Topstone Park Playscape


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New Redding, CT town park - Topstone Park has added a wonderful playscape for children ages 2 1/2 to 10 years old, (under adult supervision.)

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Topstone Park Playscape

  1. 1. by Redding Park & Recreation Commission Topstone Park Playscape
  2. 7. `
  3. 23. WELCOME TO
  4. 35. THANK YOU!... Todd Bennett Fred Martin Rob Blick Meredith McClung Board of Selectmen Gary Miyashiro Mel Crannell Kelly O’Donnell Jaime DeSimone Kevin O’Donnell Mitchell DeSimone Rory O’Donnell Jan Dorenbosch Reverend Marilyn Anderson Mark Johnson DJ & Jim from Environment Design Miguel Holmes Christ Episcopal Church Ethan Kutner Knapp Tree Inc. Lisa LeBlanc Redding Highway Department Michael Leblanc Tootsy Patza Ristorante Gordon Loery Nelson Diaz (and Topstone basket players)