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Open Source Press Relations


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Published in: Technology
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Open Source Press Relations

  1. 1. Press Relations Open Source
  2. 2. Press Relations Open Source
  3. 3. March 2000 “Linux needs a marketing department.” - Elwin Green, Newsforge
  4. 4. June 2009“Your project needs a marketing department.” - Josh Berkus
  5. 5. PR practice vs. OS development ►PR requires: ►Open Source requires: ✚ secrecy ✚ openness ✚ centralized authority ✚ democracy ✚ rigid timing ✚ “f exible” dates l ✚ money ✚ cheap/free
  6. 6. flaks vs. hackers►PR “f aks” always: l ►OS “hackers” always: ✚ seek attention ✚ avoid the limelight ✚ focus on apearance ✚ focus on substance ✚ talk at great length ✚ are concise and to about nothing the point
  7. 7. Open Source Press Relations Resources
  8. 8. OS/PR Resources ►volunteers ►press contacts ►reference users ►press kit ►OSS tools ►money (a little)
  9. 9. Volunteers Wanted! ►writers/designers ✚ press releases ✚ web design and graphics ✚ handouts and articles ►translators ✚ all of the above ►regional contacts ✚ one per country/region/language ✚ press/business experience ✚ e-mail & phone for work hours
  10. 10. volunteers: care & feedingyou do not pay volunteers►PR contributions are as valuable as code: treat it that way►OS-PR is participatory: ask, dont tell►make sure each PR volunteer gets their 15 minutes
  11. 11. press contacts: your list ►collect a list ✚ bloggers/reporters in your community ✚ reporters who have covered your project ✚ lists from conferences ✚ business cards ►manage the list ✚ keep in central, secure location ✚ separate into categories ● “cold” contacts ● “warm” contacts ● “intimate” contacts
  12. 12. reference users ►you need them ✚ quotes ✚ interviews ✚ case studies ►get them through your community ✚ mailing lists ✚ consultant clients ✚ conferences ►keep their contact info handy
  13. 13. press kit ►one-stop-shopping for reporters ✚ “what is” document ✚ “latest news” document ✚ case studies & reference users ✚ contact information -- regional contacts ✚ logos/graphics ✚ self-booting CD or USB key (optional) ►have the same information everywhere ✚ on the website: keep it updated ✚ on paper handouts: give them out at conferences
  14. 14. OSS tools ►mailing list(s) ✚ communicate with volunteers ►wiki ✚ for drafting documents & making lists ►version control system ✚ document editing, translation ►CMS ✚ for getting stuff on your web site
  15. 15. s! onOpen Source Press Relations ss Le Handling The Press sy Ea e re Th In
  16. 16. Lesson 1 reporters are people, too. ►Dont insult them when they get something wrong. ►Do thank them when they get something right.
  17. 17. Corrections: The Wrong WayDear Idiot,I couldnt believe your articl eyesterday saying PostgreSQL had no Javasupport. What kind of doofus are you?Dont you know how to use Google?Where did you get your journalismdegree, Eddies Correspondance School ofMedia? Or maybe you just get all yournews reports from Oracle.--Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL
  18. 18. Corrections: The Right WayMs. M,I read your article “Open Source Databases Catching Up”in last weeks TechMaven with interest. Thank you forcovering our database system for your readers.I did notice a small factual inaccuracy in paragraph 3,in which you say that PostgreSQL lacks Java support. Infact, we have both JDBC and procedural Java. You canfind more information about these at,and about what PostgreSQL supports in general A correction would beappreciated.If you have any further questions, or want to arrange aninterview, dont hesitate to contact me at 415-752-2500.--Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL
  19. 19. Lesson 2 nothing is “off the record” ►Dont share anything with a reporter if you dont want to share it with the world. ►Do plan everything youre going to say. ►Dont expect to get a preview of the article.
  20. 20. Lesson 3 if you want to decide the news, you do the work►Do respond very quickly to requests.►Do offer facts and quotes, and lists of contacts to reporters. And numbers!►Do look for the “newsworthy” story.►Dont tell the them what to report.
