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Online Sponsors Pdf

  1. 1. MEDIA PACK The Global Market Leader in specialist Process Excellence Conferences and Online Knowledge Lean Operational Excellence Outsourcing BPMRisk Management Change Management Enterprise Architecture Six Sigma ENTER >>
  2. 2. So what exactly is the Process Excellence Network? The Process Excellence (PEX) Network is an Using this market intelligence we select the issues integrated learning and networking opportunity for highlighted as the greatest challenges and ventures senior players in the Process Excellence community. with the greatest potential return for the PEX By drawing on 40 years’ experience in the industry, a community. From this we create a tailored range huge bank of digital resources and an international of resources and materials to help PEX Network What is Process Excellence Network v social media profile, we are in a unique position to place you in front of the customers you desire. Members overcome the challenges they themselves have highlighted. Who we’ve worked The PEX Network, a division of IQPC, is a new These education opportunities are presented through with v generation B2B media company, presenting multiple a variety of channels, from online interaction (such opportunities for education, knowledge collaboration as web conferences or podcasts), to physical events 5 reasons to join the and specialist networking to its membership. where knowledge sharing is combined with an intense PEX Network v networking experience. We carry out direct research through targeted one- Benefits of to-one interviews, as well as wider-reach market As a result, senior Process Excellence professionals sponsorship v surveys to find out what is generating results. More from across the globe benefit from PEX Network importantly, this also gives us a picture of what isn’t membership. They are able to use both our online working any more, enabling us to provide up to date portal and our face to face events to advance their Face to face conferences v information and thinking to our readership. personal ability and accelerate the success of their own PEX programs. Sponsorable online editorial vPar tnering companies v For more information please visit:, call +44 (0) 207 368 9500 or email:
  3. 3. Our Contributors In the past decade, Process Excellence Network is proud to have featured online contribution and speaking sessions from world class leaders. Highlights include: DEFENSE WORLD RENOWNED LEADERS Jack Welch, former CEO GE Lord Sebastian Coe KBE Chairman LOCOG Rudy Guiliani, One of the world’s most respected leaders What is Process Excellence Network v Tim Smit CBE CEO The Eden Project Stephen Spear, Author: ‘Chasing the Rabbit & High Performance through High Velocity Discovery’ Roy Templin CFO Whirlpool Who we’ve worked with v Matt Fisher DEFENSE COO EFQM Air Commodore Dennis Green Royal Australian Air Force 5 reasons to join the PEX Network v Gen. Colin Powell, USA (Ret.) FINANCE Secretary of State (2001-2005) Abhijit Gupta Chief Architect & SOA Lead, Deutsche Bank Benefits of sponsorship v Bernhard Joos Cathy Reber Vice President, IT Head of Workflow Competence Centre Vice President, Global Business Transformation Credit Suisse American Express Australia Carl Rossey CIO & COO and Member of the Board Raiffeisen Bank Face to face conferences v Jem Eskenazi Toby Redshaw CIO Global CIO Groupama Insurances Aviva QUALITY Sponsorable online v Dan Jones Founder Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy, UK editorial Daniel Chan CIO, New York State, Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance (former CIO of the year 2010) Morgan Jones General Manager, Master Black Belt South Pacific BOC Laurel LaBauve Corporate VP Lean Six Sigma MerckPar tnering companies v COMMS Mr. Ashutosh Pandey, Global IT, Quality & Process Manager Nokia Siemens Networks Jim Cosco VP & CQO Motorola Mobility - Home TRAVEL Ian Coucher Deputy Chief Executive Network Rail (now CEO) Paul Coby CIO & Head of BA Services British Airways DATA/RESEARCH Anu George CQO, Data Division Morningstar Derek Miers Principal Analyst Forrester Research
  4. 4. 5 reasons to join the PEX Network 1. Visibility Partnering with the PEX Network gives you direct access to a tailored community of Process Excellence decision-makers. Our thousands of users are spilt into targetable demographics based on industry, topic interests and seniority; enabling you to pinpoint your desired audience. What is Process Excellence Network v 2. Impact “Partnering with the Your involvement in face to face conferences can generate up to 4 months’ of PEX Network has added Who we’ve worked significant value to with v promotion prior to the event. Any content you release online is archived for a full 12 months, giving users a massive window in which to access it and become a new lead. i-nexus. Working with the team to reach out to 5 reasons to join the v 3. Lead generation our