Achieving Enterprise Process Mobility With Sequence Kinetics


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Achieving Enterprise Process Mobility With Sequence Kinetics

  1. 1. Achieving Enterprise Process Mobility with Sequence KineticsTM
  2. 2. Sequence KineticsTM BPM SuitePNMsoft’s Sequence Kinetics is an intelligent BPMS(Business Process Management Suite) which enablesorganisations to automate, control and mobilise theirend-to-end business processes using uniqueHotChangeTM technology. Sequence Kinetics extendsMicrosoft products and manages processes forbusinesses and public sector organisations worldwide.
  3. 3. ContentsContents:1. Mobile Usage Facts and Figures2. Evolution of Mobile BPM3. What is Enterprise Process Mobility?4. Benefits of Mobile vs. Deskbound BPM5. Mobile BPM Key Features6. Case Study: Energy Provider7. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM DemoAuthors:James Luxford, Global Head of Product, PNMsoft.Eli Stutz, Knowledge Manager, PNMsoft.
  4. 4. Mobile Stats: take a guess…What percent of the UK adult population own asmartphone?What percent of US workers use mobile or wirelesscomputing?How many people worldwide use mobile phones forbanking and eCommerce?
  5. 5. Mobile Stats and PredictionsRecent sales stats (Europe):■comScore put combined smartphone ownership for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK at44% of mobile users as of December 2011 (104 million users).■Kantar Worldpanel claim 48.9% of the British population have a smartphone.■Figures quoted in the FT put UK smartphone ownership at 46% as of August 2011.■According to Bitkom, 11.8 million smartphones were sold in 2011 in Germany, an increase of 31%over 2010. This represents 43% of the total number of mobile phones sold that year.Recent sales stats (US and Canada):■Nielsen report that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of Q4 2011.■comScore estimate average US smartphone ownership at 41.8% of mobile subscribers or 98million people for the same period.■They give an equivalent number for Canada of 45.3%.■A Pew Internet Project survey from May 2011 found 35% of US adults owned a smartphone.
  6. 6. Mobile Payment, m-Commerce• Gartner (July 2011): there will be 141.1 million m-payment users in 2011 (up 38.2percent from 2010), m-payments will total US $86.1 billion in 2011 (up 75.9 percentfrom 2010). This reduces previous forecasts.• Merchandise purchases (e.g. via Amazon, eBay and Apple App Store) account formost of m-payments in developed markets.• Yankee Group (June 2011): Global mobile transactions predicted to be US$241billion in 2011 growing to more than $1 Trillion by 2015. • EMEA is the mobile money hot spot, says Yankee, accounting for 41 percent ofmobile transactions value in 2011, compared to 35 percent in North America, 22percent in Asia-Pacific and just 1 percent in Latin America. • Portio Research (March 2010): There were 81.3 million people worldwide usingtheir mobile device to make payments (including in-app payments, mobile ticketingand mobile coupons) in 2009. By the end of 2014, this is forecasted to rise to nearly490 million (8 percent of mobile subscribers).MobiThinking (www.
  7. 7. Mobile Financial Services, m-BankingMobile financial services (MFS) (m-banking, m-wallets, remittance/transfers etc) aregrowing fast: • Yankee Group (June 2011) predicts that there will be 500 million m-banking usersglobally by 2015. • Currently, 27 percent of all survey respondents use mobile banking--far more thanuse m-commerce (13 percent), mobile coupons (11 percent) and mobile payments (9percent). • Global Industry Analysts (GIA) (February 2010) predicts the global customer basefor m-banking will reach 1.1 billion by the year 2015. • ABI Research (January 2009) forecasts that in 2013, there will be nearly half a billioncustomers of MFS, including m-banking, mobile domestic person-to-person payments(i.e. money transfers) and international person-to-person payments.Courtesy of MobiThinking (www.
  8. 8. Mobile Employee Workforce Trends“The Always-On WorkforceLast quarter we declared the end of downtime, as 91 percent of mobile workersadmitted they checked their smartphones during their otherwise unoccupied momentsof the day. This quarter we asked specifically when these mobile workers were doingtheir work. Not only were they checking their email first thing in the morning, 38percent worked before their commute, 25 percent worked during their commute, and22 percent worked again on the way home—each and every day.”The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report ©2011 iPass Inc.“Evolution of a Mobile Workforce· 89 of the top 100 US companies offer telecommuting;· 58 percent of companies consider themselves a virtual workplace;· only nine percent of employees worked at headquarters; and· 67 percent of all workers used mobile and wireless computing.”The Insight Research Corporation
  9. 9. Evolution of Mobile BPM BPM = EAI + EAI Workflow Enterprise WorkflowWorkflow Application Workflow +EAI Pure Play(person to Monitoring BPM and BPM + Integration +EAI Mobile BPM person) and BPM Suite Mobile BPM System Suites (system to 1990s Reporting Features 1980s system) focused 1990s BPM 1980s 2003*Courtesy of Sandy Kemsly, Analyst in her BPM History (
  10. 10. TM What is Enterprise Process Mobility ?Enterprise Process MobilityTM means that the following stakeholders cancollaborate on business processes via mobile devices, thereby “mobilising theenterprise” and improving process performance:  Employees (Process Operators)  Customer End Users  Managers  Process Developers
  11. 11. Benefits of Mobile BPM vs. Deskbound BPM Deskbound BPM Mobile BPM Access to deskbound workstation limits Ability to manage processes any time, access to processes during off-hours, everywhere. travel. Processes actions take more time. Touch/click actions can be completed faster. Managers who are on-the-go have cannot Mobile MI enables managers to monitor monitor performance. progress at all times. E-Commerce customers must do M-Commerce can be done from mobile commerce on their desktop only. devices. Limited customer service Full customer service Limited employee satisfaction. Greater employee satisfaction, ease-of-use
  12. 12. Mobile BPM Features• Secure• Platform independent• Familiar, clear and easy user experience• An alternative and an extension to the PC• Information-rich notifications• Action tasks from emails• Concise forms for actioning tasks• KPIs and other MI on the mobile• Easy to configure mobile user experience
  13. 13. SecureIn today’s connected world, we need to protectour information more than ever:• Any mobile application needs to be secure.• A mobile BPM solution needs to be particularly secure.• The use of industry standard security protocols and techniques is fundamental.