  21. 21. some notes on bloggers►Bloggers are not professional reporters ✚ dont trust them to keep embargo ✚ they wont try for full/balanced coverage ✚ theyre not concerned with accuracy►However, bloggers are increasing ✚ less and less reporters all the time►So f nd some good, friendly, popular bloggers i ✚ befriend them ✚ educate them ✚ buy them beer
  22. 22. Open Source Press Relations The Release
  23. 23. -8 weeks: draft release ►Do it in an open source way ✚ involve your advocacy group ✚ use mailing lists and wikis/version control ✚ “many eyes make bugs shallow” is true of press releases, too ✚ allow 3-4 weeks for draft
  24. 24. -8 weeks: draft release ►use professional release format ✚ top-down composition ✚ emphasize news value ✚ have a “theme” ✚ one to 1.5 pages long
  25. 25. -8 weeks: draft release ►use professional release format eight parts information 2.dateline 3.summary paragraph 4.theme paragraph (optional) 5.1-3 quotes (not more) 6.detail information to more information 8.about paragraph
  26. 26. -8 weeks: draft releaseJosh Berkus contact informationjosh@postgresql.org415-752-2500San Francisco, CA datelineNY, NY: January 10, 2005 - The PostgreSQL GlobalDevelopment group has released version 8.0 of thePostgreSQL object-relational database managementsystem, building on its position as the most summaryadvanced open source database in the world. Thisrelease includes features previously onl y paragraphavailable in the most expensive proprietarydatabase systems, and is expected to substantiallyincrease the adoption of PostgreSQL by both usersand software vendors.In addition to significant improvements inscalability, features, and performance, PostgreSQL8.0 demonstrates the unparalleled developmentspeed of open source. More than a dozen companies, themeincluding Red Hat, Fujitsu, Afilias, SoftwareResearch Associates, Inc., 2nd Quadrant, and paragraphCommand Prompt Inc., as well as hundreds ofindividual developers, contributed to add moremajor features to 8.0 than have been seen in anyprevious version.
  27. 27. -8 weeks: draft release"We are confident that these enterprise featureswill attract a great number of new PostgreSQLusers.", said Mr. Takayuki Nakazawa, Director of first quoteFujitsus OSS Database in Software Group. "Fujitsuis proud of its sponsorship of contributions toPostgreSQL and of its work with the PostgreSQLcommunity. We are committed to helping makePostgreSQL the leading Database ManagementSystem."New features include: name & titleNative Windows Support: PostgreSQL now worksnatively with Windows systems and does not need anemulation layer. This provides dramaticallyimproved performance over previous versions, andoffers a compelling alternative to proprietarydatabase software for independent softwarevendors, corporate users, and individual Windowsdevelopers. detail infoSavepoints: This SQL-standard feature allows (make it relevant)specific parts of a database transaction to berolled back without aborting the entire operation.This benefits business application developers ....
  28. 28. -8 weeks: draft releaseJavier Soltero, Chief Architect at Hyperic LLC,said, "PostgreSQL 8.0 gives us the high degree ofconcurrency and throughput required by our HQ second quotemonitoring product ... “In addition to the many features bundled with therelease, PostgreSQL has been enhanced byaccelerated development of add-ons and optionalcomponents over the last year ...About PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL is the collective additionalwork of hundreds of developers, building on almost detailtwenty years of development which started at the (keep it short)University of California at Berkeley. With itslong-time support of an enterprise level featureset including transactions, functions, triggers,and subqueries, PostgreSQL is being used by manyof todays most demanding businesses andgovernment agencies. PostgreSQL is distributedunder a BSD license, which allows use and “about”distribution without fees for both commercial andnon-commercial applications. paragraphTo find out more about PostgreSQL 8.0 or to link to moredownload it, please visit: information
  29. 29. -4 weeks: create press kit ►press release, plus: ►get website ready to ✚ links to more roll: advocacy ✚ use CMS so that you information (case can activate content studies, etc.) “all at once” ✚ full text of quotes ✚ links to downloads ✚ detail that didnt f t in i ✚ home page the release announcement ✚ information about ✚ traff c monitors i quoted companies ►release to ✚ links to regional translators contacts
  30. 30. -1 week: “embargoed” releases ►contact press whom you “trust” ✚ must agree to not release until the release date ✚ must be willing to postpone/cancel release in case of problems ✚ a good way to “reward” reporters you like ►additional advance content ✚ Q&A about release ✚ demo (if appropriate) ✚ arrange interviews with developers/users ►be aware of press schedules ►f le release with PRWire i
  31. 31. -12 hours: stuff up on website ►last chance to postpone ✚ check with lead developers ►put up on web ✚ press kits ✚ downloads ✚ docs ✚ lists of regional contacts ►check that regional contacts are ready
  32. 32. 0 hour: send out release ►contact embargo reporters and give the all-clear ►“spam” your whole press list ✚ use an easy perl script, or a mailing list ►tell regional contacts/translators “go” ►panic!
  33. 33. +1-5 days: follow-up ►follow up with key reporters ►start collecting links to press coverage ✚ send corrections, if necessary ►slashdot it! ►update press list ►thank volunteers
  34. 34. more information ►press kit: ►regional contact list: ►about pages: ►me ✚ ✚ ✚ This presentation copyright 2009 Josh Berkus, licensed for distribution under the Creative Commons Attribution License.