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Extra Income Passively


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This Material Hands to You A Tested and Trusted Way of Extra Income.

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Extra Income Passively

  1. 1. THE ONLINE “KILLER SELLING STRATEGY” ……How You Can Start and Drive a Very Profitable Business with N20K-N25K and Build a Five Figure Income from It in 6 months! By Oyeleye Emmanuel
  2. 2. Introduction The essence of this report is to quickly show you without wasting any time a proven system that can earn you extra income and if you are really serious about it, can build you a monthly cash flow of passive income. This report will be practical and straight to the point. I am only revealing to you what I do daily and I get amazing results. THE SYSTEM The opportunity I am about showing you also leverage on something I believe you must have heard before. To be rich, you must learn to sell something. It could be a product or service (I know you are already contemplating tuning off….Just wait until I finish. It’s not what you think you know!) Most people detest selling. Infarct when they see that word “sell”, what comes to their mind is what has been programmedin their minds long time ago. A lot of people see selling as hawking. Some see it as tedious. Some even see it as what they cannot do because they do not like to disturb people. Well the truth here is that all of us have, at one time or the other sold ourselves in various ways. We have communicatedour values, opinions and desires in various ways to other people using this same concept.
  3. 3. Thank God for technology. Selling is now very easy. You can be in your house and sell your product, service, or ideas to anyone anywhere across the globe. That’s enough for now on selling. Look at the followingpictures. Do you agree with me that these billionaires are all selling a particular thing to the world and from there make their money everyday? Figure 1-Billionaires FromTop: Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Mrs Modupe Alakija Below: Bill Gates, Donald Trump
  4. 4. If you are not sure what these billionaires are selling, just type their names into Google! THE MARKET Just selling is not as important as what you sell. Do you just sell to people? No! No!! No!!! Don’t ever make that mistake. You just don’t sell because you feel like selling. If you want to make money, then you need to sell something that is a solution to a certain problem that affects many people. If possible, sell consumables. This is because when it is exhausted, they will keep coming back for more. To start selling, identifya market that is so huge and filled with people who are hungry for a certain solution within that same market. There are several of such markets but I also prefer those that have emotional and social inclinations. What do I mean? There are some challenges we are emotionally attached to. You will understand as we proceed. See an example below HEALTH AND BEAUTY MARKET This is a market filled with people who want to live healthy and also look beautiful. Have you ever seen a woman who detests looking good and smart? Or have you ever seen a man who feels happy for not been able to satisfy his wife sexually? With those examples,you shouldnow understand what I have been talking about since.
  5. 5. So what do you think will happen if you have products and services that can help people in this niche overcome these challenges? Have you observed a fish farmer feed his fish in the ponds before? Do you know what happens when you pour feeds to those hungry fishes in the morning or anytime they are hungry? Hungry Fishes This is how your customers will respond to your product or services when it is well suited to solve their problems especially the kind referred to earlier. THE BUSINESS The opportunity I am about presenting to you fits perfectly well into this illustration. This opportunity will offer you products that will cause your customers to keep banging your emails, phones, Blackberry, Facebook e.t.c with messages of enquiries on how to get the products. Meanwhile, I am going to be using one of these products as a case study, and how you can become a marketer/distributor of this and other products with just an investment of N20,000 – N25,000!
  6. 6. Our Case Study Product. This is a product called CLEAN 9.Maybe you have heard about it before. This product has helped a lot of people achieve their weight loss goal within 9 days, with no side effect, and with proven mechanism of action. Before we continue, look at these images below: Figure 2- Female Testimonial
  7. 7. Figure 3-Female testimonial
  8. 8. Figure 4- Male testimonial These pictures were taken “BEFORE” and “AFTER” these individuals were introduced to Clean 9! Testimonials sent in via bbm message
  9. 9. Another testimonial from a sincere and satisfied customer.
