It revolutionaries driving the agenda for business change


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It revolutionaries driving the agenda for business change

  1. 1. IT Revolutionaries - Driving the Agenda for Business Change 8 Steps to Becoming an IT Game Changer The role of IT within business has never been more important, and the convergence of a series of ground-breaking technologies and techniques such as cloud, social, and mobile, and their related BPM overlay have finally delivered the bricks for IT to lay the foundations of a major change in the way organizations work. The question is “how does IT ensure decisions are not made at departmental levels? Or worse, without input from IT?”Download this whitepaper to learn how IT can ensure it is part of enterprise-level decision-making:- Learn where implementation decisions regarding IT are actually taken (versus the strategic direction)- See the limitations and issues associated with departmental, line-of-business decision making- Learn which enabling technologies are allowing IT professionals to be able to deliver the solutions required today- Learn which sales methodology can help IT present solutions and drive decisions- See 8 practical recommendations that can help IT challenge existing perceptions and achieve a strategic voice.>> Free Download the best, Natalie Evans PEX Network Lets connect on LinkedIn: Email me: