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La bamba vocabulary_pp jan 2013


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From modified by P.Holt January 2013

Published in: Education
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La bamba vocabulary_pp jan 2013

  1. 1. Theme 2-GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! GOT “LA BAMBA” VOCABULARY SHOW Excerpt from Baseball in April by: Gary Soto Genre: REALISTIC FICTIONFrom modified by P.Holt January 2013
  2. 2. Word: APPLAUSE (noun)Definition: he clapping of hands to show enjoyment or approval Example Sentences: 1. There was a burst of applause as the band came on stage 2. I heard _________ when I finished _____________________.
  3. 3. Word: AUDIENCEDefinition he people gathered too see or hear aExample sentences: performance1. The audience was noisy and disruptive during the speech.2. The ___________ clapped and cheered the _________.
  4. 4. Word: DEBUT (noun)Definition: he first time that a performer or Example Sentences: performs in public sports player 1. The actor made his debut in the play, Peter Pan. 2. The student made her singing _______ in ________________.
  5. 5. DUO Word: (noun)Definition: wo people who do something together, Example Sentences: especially play music or sing 1. The sisters performed in the show as a singing duo. 2. _________ and _________ are a famous ________.
  6. 6. Word: EMBARRASSED (adjective)Definition: eeling nervous, ashamed or uncomfortable, especially in Example of other people front Sentences: 1. Paul felt embarrassed when he realized he had called his neighbor by the wrong name. 2. I felt _________ when _______________________________.
  7. 7. LIMELIGHT Word: (noun)Definition: he center of public attention Example Sentences: 1. Ana’s performance in the play brought her into the limelight. 2. She was in the ___________ when ___________________.
  8. 8. PANTOMIME Word: (noun & verb)Definition: way of performing that uses only actions Example Sentences: and facial expressions, not words 1. The clown used pantomime to act out how he caught a fish. 2. Manuel used ___________ during ___________________.
  9. 9. RECORD Word: (noun or verb)Definition: round, flat piece of plastic on Example Sentences: which music is stored 1. A forty-five record has one song on each side. 2. We no longer use__________ because_________________.
  10. 10. REHEARSAL Word: (noun )Definition: ractice for a public performance by Example Sentences: people in a play, concert, etc. 1. The cast needed one more rehearsal before they performed their play in public. 2. The Honor Choir had a ___________ before______________.
  11. 11. TALENT Word: (noun)Definition: natural ability to do something well Example Sentences: 1. She has a special talent for playing the piano. 2. My special ___________ is ___________________.
  12. 12. ROOT OPT Definition: EYE or BEST Example Words: optician optometrist optimism optimum1. A person who makes eyeglasses is called an optician.2. Dad took me to the optometrist so the doctor could examine my eyes.3. I show optimism when I believe in myself.
  13. 13. Root -SPECT/SPEC Definition: TO LOOK Example Words: spectacles spectator specimen perspective1. The professor polished his spectacles.2. The spectators cheered when the Canucks scored.3. The scientist examined the rare squid specimen .4. Having a different perspective often solves a problem.
  14. 14. SUFFIX Definition: full of -OUS Example Words: dangerous atrocious cautious ridiculous1. Riding your bike without a helmet is very dangerous.2. The story is ridiculous because the plot doesn’t make sense.3. An atrocious smell came from the baby’s diaper.4. Jose knew he should be cautious when crossing the street.