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Theme 1 Volcanoes Vocabulary2


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Theme 1 Volcanoes Vocabulary2

  1. 1. VolcanoesI can determine themeaning of and use key vocabulary words correctly.
  2. 2. Billowy
  3. 3. Thin, hot, quick moving lava calledpahoeloe forms a smooth, billowy surface
  4. 4. Billowy (adj)- rising in a great wave
  5. 5. Cinders
  6. 6. CollideAfter a volcanic eruption, cinders cover the ground around the blast zone.
  7. 7. Cinders (n) – charred bits of rock; ashes.
  8. 8. Crater
  9. 9. Funnel Cloud• A crater can be found at the top of a volcano after an eruption. It can look like a large bowl shaped hole.
  10. 10. Funnel Cloud• Crater (n) – a bowl-shaped depression
  11. 11. Crust
  12. 12. • When the Earth’s crust cracks, often Jagged cinders and ash will be released.
  13. 13. Jagged• Crust (n)- the solid outer layer of the Earth.
  14. 14. Eruption
  15. 15. Lightning• The eruption rocked the ground and covered the town with debris.
  16. 16. Lightning• Eruption (n)- a volcanic explosion or large flow of lava
  17. 17. Lava
  18. 18. Prairies• Lava slowly oozed out of the crack in the Earth’s crust.
  19. 19. Prairies • Lava (n)- hot melted rock that flows from a volcano.
  20. 20. Magma
  21. 21. Rotate• Magma pushes up through the Earth’s crust, and bursts into the world as lava.
  22. 22. Magma (n)- hot melted rockunderneath the Earth’s surface.
  23. 23. Molten
  24. 24. Severe• The molten rock exploded from the crater raining balls of fire down upon the forest.
  25. 25. Molten (adj)- made liquid by heat.
  26. 26. Summit
  27. 27. Sizzling• The summit of Mt. St. Helen’s was blown off by a powerful eruption in 1980.
  28. 28. Summit (n) the top of a mountain
  29. 29. Weathered
  30. 30. Tornadoes• The wind, rain and ocean weathered the rocks into pock marked lumps.
  31. 31. Weathered (v)- changed becauseof being exposed to the weather.
  32. 32. Vocabulary for Volcanoes by Seymour Simon