Tactical Solar


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Tactical Solar line of rapidly deployable solar power sources to power computers, communincations, sensors, video and other electronics anywhere the sun shines.

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Tactical Solar

  1. 1. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Energy Technologies, Inc.Energy Technologies, Inc. Tactical SolarTactical Solar®® Global Power SolutionsGlobal Power Solutions
  2. 2. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Tactical Solar Products are Portable Solar Solutions for your Mobile Electric Power & Battery Charging Applications
  3. 3. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) offers Tactical Solar Panels to generate power for your mobile electric power and battery charging applications. Solar Panel Overview:
  4. 4. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Tactical Solar: Foldable Solar Panels Generate power for your mobile electric and battery charging applications. Incorporating higher efficiency, solid state, thin- film solar cells, these power packs provide an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, silent power. Features: • 3 – 4500 watt panels. • Parallelable and/or series configurable • Durable waterproof & UV resistant. • Operating temperature range of -40° to 80°C • Available with built-in charge controller & battery • Operates w punctures & holes at reduced power
  5. 5. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® * No electrical noise or interference * Durable lightweight construction * Tested to Mil Std 810F for durability * Folds into compact package * Panels store inside Solar Briefcase * Available in woodland & desert camouflage, tan, digicam & black * Corners of panels include grommets for tie down Folding Panel Overview:
  6. 6. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® • Portable Easy Transport and Storage. Each Tactical Solar panel consists of multiple mini cells connected in a foldable design for optimal convenience. Easily stored in backpacks or briefcases. • Quick Deployment Simply unfold in the sun and attach the power connection and Tactical Solar panel immediately starts to provide power. Solar Panel Features
  7. 7. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Durable Unique flexible substrate combined with tough tear and rip resistant nylon material creates a robust solar panel. “Battle Damage”: holes cut, punctured, or shot through the solar cells reduce the surface area available, but the unit can continue to provide power, even when damaged. Flexible Thin film offers superior flexibility & reliability. Solar Panel Features
  8. 8. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Silent Operation Effective power generation with no noisy moving parts to draw attention. Series or Parallel Operation ETI's Solar Panels can be parallel and/or series connected for increased output wattage or voltage configurations. Create the configuration needed for your application. Solar Panel Features
  9. 9. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Wide Thermal Operating Range ETI's Tactical Solar panels operate from -40°C to +80°C temperature range, and are less impacted by temperature extremes than other types of solar panels. Weatherproof & UV Resistant Multi-layer construction seals out the environment for lasting operation and protection. Solar Panel Features
  10. 10. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Anti-Glint Coating Minimizes reflection, reducing detectability. Versatile Tactical Solar panels continue to produce power under cloudy/overcast skies. When connected to batteries, surplus stored energy can be used in darkness. The Tactical Solar panels also can be used as thermal shading blankets to keep batteries cooler during daytime charging. Solar Panel Features
  11. 11. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Environmentally Smart "Green" energy from a limitless power resource. Stable Over Time Reliable performance continues for many years, unlike other photovoltaic materials that can rapidly decline with use. Stable Over Temperature Variation Unlike other photovoltaic materials, ETI’s performance remains more stable over the operating temperature range. Solar Panel Features
  12. 12. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ Products ETI's mini portable solar power solution: our light weight system. • Up to 180 Watt output power from two Tactical Solar panels. • Built-in charge controller to charge external batteries or provide 12 or 24 VDC output directly to electronic equipment. • Can charge Lead Acid, Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFe, NiCad, NiMH & other types of rechargeable batteries. • Available with global charge & power adapters & cables • Can operate in harsh environments with the lid closed on its waterproof case. SolarBriefcase I
  13. 13. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ Products SolarBriefcase II Same as SolarBriefcase I, but includes an internal battery module. • Provides power storage capability • Increased continuity of operation for variations in sunlight and/or night conditions.
  14. 14. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ Products Same features as SolarBriefcase II, but also includes a DC to AC inverter for true sinewave output • Allows use of AC to DC power adapters SolarBriefcase III
  15. 15. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ Products Same features of SolarBriefcase III with the added feature of multiple DC outputs: • DC/DC converter for multiple DC Outputs: 3.3, 5, 12, 18, 24 VDC available • Eliminates the need for power adapters SolarBriefcase IV
