4 key strategies for deploying agile and responsive bpm 4 29-2013


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4 key strategies for deploying agile and responsive bpm 4 29-2013

  1. 1. 4 Key Strategies for Deploying Agileand Responsive BPMThis FREE webinar will be on:Tuesday, May 21, 2013,12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern Time>> Free Webinar http://bit.ly/15UKDObBusiness Process Management (BPM) helps to optimize your business processes, empoweryour people, and ultimately reduce costs across the enterprise. However, enterprise-level BPMhas traditionally been a lengthy process. As we move towards a world where rapid change andflawless delivery are key parts of survival, how can you adapt your approaches to BPM to bettersupport your business?On this webinar, Rob Speck, VP, Consulting for K2 will discuss 4 key strategies to make yourBPM implementations more agile and scalable, resulting in a faster return on investment.These strategies include: Deploying change-based models to rapidly adjust, when the business changes Limiting code development for fast, flexible deployments Building processes that connect and leverage, existing systems Reusing forms, workflows, data, and reports, across multiple processesAlso hear from Jaime Flores-Lovo, IT Manager at The City of San Francisco Department ofPublic Works, who leads a team that built and deployed a contract change process that saved thecity $17MM. Jaime’s team leveraged K2’s business process platform to develop prototypeswith less code - allowing the organization to quickly validate the business processes, deploy tothe business, and yield a rapid return on investment.>> Free Webinar http://bit.ly/15UKDObAll the best,Natalie EvansPEX NetworkLets connect on LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/processexcellencenetworkEmail me: Natalie.evans@iqpc.co.uk
  2. 2. Presenters:Rob SpeckDirector and Unit LeadSourceCodeRob Speck is currently director and unit lead for SourceCode North America’s consultingservices team. SourceCode’s K2 product suite helps enterprises automate business processesand integrate information for the execution of workflow activities. Leading the consultingorganization, Mr. Speck managed a transformation effort that has improved alignment of clientrequirements and a broadening of service capabilities.Mr. Speck was most recently vice-president and principal consultant for Nimbus Partners, aTIBCO company. He has spent over twenty years working with global organizations toimprove operational process management, risk management, compliance and corporategovernance. After earning an MBA from Clark University in 1988, Mr. Speck served as afinancial analyst for General Electric Capital Corp and then an investment analyst for a high-yield bond portfolio within Osterricheshe Landerbank. From 1992-1997, he developed abusiness unit within Lotus Development’s OneSource division and then ran a software solutiondevelopment unit for Cambridge Technology Partners from 1997-2001.Mr. Speck founded AVIVA Consulting Group to provide services on the Microsoft platformsupporting process automation and collaboration. After developing a GRC product and clientbase, he sold the assets to Neudesic. Over the past six years, Mr. Speck has worked withChevron, Nestle, Novartis, Pfizer and others, supporting large transformation efforts, qualityinitiatives and compliance requirements. His primary focus has been with pharmaceuticals, lifesciences, food and beverage organizations; helping them deal with regulatory challenges andquality initiatives.Jaime Flores-LovoApplications Development Technology managerDepartment of Public Water (DPW)Jaime Flores-Lovo has over 27 years’ experience working in a successful InformationTechnology career characterized by front-line positions with the City and County of SanFrancisco, and is currently serving as an Applications Development Technology manager forthe Department of Public Water (DPW).In this role, Jaime manages multiple development groups and applies Agile and BPM principlesto the software delivery process using Rapid Application Development (RAD) basedpractices. He is also responsible for the planning and development of strategic IT initiatives.Jaime won a 2013 MFAC Good Government Award for his overall vision and leadership in thedevelopment of enterprise-level technology projects for DPW.