  14. 14. Platform IndependentAn enterprise mobile offering must be platformindependent:• The use of HTML5 allows a common code-base across the range of mobile platforms.• Sequence Kinetics’s Process TO GO Mobile is designed to work effectively on all the major mobile platforms.
  15. 15. Familiar, clear and easy user experienceWe expect a high standard of user experience with allmobile interactions.User experience designed specifically for the mobile:  Utilised familiar smartphone UI concepts  Simple touch-driven navigation  Clean, clear user interface  Simplified functionality – more sophisticated functionality is tucked away, but still available  Simplified forms, possibly with a reduced field set if required.  Fast, responsive  Easy to access
  16. 16. An alternative & an extension to the PCMobiles offer an alternative to the PC when we’reout and about:• Same experience and functionality as PC-based user interfaces.• An alternative to PC-based interaction, not a replacement.But also, mobiles offer extended capabilities to BPM:• Use of on-board features, such as the camera, geolocation, SMS etc.
  17. 17. Information Rich NotificationsBPM is often about decision making. Providing pertinentinformation on the mobile aides effective decision making:• Task recipients receive notifications of events and tasks.• Either as an email and/or a message in the mobile app.• Notifications contain: • All the background information required for an informed decision. • What the recipient is required to do, and by what time. • Easy access to actioning the task
  18. 18. Action tasks directly from emailsMobile apps aren’t always the answer.We live in the Age of Email:• Sequence Kinetics One Click allows the recipient of a task to action the task at the click of a button.• The buttons, defined by the process designer, gives a set of options from which the recipient of the task can make their decision.• Not just “Approve” and “Decline”!
  19. 19. Concise forms for actioning tasksWe don’t know how a user is going to interactwith their assigned task, therefore we:• Allow the user to interact however is appropriate at the time.• Enable One Task, actioned on a PC or a mobile.• Create multiple user experiences tailored to the viewing device.
  20. 20. KPIs and MI on the mobileInformation is king. In today’s world wedemand faster and easier access to thatinformation:• We enable managers and executives to monitor how their business is performing while on the move.• We empower them to make decisions more quickly and easily than has previously been possible.
  21. 21. Easy to configure mobile user experienceThe mobile experience can betailored to a customer’srequirements, branding etc. Multiple Platforms is a HotChangeTM feature!• A feature-rich Design Studio allows Click here to learn more. processes to be automated and forms to be built quickly and easily.• Capabilities for both the business user and the IT developer.• The use of mobile parts allows the designer to configure an app for a specific requirement.
  22. 22. Access to Enterprise InformationExtend the range of the enterprise. Access information andupdate information within your enterprise systems while outand about. • CRM • HR • ERP • PLM • ECM • SCM • SharePoint • In-house • Finance • Bespoke
  23. 23. Case Study: Energy ProviderA leading energy provider is usingSequence KineticsTM to manage its core processes,which include service installation atcustomer sites, government approval forprospectors, and inspector certification.Engineers and technicians can connect toProcess TO GO Mobile BPM in the fieldfrom their mobile devices, enabling them tosee up-to-the minute scheduling changes and meet commitments.As part of the solution, Google Maps are integrated into Sequence KineticsMobile forms and searches, so that employees can pinpoint the customerslocation.This solutions benefits include increased flexibility due to real-time informationaccess, reduction in costs incurred by facilities damage or non-compliance, andimproved customer service.
  24. 24. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM OfferingsPNMsoft has a range of offerings that combineto deliver a leading mobile BPM solution:• Sequence Kinetics BPM Suite• Cloudworks• Process TO GO Mobile• Sequence Kinetics One Click• Sequence Kinetics Enterprise System Connectors
  25. 25. Does Mobile BPM = Cloud?It doesn’t have to be related!• Many Sequence Kinetics customers require their BPM suite to be on premise.• Process TO GO Mobile in combination with Cloudworks allows mobiles to connect securely with the on-premise environment.
  26. 26. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM Demo
  27. 27. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM Demo
  28. 28. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM Demo
  29. 29. Sequence Kinetics Mobile BPM Demo
  30. 30. Sequence Kinetics™: Intelligent, Mobile, Dynamic• Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS).• Powered by PNMsoft’s unique HotChange™ technology.• Rapid build and change of high availability workflows.• Intensive human collaboration.• Development lifecycle governance.• Extends Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure.• Integrates with popular ERP/CRM products.• Unparalleled mobile capabilities – write once run everywhere.• Based on .NET, leverages existing development skills into BPM expertise.• Answers business need for high frequency of process change AND IT need for a well-controlled process development environment.
  31. 31. About PNMsoft Global company, offices and partners network worldwide Sequence Kinetics: leading Intelligent BPM Suite with tight integration to Dynamics, mobile capabilities and unique HotChangeTM technology Provider of Vertical and Horizontal BPM solutions Endorsed by Bill Gates (Click Here for the video) Microsoft BPM & SOA Partner of the year finalist 2009 Gartner BPM “Cool Vendor” 2010 IDC Major BPM Player 2011 Trusted BPM partner for Fortune 2000 companies
  32. 32. | Phone: + 44 (0)1923 813420