  16. 16. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ Products A more powerful version of SolarBriefcase IV • Includes more of everything for 3X the power: up to 540 Watts! • Built into our tactical carry-on luggage case w/ wheels & popup handle SolarSuitcase™ I
  17. 17. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Solar Panel™ Products Solar Power Management Module Incorporates: • Efficient solar charge controller • High-capacity battery • Battery management/protection • Circuit breakers instead of fuses • Attaches directly to solar panel • Light weight yet rugged
  18. 18. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ ProductsSolarBriefcase™ Products Solar Power Battery Modules • Select between several technologies: -Lead -Nickel -Lithium • Additional power storage, even when sun has set • Available in rugged wheeled cases • Multiple battery backup sizes
  19. 19. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® SolarBriefcase™ ProductsSolarBriefcase™ Products Solar Power Input Buss Case Energy Technologies, Inc. www.tacticalsolarpower.com TacticalPower R • Room to store folded panels and cables • Various configurations available linking up to 13 panels to control unit
  20. 20. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Solar Briefcase™ Products Custom 10 panel solar system with charge controller Custom Configurations ETI’s Tactical Solar Products are available in numerous configurations designed to meet your power requirements • Stationary systems ranging from standalone solar panels to complete solar energy power systems. • Solar Power Plants provide AC and/or DC power with battery backup that is scalable in total power output
  21. 21. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Personal Solar™ Products Custom 10 panel solar system with charge controller ETI’s The rugged Personal Solar Series of portable solar panels and related products are readily deployable worldwide, quickly providing dependable power wherever the sun shines.
  22. 22. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® TacticalSolar Shelters • Various DC & AC output voltages are available. • Units are integrated into self-contained enclosures providing easy deployment and equipment protection. • Quick setup in as little as 2-minutes. • Systems can also use DC from military or emergency vehicles as input and optionally AC from any AC source. The new Solar Power Shelters offer up to 1440 watts of solar power for each 10' x 20' shelter section. This solar covering also serves to further insulate the shelter, thereby reducing power required for heating/cooling.
  23. 23. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Tactical Shelter System Set Up
  24. 24. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® TM54 Solar Fly Set Up
  25. 25. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Tactical Computer Workstation® Optional Accessories: Tactical Data Vault® (TDV) Drive • Solid State Drives in several capacities available • Solid State Technology means no moving parts for quiet operation and durability • Unlike most drives, the TDV (& TCW) have no data loss due to EMP, HEMP or other high magnetic fields. • Data Retention when unused: 10 years. • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) over 1,200,000 hrs! • Hot Swappable drives allow quick access • Security can be set for 1 fingerprint, or up to 10 prints. Because portable computers may fall into the wrong hands, the TCW is available with a secure “Tactical Data Vault” fingerprint reader to assist in preventing unauthorized access
  26. 26. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Solar Shelters Features: • Integrates lightweight, rugged Portable Solar flexible solar panels directly with fabric. • Field Shelter designed for easy & quick set-up. • Features the same rugged PVC-coated tan fabric standard on other field shelters. • Provides shade to reduce solar heat load. • Non-reflective solar panels with matte finish. • Available in various fabrics and colors. Expected Lifetime: Products expected to last as long as tents without the integrated solar technology. Tactical Solar Shelters
  27. 27. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® Solar Tents & Shelters • Provides shelter and solar power generation for rapid deployment • Several configurations available: for example, the installation to the right produces up to 17 kW • Fits over other shelters Benefits • Silent operation • No heat signature • Reduces risk & cost of logistics • Reduces reliance on batteries
  28. 28. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® • Reduces need for carrying additional heavy bulky batteries. • Enables extended missions with renewable power. • Enables field charging of batteries, cell phones, PDA, GPS, radios, laptops and other electronics for maximum performance. Product Benefits
  29. 29. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® • Can power portable devices directly w/o having to carry external power supplies and connectors. • Excellent power to weight ratio versus other power technologies. • Cost reduction compared to the overall cost of primary batteries, generators, etc. Product Benefits
  30. 30. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® You could buy your Power Products from other vendors, but with ETI’s “rugged field proven reliability” Why Would You?
  31. 31. Tactical SolarTactical Solar ® In Summary Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) Tactical Solar solutions generate power for your mobile electric power and battery charging applications. Incorporating Solid State, Thin-Film, Solar Cells, our power packs provide an excellent choice for applications that require lightweight, flexible, durable, & silent power. END