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Theme 2 Michelle Kwan vocabulary 2012


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This slideshow is not my original work. It was adapted and modified from Brent Coley at Thank you Mr. Coley!

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Theme 2 Michelle Kwan vocabulary 2012

  1. 1. Michelle Kwan:Heart of a Champion Key Vocabulary Houghton Mifflin ReadingTheme 2 – Give It All You’ve Got Adapted by Patrick Holt, 2012 from © Brent Coley 2008 |
  2. 2. Use the context clues from thesample sentencesto help you define the following vocabulary.
  3. 3. amateur
  4. 4. amateur Sample Sentence:Bob competed in golf tournaments as an amateur beforeturning professional.
  5. 5. amateur Definition: n. Someone whoengages in a sport orother activity without being paid
  6. 6. artistic
  7. 7. artistic Sample Sentence:The ballerina gave a very artistic performance.
  8. 8. artistic Definition:adj. Showing skill and good taste
  9. 9. audience
  10. 10. audience Sample Sentence:The audience stoodup and cheered after the player scored a touchdown.
  11. 11. audience Definition: n. The peoplegathered to see andhear a performance
  12. 12. compete
  13. 13. compete Sample Sentence: Susan is trainingvery hard so she cancompete in the track meet next month.
  14. 14. compete Definition:v. To take part in a contest
  15. 15. choreographers
  16. 16. choreographer s Sample Sentence:The choreographers designed the most recent dance moves.
  17. 17. choreographers Definition: n. people who design or plan dance (or figure skating)
  18. 18. distributed
  19. 19. distributedSample Sentence: The teacher distributed the math tests amongst the students.
  20. 20. distributed Definition:v. spread out
  21. 21. elements
  22. 22. elements Sample Sentence: There are manydifferent elements of a figure skating program.
  23. 23. elements Definition: n. The parts ofwhich something is made up
  24. 24. gnarled
  25. 25. gnarledSample Sentence: The ancient oak tree had a roughand gnarled trunk.
  26. 26. gnarled Definition:adj. knobby, twisted
  27. 27. judge
  28. 28. judgeSample Sentence:The judge gave the figure skater a perfect score.
  29. 29. judge Definition: n. A person whodecides who wins a contest
  30. 30. presentation
  31. 31. presentation Sample Sentence:Jeff received an “A” for his oral presentation on Abraham Lincoln.
  32. 32. presentation Definition:n. Performance
  33. 33. pressure
  34. 34. pressure Sample Sentence: Allison felt a lot of pressure when sherealized she needed to make her final
  35. 35. pressure Definition:n. Urgent or forceful demand
  36. 36. required
  37. 37. required Sample Sentence: We have all of the required equipmentfor our camping trip.
  38. 38. required Definition:adj. Necessary or essential (not an option)
  39. 39. technical
  40. 40. technical Sample Sentence: The judges scoredher on the technical parts of her dance routine.
  41. 41. technical Definition:n. Having to do with technique