  10. 10. CLEAN 9: HOW DOES IT WORK? Figure 5- Clean 9 components Clean 9 is a weight management program that lasts for 9 days and helps you shed weight in areas like your tummy, thighs, arms and all over. It works within 9 days and won’t need to be continued if you aren’t so big. One would lose between 5-10kg with one pack in 9 days. If you need to lose more, you’ll need the continuation pack called FIT 1 which lasts for 30 days. Clean 9 is made up of strictly natural ingredients, has no side effect and detoxifies the body as well. Clean 9 is a weight loss pack and it contains the following components; a. 2 bottles of Aloe gel which detoxifies and aids digestive health; b. 1 meal replacement shake that curbs hunger and is a complete meal at just 90 calories; c. 1 bottle of Garcinia plus capsule that aids the breakdown of body fats and inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates to fat;
  11. 11. d. 1 bottle of Therm which helps boost your energy levels and kick- start metabolism, helping you on your weight-loss journey e. 1 Fibre Pack which helps to support your optimal health and digestive function naturally f. 1 measuring tape; g. 1 shaker bottle; h. A booklet that gives guidance on how to embark on this 9 day program. ALOE GEL (2 bottles) Has been found to have some amazingeffects on the body because of all the nutrients it contains. Drinkingaloe vera gel helps to cleanse the digestive system and ensure better nutrientabsorption. It also improves circulation, and several metabolic abnormalities. It is an adaptagen-it adapts to the body and what the body needs. It also boosts the immune system. GARCINIA PLUS This is a natural appetite suppressantand contains a number of ingredients that may help with losingweight. Some appetite suppressants on the market work on the central nervous system but Garciniais not a stimulant of any kind. LITE ULTRA-SHAKE WITH AMINOTEIN This is a high protein meal replacementshake. It is made from soy protein. It is low in fat and saturated fat and 1 shake provides 50% of the recommendeddaily allowanceof vitamins and minerals. Therm: This will help accelerate your weight loss efforts so you see results faster and achieve your ultimate desired shape and weight loss
  12. 12. goals. With a unique combination of natural extracts and nutrients, it can help boost your metabolism, to maximize your efforts. The Fiber: This high quality natural supplement can also help limit feelings of sluggishness or low energy after we eat. It has been shown to support cardiovascular function and, of course, because scientists now recognize that up to 70% or 80% of immune function in the body is associated with the gastrointestinal tract, it may help to support the immune system via its benefits for digestive function. Adequate soluble fiber intake can facilitate removal of waste products from the body and may help to relieve occasional constipation. All these form the components inside the Clean 9 pack. Clean 9 is 100% guaranteed Natural. The product comes with the prestigious Kosher certification. It is also NAFDAC certified. Clean 9 cleanses the body of unnaturalchemicals to kick-start a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. HOW DO I MAKE MONEY WITH THIS PRODUCT? This is the most interesting part of this report. Let me introduce you to an opportunity of a lifetime. You can become a distributor of Clean 9 and other quality products for FREE! How? This is because the company wants you to succeed.
  13. 13. There are two major ways you can make money with this opportunity. 1.Retail Profit This is the difference between the cost price of the products and their selling prices. For example if you come in as a FREE distributor, you will purchase Clean 9 at the rate of N19,500 (inclusive of courier charges ) and sell at any price ranging from N21,000 to N25,000. Once you become wholesale qualified, you buy at a further discount and maximize profit.(Costprice will be N17,500 and sell at a convenient price of not less than N21,000) The difference is your retail profit. 2. Company Bonus There is also a bonus paid by the company over all purchases made for your personal use or for business. The company calculates this based on its official “selling price” and not the cost price. This bonus not open to FREE distributors until they become wholesale qualified. This takes me to another very important subject. CASE CREDITS (cc) There is a point attached to every product in this program. This point serves 3 major purposes. 1. They determine your commission from the company
  14. 14. 2. They move you higher in the business ladder and this means more money 3. They help you move from just been a FREE distributor (who can’t earn company bonus) to a wholesale qualified distributor (who can make both retail profit and company bonus). So how many points do I need to become wholesale qualified? It’s is just 2cc (2 case credits). So how do I achieve this with my Clean 9 business? Very simple! A pack of Clean9 actually comes with a case credit of 0.465. So it therefore means that for you to make 2cc, you just need to sell 5 Clean 9 packs to your “Hungry fish”. i.e 5 X 0.465cc = 2.325 cc Important: This target you must meet within 2 months. Sincerely, this is very cheap and easy to do with the marketing strategy I will soon share with you. Using that same strategy, I don’t do less than four Clean 9 packs per week! Immediately you achieve your 2cc this way, you automatically move up the ladder to become wholesale qualified and also a ranked distributor with the title “Assistant Supervisor” What does this means? As Assistant Supervisor, you can now order products cheaper. For example the same Clean 9 pack that you once ordered for N19,500 as a FREE distributor, can now be ordered for N17,500 and still sell for as high as N25,000!
