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Eileen M. PagaduanBSE32EDUC140Reflection:        Reading is an important activity in our daily life. We read newspaper and...
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Reading vs. Technologies


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my reflection paper on how technologies affects our reading. This is based on the article I read and my own point of view.:) Sorry for my wrong grammar there

Published in: Education
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Reading vs. Technologies

  1. 1. Eileen M. PagaduanBSE32EDUC140Reflection: Reading is an important activity in our daily life. We read newspaper and articles onthe internet. Through reading we become knowledgeable and we learned how to be awareonour surroundings. Before, many people choose reading as a pleasure or past time activity. Ithink even youths before do some reading. Today technologies keep popping out everywhereand I think people around the globe today didn’t even think about to open a book and read.Instead they choose these gadgets as a past time activity. Before lots of people collect booksand they treasure it so much. Now, we begin to collect gadgets that are so expensive and wewill do everything to have a new gadget instead of having a book. Based on the article I read, it’s sad to think that people nowadays (including me) are nolonger have o interest to read a book or any reading materials. We didn’t even bother to open abook once unless it is badly needed. The only time we open a book when we do someresearches that require a book other than internet or if the teachers tell to do some reading. It ishard to some reading especially if it is in the book. Nowadays we do our readingthroughinternet or the E-book and not on the real book. I think books become now uselessbecause of internet and E-books. Youths today chose TV, CDs, gadgets and any material beside a book. It’s very rare tosee that youth ask for a present a book. On their wish list is a new cell phone or any gadgets butnot a book. Never ever in their life they will wish that. But it’s more alarming that our readingcomprehension and skills are greatly affected because of these new technologies. We’ve gotalow average on reading comprehension because we don’t like to read and read but onlyto playand play using this gadget. It seems that it is corrupting our mind to do not somereading. For today, reading is now a boring activity that even old people will agree. Somehow even if these technologies keep popping out, I learned that readingneverdies. Why? We can still read through internet. We read messages on our e-mails; weread status on Facebook and articles in the Google. See? You may hate reading and you don’twant to read because you find it boring where in fact you do some reading without noticing atall. You can’t escape the fact that you still need to read. Reading doesn’t only exist in books. In fact they appear every where that most ofthe time you did read it all. As our world changes, this kind of activity of reading will stillfind ways on how you will notice it. It moves on different ways without you knowing it. It’amazing isn’t? Reading has its own way on how to cope with changes.