Activity in Complex Fraction


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Activity in Complex Fraction

  1. 1. Mathematical Prayer Dear Lord. We thank you a hundredfold for the love and care that you have given us. May we in return to you your good works by multiplying it with love and respect, adding more faith, subtracting the unworldly behavior and evil works and dividing your given talents to others so we can sum it all and be united as one in your family. In this we pray, Amen
  2. 2. Highest Pointer, Lowest Grade,
  3. 3. How to play: The class will be divided into three groups. Each group will choose a representative. The representative will be the one to hold the illustration board and chalk to write and raise the group’s answer.
  4. 4. Goal The group must raise and answer the questions correctly. The group who got the got the correct answer and raise it first will be rank as first. After the game. Their rankings will be summed up and the group who got the lowest score wins the game and the group who got the highest score loses the game.
  6. 6. Find the LCD OF… 12 and 24 ANSWER: 24
  7. 7. XYZ and X3Y4Z2 Answer : X3Y4Z2
  8. 8. M andM+2 Answer: m(m+2)
  9. 9. X+5 and x-7 ANSWER: (X+5)(X-7)
  10. 10. X2 -16 and X+4 ANSWER: (X+4)(X-4)
  11. 11. I Know How to Follow Instructions
  12. 12. Objectives: Use the given instructions to simplify the complex fraction by following what it is said in the activity sheet. Material: activity sheet, manila paper and pentel pen Procedure: The class will be divided into three groups. Each group will be given an activity sheet with a questionnaire. They must follow the instruction to be able to solve the problem. The activity will only be given 15 minutes to finish the task. Display your work on the manila paper and one member must share their insights about their work.
  13. 13. Complex Fraction A fraction that has a rational expression either in the numerator, denominator or both.
  14. 14. Method 1: Write the numerator as one fraction and the denominator as one. Then invert to reciprocal the denominator. Multiply then simplify.
  15. 15. Method 2: Multiply the numerator and the denominator by the LCD of the fractions within the numerator and the denominator then simplify.
  16. 16. Simplify the following complex fractions (Show the two methods in simplifying the complex fractions): Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: + +
  17. 17. Seatwork • Answer p. 124, Test I (Practice and Application) nos. 1-3: only
  18. 18. Assignment Answer p. 124, Test II (Practice and Application) nos. 6-10 only. Write it in your notebook.