kick off • Team Building • Leadership training • Customer Relationship or simply amazing for you and your friends • +46 70-585 11 71 Adventurous Outfitters
  2. 2. Foto Felix Oppenheim Since 1989 Adventurous Outfitters has sought adventures and moved boundaries. We believe that all people have a need to stretch - stretch a little outside everyday and see what's there. We are a group who love nature and challenge ourselves to constantly discover new things, in harmony with the life of nature, which is close to us, but which is not part of everyone's daily life. We do it by riding, hunting and helicopter skiing. We are ready to guide you in your contact with nature in all its versions. For this we have a unique herd of horses, hunting experiences around the world and experience of heli-skiing.
  3. 3. • +46 70-585 11 71 Our guides have all spent numerous days in the field. With their experience they will give you challenges and security in a delightful mix. Guides and horses together will make you want to try exciting and thrilling things. When the day's riding is over and the horses cared for, your guide see to that good food and social get-togethers causes you to eventually fall asleep with a smile.