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Extending business process management to mobile devices in financial services


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Extending business process management to mobile devices in financial services

  1. 1. Extending Business Process Management to Mobile Devices in Financial ServicesJust Do Projects or Achieve Real Results? This FREE webinar will be on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time Automation and mobility in the mortgage origination processMobile capture – a technology that turns a smart phone or tablet into a scanning device - is somethingthat many financial services organizations have already begun to implement to help them reduceoverall processing times, improve the customer experience, and minimize delays to process start times.With mobile capture your sales force or even customers themselves can capture documents, photos anddata using smart phones or tablet computers to initiate critical business processes at the earliest pointpossible.In this webinar, join Chris Edgington from Kofax as he looks at how Financial Services companies areusing mobile devices to extend processes beyond the enterprise looking specifically at the mortgageorigination process.Join this webinar to: - Understand key consumer and technology trends driving the need for process mobility in Financial Services - Identify mobile best practices in Financial Services, including case studies - Look at the critical factors you must consider in designing your mobile strategy - Learn how to build the business case and roadmap for mortgage origination automation and strategies for achieving ROI objectives - Recognize the value proposition for banks that undertake a mobility strategyThis webinar takes place at 2:00 PM EDT (New York) / 19:00 BST (London) / 20:00 CEST (Paris) / 02:00HKT (Hong Kong) / 04:00 EST (Sydney). Chris Edgington Financial Services Industry Solutions Manager KofaxChris Edgington is an Industry Solutions Manager at Kofax, focusing on Banking & Financial Services. Prior tojoining Kofax, Chris was Senior Director of Global Operations for American Insurance Group (AIG), where heshaped the worldwide ECM strategy and implemented a Kofax Capture solution for the UK Property &Casualty unit.
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