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PEFC Global Certificates


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The presentation, updated on a monthly basis, offers detailed information about types and distribution of PEFC certificates as well as national PEFC endorsed national forest certification systems and PEFC members..

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PEFC Global Certificates

  1. 1. PEFC Global Statistics:SFM & CoC CertificationMarch 20131
  2. 2. - Endorsed national memberMembers; Endorsed Systems;Distribution of Certificates2North America149 million ha61% TCA538 CoCCentral and South America3.2 million ha1% TCA112 CoCAfrica4 CoCEurope77 million ha32 % TCA8,077 CoCAsia4.6 million ha2 % TCA717 CoCOceania10 million ha4 % TCA259 CoC* ha - hectaresCoC – Chain of Custody certificatesTCA – Total Certified Area- Non-endorsed national memberInternational Stakeholder Members•APP Timber•Association Technique Internationale des BoisTropicaux (ATIBT)•Building and Wood workers International (BWI)•Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)•Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)•Earth Focus Foundation•European Network of Forest Entrepreneurs (ENFE)•European Tissue Symposium (ETS)•Fibria•International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA)•Meadwestvaco•Metsaliitto Group•SmurfitKappa•StoraEnso
  4. 4. Certified Forest Area by Region4North America Certified Area (ha)Canada (CSA) 42,838,123Canada (SFI) 70,797,641USA ATFS 10,699,413USA (SFI) 24,596,960Total 148,932,137Central & Southern America Certified Area (ha)Brazil 1,297,005Chile 1,894,815Total 3,191,820Asia Certified Area (ha)Malaysia 4,646,460Total 4,646,460Oceania Certified Area (ha)Australia 9,914,708Total 9,914,708Europe Certified Area (ha)Austria 2,665,534Belarus 6,670,700Belgium 289,050Czech Rep 1,845,321Denmark 253,569Estonia 897,688Finland 21,068,333France 5,042,862Germany 7,382,135Italy 773,704Latvia 1,683,641Luxembourg 29,938Norway 9,125,902Poland 7,304,356Portugal 218,769Russia 525,594Slovak Republic 1,233,364Spain 1,579,860Sweden 7,535,570Switzerland 40,736United Kingdom 1,298,047Total 77,464,673
  5. 5. Certified Forest Area by Country5Country Certified Area (ha)Australia 9,914,708Austria 2,665,534Belarus 6,670,700Belgium 289,050Brazil 1,297,005Canada (CSA) 42,838,123Canada (SFI) 70,797,641Chile 1,894,815Czech Republic 1,845,321Denmark 253,569Estonia 897,688Finland 21,068,333France 5,042,862Germany 7,382,135Italy 773,704Country Certified Area (ha)Latvia 1,683,641Luxembourg 29,938Malaysia 4,646,460Norway 9,125,902Poland 7,304,356Portugal 218,769Russia 525,594Slovak Republic 1,233,364Spain 1,579,860Sweden 7,535,570Switzerland 40,736UK 1,298,047USA (ATFS) 10,699,413USA (SFI) 24,596,960TOTAL 244,149,802
  6. 6. Certified Forest Area by Region6
  7. 7. 7Certified Area Growth
  8. 8. Top Ten – Certified Forest Area8Country Certified Area (ha)Canada 113,624,837USA 35,296,373Finland 21,068,333Australia 9,914,708Norway 9,125,902Sweden 7,535,570Germany 7,382,135Poland 7,304,356Belarus 6,670,700France 5,042,862
  10. 10. EuropeAustria 414Belarus 26Belgium 236Bosnia & Herzegovina 1Czech Rep 171Denmark 60Estonia 27Finland 174France 2,078Germany 1,514Greece 2Hungary 12Ireland 30Italy 606Latvia 24Lithuania 8Luxembourg 18Monaco 4Netherlands 473Norway 41Poland 61Portugal 51Romania 17Russia 8Slovak Republic 44Slovenia 10Spain 601Sweden 126Switzerland 62Turkey 6United Kingdom 1,171Total 8,077Chain of Custodies by Region10North AmericaCanada 195USA 343Total 538AfricaEgypt 1Morocco 1Tunisia 2Total 4OceaniaAustralia 239New Zealand 20Total 259AsiaBahrain 1China 184India 14Indonesia 15Israel 4Japan 218Lebanon 2Malaysia 225Philippines 2Saudi Arabia 1Singapore 22South Korea 6Taiwan 8Thailand 2United Arab Emirates 9Vietnam 3Total 717Central & South AmericaArgentina 4Brazil 39Chile 55Colombia 2Mexico 2Peru 7Uruguay 3Total 112
  11. 11. Chain of Custodies by Country11Country Number of CertificatesArgentina 4Australia 239Austria 414Bahrain 1Belarus 26Belgium 236Brazil 39Canada 195Chile 55China 184Colombia 2Czech Republic 171Denmark 60Egypt 1Estonia 27Finland 174France 2,078Germany 1,514Greece 2Hungary 12India 14Indonesia 15Ireland 30Israel 4Italy 606Japan 218Latvia 24Lebanon 2Lithuania 8Luxembourg 18Country Number of CertificatesMalaysia 225Mexico 2Monaco 4Netherlands 473New Zealand 20Norway 41Peru 7Philippines 2Poland 61Portugal 51Romania 17Russia 8Saudi Arabia 1Singapore 22Slovak Republic 44Slovenia 10South Korea 6Spain 601Sweden 126Switzerland 62Taiwan 8Thailand 2Tunisia 2Turkey 6United Arab Emirates 9UK 1,171Uruguay 3USA (PEFC CoC) 343Vietnam 3Total 9,707
  12. 12. Chain of Custody by Region12
  13. 13. Chain of Custody Growth13
  14. 14. Top Ten – Chain of Custody14Country Number of CertificatesFrance 2,078Germany 1,514UK 1,171Italy 606Spain 601Netherlands 473Austria 414USA 343Australia 239Belgium 236
  15. 15. PEFC International10 Route de l’AéroportC.P. 6361215 GenevaSwitzerlandt +41 22 799 4540f +41 22 799 4550e info@pefc.orgw www.pefc.org15