  15. 15. Secondly, the company will now offer you the following incentives as Asst. Supervisor: a. 21% commission on any of your friends, families, or whoever also register into the business through you. Once they achieve their 2cc, you get this commission b. 5% commission on your own personal purchases or any purchase you make to resell to other people. c. 5% commission on the purchases of your referredfriends, families,or whoever came in through you as soon as they achieve their 2cc. All these are apart from your retail profit! So if you are really passionate about success, then you need to come on board and encourage others to do so. Imagine if you have 10 friends who came in like you and everyone including you make your minimum of five Clean 9 packs within 1 month, it means you will have a cumulative case credits of your own 2cc plus their own (2 x10)=making it 22cc overall/month. As a matter of fact, the strategy I will soon show you will ensure you and every of your 10 friends make an average of 5cc/month! This is serious business and good money. It will also help you achieve the level of a Manager in this business where you enjoy more incentives and qualify for several other things. More on Manager later. Just note that the higher you move up, the higher the commissions you receive from the company.
  16. 16. HOW TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS RUN AFTER YOU FOR CLEAN 9. This method I want to show you here is not popular among so many people who do this kind of business yet. Some ‘hawk’ product around trying to convince their friends and families to buy. This has discouraged so many people who would have started this business earlier from starting because they don’t want to find themselves in this kind of situation where you “beg” and “disturb” friends and families to buy from you. Also you will have more customer reach with this online approach that I am going to reveal to you here. Infarct, I will say that with this approach, you will have access to more customers “who can pay”. Not those who will keep saying your product is expensive. THE ONLINE “KILLER STRATEGY” As earlier mentioned, the need for this strategy is to have access to numerous customers who have what it takes to buy your products anywhere in Nigeria. It should also be noted at this point that the company making this opportunity available also have in place a fantastic and cheap courier delivery arrangement with Fedex/Redstar Courier Services. A pack of Clean 9 is about 4kg in weight and if you have to send this for example, from Lagos to Kano, you would normally be required to pay close to N10,000. But with the arrangement in place with this company and Fedex/Redstar, that size and weight will only cost you N2500.
  17. 17. And the best part of it is that you do all this online. Place an order for a customer in your name, insert the customer’s address for delivery, choose the courier option, and make payment. This you can even do on your phone with the several forms of phone available these days. Let’s get back to our “Killer Selling Strategy”. You will need the following to start: 1. A domain name 2. Free one year hosting 3. A one page website built to collect potential customer’s details (Squeeze page) 4. A bulk sms account needed for sending customized bulk sms 5. A well designed sales page for marketing of your Clean9 business 6. And a minimum of N10, 000 in your account dedicated to running paid advert on Facebook. Let’s break it down further. DOMAIN NAME A domain name is the address of your website. For instance, mine is You can simply go to google and type in domain registrars in Nigeria and so many will show up.
