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  1. 1. Methods and tools for privacy and data protection engineering Internet Privacy Engineering Network 2018 Barcelona (Spain), June 15, 2018 José M. del Álamo, Yod-Samuel Martín, Julio C. Caiza, Juan C. Yelmo Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  2. 2. What engineers get GDPR PbD PETs PPM/PEM Source:
  3. 3. What engineers want Justin de la Ornellas (avex2) Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license
  4. 4. What researchers deliver
  5. 5. What researchers deliver (eng. viewpoint) Christian Lopez (the garage) Licencia cc
  6. 6. Challenge: what engineers should have • Engineers are not privacy experts, yet they will face privacy issues (even though they may get expert advice) • Privacy adoption entails for methods and tools integrated within the large heritage of software and systems engineering – Seamlessly include privacy into software and system engineering tools – Integrate privacy activities into the SDLC stages – Provide a readily available body of knowledge with existent wisdom Ø Endow engineers with privacy and data protection tools aligned to their mindset
  7. 7. Our approach to Privacy Engineering Scope Privacy Engineering contributions define Method(ologie)s or Methodological elements (Fragments) to systematically capture and address privacy issues in the development of information systems Martín, Yod-Samuel, and José M. del Álamo. A Metamodel for Privacy Engineering Methods. IWPE17 -
  8. 8. Privacy engineering elements (design) Source: Coming soon… stay tuned!
  9. 9. PDP4E • Methods and Tools for GDPR Compliance through Privacy and Data Protection Engineering • H2020 Innovation Action: • Partners – Trialog – Coordination (FR) – UPM – S&T Leadership (ES) – Eclipse foundation (FR) – CEA (FR) – CA (ES) – Tecnalia (ES) – KU Leuven (BE) – U.Duisburg-Essen (DE)
  10. 10. PDP4E: objectives Software and Systems Engineering Disciplines Existent Privacy & Data Protection Methods Privacy and Data Protection Engineering Methods and Tools 1. Introduce features to support privacy by design and data protection into existent mainstream software and system engineering tools. 2. Integrate privacy by design and data protection activities within existent mainstream software and system engineering methods. 3. Empower engineers overall to leverage the existent knowhow on data protection; even if they are not savvy in the field. 4. Spread the adoption of data protection practice in time and space, by promoting the adaptation of the tools and methods to the mainstream needs of engineers. 5. Foster the broadest practice of privacy and data protection engineering, by advancing the existent communities of practice of privacy engineering (IPEN) and bridging them to mainstream development communities. 6. Demonstrate readiness for mainstream practice of the methods and tools produced, by having engineers apply them for GDPR compliance in pilot developments for the fintech and smart grid domains.
  11. 11. Contribution from PDP4E Software and Systems Engineering Disciplines Existent Privacy & Data Protection Methods Privacy and Data Protection Engineering Methods and Tools Metamodels Knowledge Bases Smart grid demonstrator Fintech demonstrator Requirements engineering Risk management Model-driven design Assurance and certification TRL6 TRL7Byproducts
  12. 12. The road ahead Alliance for Privacy and Data Protection Engineering Requirements capture and validation •Developers •End-users •Legal Demonstration pilots •Fintech pilot •Smart-grid pilot Legal End-users Developers Legal End-users Developers
  13. 13. Design patterns • Design patterns gives reusable solutions to recurrent problems in given contexts • Identified by experts à Applied by engineers • Some (research) catalogues available: – (2011) – (2017) – (2018) • Need to foster applicability – Catalogue à System à Language – Develop supporting tools to hide the complex details
  14. 14. To foster privacy engineering by supporting engineers in dealing with privacy by means of methods, tools and knowledge bases they can apply
  15. 15. Thank you Slide 2: ArtsyBee Truessec has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action under Grant Agreement No 731711