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My first made rubric. I don't know it's correct or what. It's my first time to make one.:)

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  1. 1. RubricsEileen M. Pagaduan BSE32
  2. 2. Analytic RubricRubric for Delivering a Speech (Public Speaking) 3 2 1 1. Topic choice The topic is well The topic is well The topic is not chosen that chosen however well chosen and perfectly fits on it doesn’t show doesn’t fit on the the issues of the any connection issues of the country. He puts on the issues of country. He didn’t his own views the country. He put his own view towards the only puts a small on this issue issues. view towards this instead he use issue. the others view on this. 2. Eye contact He makes eye He makes eye He doesn’t make contact most of contact but any eye contact the time to once in a while. to everyone. everyone.
  3. 3. 3 2 13. Voice His voice is loud His voice is loud but His voice is soft and enough to hear on not enough to hear doesn’t show any the audience at the the audience at the confidence on his back. back. voice.4. Body language He makes He makes minimal He doesn’t make appropriate hand hand gestures and any hand gestures gestures and other other movements or any body movements most of once in a while to movements at all. the time to emphasize his He doesn’t emphasize his speech. emphasizes his speech. speech much.
  4. 4. Holistic RubricRubric for Delivering a Speech (Public Speaking) Level Description Score Excellent Shows mastery of (85%-100%) his chosen topic and shows confidence in delivering his speech. He uses body movements to express himself and shows a proper attitude on delivering his speech.
  5. 5. Level Description Score Adequate He shows a mastery of his(75%-84%) chosen topic however he miss some parts in his speech and he does show a confidence. He uses minimal hand gestures or body movements and doesn’t express much his self.
  6. 6. Level Description Score Inadequate He doesn’t show any (74% and below) mastery of his chosen topic and doesn’t show any confidence in delivering his speech. He doesn’t use any hand gestures or any body movements and doesn’t express at all his self.
  7. 7. Reflection I learned that making rubrics s difficultto make. I thought that it will be easy since ituse only for evaluating student’sperformance but it’s more difficult to thinkwhat kind of goal I want to assess. Having arubric will determine on how studentsperform well. It is a good help to make theirown grades and this rubric is no questionableif ever students ask for the breakdown oftheir performance.