  18. 18. Check for the availability of your preferred domain name and once it is available, quickly register it. If you got this manual from me, then you can be so sure I am also available to help you get this done if you do not have the time to handle this yourself. HOSTING Your domain name and website design will not go live online without hosting. Hosting is what actually gives you online presence. If you have the most beautiful website design and domain name and you refuse to host it online, it will only continue to gather digital dust on your computer. This can also be fixed for you. WEBSITE SQUEEZE PAGE AND SALES PAGE DESIGN Most people interested in starting an online business usuallyget stuck here. They don’t know how to design a web page. For us, we don’t want you to also get discouraged here. What we have decided to do is to help you do all these at a little cost of just N10,000 only! I mean, you will get the following done for you for just N10,000. i. We will help you register a domain name ii. We will help you with a one year hosting service iii. We will help you design and set up a squeeze page and sales page for the sales of your Clean 9. iv. We will also help you to register a free trial account on one of the best autoresponder service. After your first 250 potential customers have
  19. 19. been gotten with the autoresponder service or after 30 days (which ever come first), you will need to upgrade this with a monthly subscription of $15 to start. All these will be done for you with just an investment of N10,000 only! The website set up you will get will look like the following: And so many others. Isn’t this interesting? And this will be ready within 7 days of payment. All you need do is to send us the following details: a. Your Full Name b. Phone number c. Address d. Email address e. Bank Account Details f. BBM pin (if available) Let’s move on. The next thing you will have to do is to drive traffic to your websites (most importantly your squeeze page)
  20. 20. The essence of driving traffic to your squeeze page is to collect potential customer’s details (name, phone number, email). This is so vital because not all of them will buy the same time. You need these details for follow up with your autoresponder mails and bulk sms. How do you then drive traffic? One of the sure way of getting targeted traffic is via Facebook. Facebook is a money spinner my friend. Millions of people who are in serious need for this product are on Facebook. Setting up a highly effective paid advert on Facebook may not be something you can get to understand as a newbie easily. Meanwhile, we have you covered. One of the bonuses you will get from me is a video explaininghow to really set up your Facebook advert without getting disapproved by Facebook. Facebook advert approval is something only a few of us have gotten a way around easily here in Nigeria. Meanwhile if you also won’t mind, I am willing to set this up for you for a token fee of just N3000! For your advert to start running, you need to add a payment method. This is your ATM card (either Mastercard, Vis, or Verve).Any of these will be appropriate. You can start your advert with a daily budget of $10/day and increase this as you keep getting result. You will remember that at the beginning of this report, I said you can start this business with N20,000 – N25,000. And so far, all what you need to set up your website is still about N10,000.
  21. 21. Good! The remainingN10,000 – N15,000 is to run your facebook advert and follow up with bulk sms. If you use a daily budget of $10/day,it means you will only spend about $70/week to run your advert. This is currently equivalent to about N13,000. I CAN GURANTEE YOU NOTHING LESS THAN 4 SALES THAT WEEK IF YOU DO THIS RIGHT! Beyond sales, you would also have gotten nothing less than 200-250 potential customers who have subscribed to on your website. Whatever retail profit gotten from the initial sales are not yet profit please! Push it back to continue running your advert on Facebook. BULK SMS. Bulk sms is also very vital in this business. You can register with any bulk sms company here in Nigeria. The popular one I use is: I buy a unit of sms there at a cost of N1.35K So when you buy 1000 units, you only pay N1,350. Every subscriber on my website daily receives a sms from me in this format: “Thanks for subscribing on our website to konw more about our amazing weightloss product.Kindly visit the link below for all the details: whatsApp/call:08184782973” I ensure that every subscriber that enter their details on my website receives this same day!
  22. 22. The next thing I do is also to ensure that I send out general sms to everyone on my list once or twice in a week. This is necessary for follow up and also to ensure that they remember you whenever they want to buy. Bulk sms is very important because not everyone have access to their emails regularly but most people (if not all) read their sms same day that they receive it. So when you combine bulk sms with your service this way, you are more positioned to make more sales every week. Your responsibility therefore as soon as you start include the following: 1. Always be available to respond to questions and more details from your subscribers who add you on bbm and also on whatsapp. They want to know if they’re dealing with the right person. 2. Answer phone calls professionally. Potential customers who see your website already have a formed image in their mind about you. Most time, they see you ahead of time as a professional. So answer your calls professionally. 3. Read through a lot of the materials I will still send to you so as to be well equipped with all the necessary information about the product and the company. 4. Don’t always forget to send bulk sms to your daily subscribers 5. Once you are fullyset up, I will also add you to a group of distributors like you on Whatsapp where you can interact with other people and ask several questions on things that may be unclear to you at the moment. Are you ready to start this business right away? It cost you nothing but you can gain everything.
  23. 23. Let me share one or two things with you about the company behind this opportunity.
  24. 24. Rex Maughan (Founder, Forever Living Products) Forever Living Product (FLP) is the company behind this great opportunity. Irrespective of what you think you know about this company and their products, the fact remains that this is a system that works. If I ask you if you know Barrack Obama, I am so sure you will say Yes. But if I ask you about his shoe size, you will definitely say No! That’s what I am talking about. Forever Living Products is one of the best Network Marketing Companies all over the world. This company started in 1978. The company came to Nigeria in the 2000. This company has systems in place and has developed over 150 products from Aloe Vera and Bee. All their products are natural. The company is verticallyintegrated – meaning that they are fully on top of the production of their products right from their farms. Forever’s manufacturing centres showcase some of the most advanced production equipment available for packaging the highest quality products available in today’s marketplace. Forever is dedicated to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and offering them to the world.
  25. 25. Are you ready to start this business rightaway? AMAZING OFFER ONLY FOR TEN (10) LUCKY PEOPLE (For this week Only) We plan to help you with other 9 smart Nigerians with the partnership registration process Only If you are among the first 10 people to submit their details to us. This FREE service is NOT for everyone. Below are list of what is required of you for us to assit you apply and quickly process your application for quick approval: 1. Your Full Name 2. Your Email Address 3. Home Address 4. Soft Copy of Your Passport & Any Identity Card 5. Date of Birth 6. Bank Account Details 7. Phone Number Submit these details To this Email Address:, with the Subject: "MY DETAILS FOR FLP REGISTRATION"
  26. 26. Click on the link below now and fill in your complete details. You will also need to upload a passport photo which you can just do by taking a clear photograph of your face with your phone and transfer to your laptop for upload. You will also need an i.d (national i.d, driver’s licence, international passport, employment i.d, student i.d, NYSC i.d)
  27. 27. You can just take a photograph of this with your phone also and upload it where it is required on the form. When you get to the area where your sponsor’s details are required, please use these as sponsor’s details: Sponsor’s Details a. Surname = OYELEYE b. First name= EMMANUEL c. Middle name=FUNMI d. ID No= 234001750859 e. Phone=08025862803 f. Email= g. There are other details but they are not compulsory. Once you submit this information, a mail will be sent to you from the company offering this opportunity. In this mail, you will be given your distributor I.D just like mine above (234…………). Once you receive this I.D No, please send a mail in the format below to: “Good day, I am a new distributor with FLP and would like to request for online login details to enable me track my progress. My distributor ID and name are 234………. and Mr/Mrs ………. Thanks.”
  28. 28. Once you do this, you will receive a mail with your online login details and instruction from one PATRICIA C.KALU OR Any other designated Helpdesk Officer (Distributor Support). Once you get to this stage, you are already in business. Do this rightaway if you feel this is for you. Also set up your Online Killer Startegy Selling System as highlighted above. Look at the Bonus payment image below. It belongs to a banker who also runs this system. She is still working as a banker yet she earns more money monthly than most of her colleagues and boss! That is over N1.5M in the month of July, 2014! This is not her retail profit but just commission from the activities in her team.
  29. 29. HOW DO YOU PLACE ORDER FOR CLEAN 9 AND ANY OTHER PRODUCT ON THE PLATFORM FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. To make your order, kindly visit the link below. This is after you must have gotten your new distributor I.D and your login details as specified in the instruction earlier stated. HERE => The following screen shots will show you the way around the online shop. 1. Home page: You will need to first register on this store by clicking on “create new account”. Then supply your own login email address and your password will be sent to your email so you can use it to access the online shop.
  30. 30. Once you click on “create new account” you will see a page like this where you will fill your email address. (See image below) Once you have your password, come back to the page to login with your email address and your password. (See image below) 2. New distributor page: This is where you as a new distributor will be making your orders until you achieve your goal of 2cc.
  31. 31. 3. Choosing product categories and product: This is where you choose your product. Clean 9 is under Weight Management. 4. Product Description, Price and Case Credit.
  32. 32. 5. Shopping cart: This is where you will see your chosen product monetary equivalent, and quantity before checkout.
  33. 33. 6. Payment section: You can make payment right from your house as long as you have a naira denominated master card/Visa/Verve ATM! 7. Delivery Options: You can decide to use courier directly. There is an arrangementwith FeDEX making it very easy to deliver directly to any customer in Nigeria. Courier charges is usually N2500 outside Lagos. If your customer is in Lagos, you do not need to use FeDEX. There is a cheaper courier delivery option within Lagos used only by our team. This will be revealed to you personally once you register.
  34. 34. That’s all to ordering your products. Sincerely, it’s fun doing this business and I know it will keep getting better. I am ready to give you all the necessary support needed for your success. According to Zig Ziglar; “You succeed when you help others to succeed” I wish you the best in this journey of financial prosperity and freedom! THE RANKING SYSTEM IN THE BUSINESS In this business, there is a rankingsystem. The higher you go up in rank, the more money you make. 1. New Distributor – this is the starting point. Here, you only make retail profit. For you to start getting company bonus, you need to move up to become an Assistant Supervisor (2cc)
  35. 35. 2. Assistant Supervisor (2cc) – you can achieve this within one week with the Killer Selling Strategy explained above. Just sell 5 Clean 9 packs and you become an Assistant Supervisor. Your company bonus here is 5% 3. Supervisor (25cc) – this is the next rank after Asst Supervisor. This is where team work comes in. Everyone that joins this business via your network becomes a member of your team and their activity also counts for you. Your company bonus here is 8% 4. Assistant Manager (75cc) – this is the next rank after Supervisor. This is also easier to achieve with team effort. Your companybonus here is 13%. 5. Manager (120cc) – this should be your target from the onset. I will soon show you how you can achieve this in 3-4 months with team work. Your company bonus here is 18%.You also qualify for other incentives at this level. MANAGER IN 3-4 MONTHS To achieve the prestigious manager level in 3-4 months, this is simply what you need to do. 1. Set up all your website and facebook adverts and do all I have told you to do. In the first month doing this, you will definitely acquire nothing less than 5cc.
  36. 36. 2. Share this concept with 10 serious minded friends. This you can do by talking to them one on one, or by sending this report to them. 3. I want to assume that you are able to do this same month that you started. I also want to assume that they will not start until the beginning of the following month. So lets assume that you start in February, 2015.And you started sharing this idea with 10 people online and offline. By end of February, you would have made your own 5cc.And this 10 people comes in by first week in March. 4. You continue your Killer Selling Strategy into March and also mentor them to do so. You make your 5cc again in March, and each of them do same in March. By March ending, this is going to be the outlook of your selling system and rank. February – you had 5cc – you become Assistant Supervisor March - you had 5cc again. your ten people also had 5cc each making 55cc (50 + 5) Since changing of ranks happen after 2 consecutive months (Feb & March in this case),you now have a total of 5cc (Feb) + 55cc (March)=60cc This automatically makes you a Supervisor! 5. In April, you continue your Killer Selling Strategy alongside with your 10 people who by now also have their 10 people each. Let’s see what will happen. 5cc (you) + 50cc (your primary 10 people) + 500cc (your secondary 100 people) =555cc!!! – Only in April. Since changing of ranks happen in 2 consecutive months (March &
  37. 37. April), you will have: 55cc (March) + 555cc (April)= 610cc! And you only need 120cc to become a MANAGER! Let’s see a very worst case scenario now. Let’s assume your secondary 100 people (your initial 10 bringing 10 people each usingthis approach which everyone wouldlike to be part of), were just able to get 5 people each on board this opportunity. You will still have 10 x 5people each =50. if each of these 50 do their 5cc which is more than possible, you still get 250cc from them alone! Let’s look at the very, very, very worst case situation. Let’s imagine your secondary 10 people could only do 1 person each who does 5cc in the month of April. That will give us 5cc (you), 50cc (from your primary 10people), 50cc (from your secondary10people) = 105cc Plus what you had in March (55cc) = 160cc. You’re Still Manager! Do you think you have 10 people who are hungry for change? Are you hungry for change yourself? Are you also aware that you can even do more than 20 people using this Killer Selling Strategy? Do you know you can start making millions every month before this year runs out? Are you aware that once you become a Manager, you also stand the chance of qualifying for global trips across the world and also winning a car worth N2.5Million in the first category?
  38. 38. Would you neglect this opportunity because it is so cheap to get compared to the potential for wealth creation inside it? Well the choice is yours. I am willing and ready to work with you to make this a reality. The future is cheap for those who buy today. Let’s get started Now. Direct all inquiries to:, whatsApp/call: 08184782973