target audience has PEX Network The interactive nature of our face-to-face and online customer contact turns a generic proved very effective, both in raising awareness user into a qualified sales lead. Behind that is a dedicated marketing team here to of the i-nexus brand and Benefits of optimise any further communication with them after the event. sponsorship v educating the market on the emerging discipline 4. Thought leadership of Business Execution. As Face to face We carefully advise the thought leaders we work with to enable maximum audience conferences v engagement and benefit – when our members benefit, so will you. such I would not hesitate to recommend working with PEX Network and Sponsorable online 5. Integration plan to continue using editorial v The single reason that keeps us head and shoulders above the competition. Our this platform to drive new integrated multi-channel offering enables you to simultaneously benefit from all of the business in the future” opportunities above, with a bespoke report to monitor your successes. Tina Prajapati, MarketingPar tnering companies v By working with our business development experts you can create tailored marketing Manager for i-nexus plans and place your content in front of your ideal audience with no research, email lists or PR agencies in sight. For more information please visit:, call +44 (0) 207 368 9500 or email:
  5. 5. Benefits of sponsorship By hosting sponsored webinars, interviews and By sponsoring one of our face to face conferences, podcasts on the PEX Network, your brand can: your organization can: • Be seen as innovators across the fast-growing • Access our global portfolio of conferences, communication channels and social networks in the arranging meetings with high-level decision makers What is Process industry. to make sure you meet the right people. Sponsors Excellence Network v • Establish a long-term and consistent route to can also capitalise on strategic guesting market when promoting new ideas and products. programmes available at these events. Who we’ve worked All material remains live for twelve months, providing • Enjoy risk-free investment. You need to be sure your with v significant longevity of your investment. are spending your money wisely, and our 90% • Create opportunities to build relationships with rebook rate with existing customers is a testament a qualified prospective audience across specific to our quality of service. 5 reasons to join the PEX Network v industries. • Invest in your most immediate business needs. • Raise credibility and awareness of your organisation, By selecting the most relevant conferences from either across the board or in a specific area. across our global portfolio, we can tailor bespoke Benefits of sponsorship v • Secure high-quality lead information by knowing sponsorship packages to your individual who has interacted with your content. requirements every time. • Position your business and thought leadership Face to face You also have the opportunity to support this activity conferences v with more traditional methods of promotion. By using alongside a premium product. Every single PEX Network event is fresh and innovative, addressing our member-profiling data, you can deliver the right the delegates’ most immediate needs. Sponsors Sponsorable online messages to the right people - either with direct e-shots editorial v or banner advertising. Tailoring our display ads in this are encouraged to influence the scope and agenda of the events, further increasing brand affinity with way allows us to marry up the content our users enjoy the audience. with the products they are likely to be interested in.Par tnering companies v “As a new sponsor, we were very pleased with the “We’ve been involved with the PEX Network events organization, content and personal attention at this for about 7 years - it’s a good range of folks, from conference. We highly recommend getting en- experienced to those just getting started and a gaged with the PEX Network. The level of contacts community of people that really want to share best and quantity of leads obtained were excellent.” practices and work together.” NC State University The Quality Group
  6. 6. Face to face conferences Upcoming events for 2011 Online: “The event is very • Business Process Excellence for Financial Services professional and it is a • Business Process Excellence for Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices pleasure to work with the What is Process IQPC [PEX NETWORK] Excellence Network v United States: staff. Please ensure the • Business Process Excellence for Telecoms & Utilities (Miami) staff stays consistent Who we’ve worked • Energy Process Excellence Network (Houston) year over year! Our with v Europe: experience as a first time exhibitor was very good • Process Excellence Week Europe (London) and I would recommend 5 reasons to join the • Business Process Excellence for Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical the event to other PEX Network v Devices (London) vendors. I would like • Operational Excellence France Paris (French language) to be more involved for Benefits of • Nordic Process Excellence (Stockholm) future events” sponsorship v • Lean Leaders III (London) Quantum6 • Energy Process Excellence Network (Aberdeen) • Business Process Excellence for Telecoms & Utilities (Brussels) “This is always a Face to face conferences v • Benelux Process Excellence (Brussels) watershed event for • CEE Process Excellence (Warsaw) us and we come back every year. We had a Sponsorable online Asia: editorial v • Process Excellence Week India (New Delhi) few concerns this year with the impact of the economy but I can tell A sample of sponsorship opportunities is below – every package is tailored to suit our partner: you we’ve had somePar tnering companies v Lead Sponsor Technology Showcase Session Leader Sponsor real good conversations • Overall chairmanship of conference Session Sponsor • Track session facilitation with client with prospective clients • Lead branding on site • Logo inside brochure • Logo inside brochure whose needs still aren’t • Keynote plenary session with client • Showcase session • Logo on web • Keynote panel session • Logo on website • Delegate list being met.” • Workshop • Delegate list • 50 words on brochure • Lead logo on website and brochure • Exhibition space SBTI • 50 words on brochure • Delegate list • Exhibition space • 2 delegate passes • 100 words on brochure • 2 delegate passes • Email marketing campaign • Double exhibition space • 6 delegate passes
  7. 7. Sponsorable online editorial If customers can’t see you, they have no reason to trust you. By investing in online thought leadership, you can earn this trust. Essentially you strike a bargain with potential customers; your intellectual capital exchanged for their time. This positions your company as a leader in its field and keeps you front of mind when it comes to making purchasing decisions. What is Process Excellence Network v The key to all of this is getting in front of the right audience, and that’s where the PEX Network comes in. We get your content in front of the right people, be that on our portal, direct emails or via social media. For every piece of thought leadership you produce, we run tailored promotional campaigns, marketing directly to senior decision Who we’ve worked makers so you get high level, qualified leads. with v The following editorial products are available for sponsorship on the PEX Network: 5 reasons to join the Webinars Whitepapers, articles and press releases PEX Network v Direct and real-time learning opportunities for your desired These tried and tested editorial tools are used to educate audience. With a webinar you can put your messaging in readers and help influence the Process Excellence Benefits of front of anyone in the world, capitalising on a global range community. We promote all articles via our newsletter and sponsorship v of potential new customers. Benefits include: social media channels, arenas of warm contacts who are hungry for new information. Benefits include: • Gated entry - all attendees profiled for effective lead Face to face generation • Reader details shared with your organisation conferences v • Promoted via PEX marketing channels for 6-8 weeks • Users profiled for effective lead generation • Webinar made available for 12 months, so lead • Archived for 12 months generation can continue • Whitepapers promoted via senior marketing activity for up Sponsorable online • Highly targeted leads, with an average of 150+ to 4 weeks (articles and press releases for 1 week) editorial v registrants per session for you to contact afterwards Interviews Whitepapers, articles and press releasesPar tnering companies v Interviews may be done either in a video or audio (podcast) In addition to video interviews, we are able also to host and format and are an effective way of reinforcing your promote sponsored video packages. This must editorial in company’s brand and expertise. nature, but can contain up to a 30 second commercial at the beginning and will be clearly labelled “Sponsored by” • Select your own speaker with your branding. Benefits include: • Conducted by PEX Network team • Archived for 12 months • Gated: users profiled for effective lead generation • Educate potential customers • All downloads sent directly to sponsor • Position your organisation as innovative and forward thinking • Archived for 12 months • Promoted via senior marketing activity for up to 4 weeks
  8. 8. Partnering companies Here are just some of the companies who have benefited from partnering with the PEX Network in the past: What is Process Excellence Network v Who we’ve worked with v 5 reasons to join the PEX Network v Benefits of sponsorship v Face to face conferences v Sponsorable online editorial vPar tnering companies v For more information please visit:, call +44 (0) 207 368 9500 or email: