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21st Century          Student and                Employability          Professional               and Outcomes           ...
Academic/ staff                            Academic/ staff                       OR                            Student/Stu...
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Enhancement themes   cpd
Enhancement themes   cpd
Enhancement themes   cpd
Enhancement themes   cpd
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Enhancement themes cpd


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Presentation by Paul Campbell (@PCampbell91) and Amanda Corrigan (@Ajcorrigan) at the Enhancement Themes Annual Conference 2012.

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  • Filling gaps.Development needsObjective of improving our practice, opportunities and employability through skills development and knowledge/expertise development.Representative view of the student body.Decided that the best CPD was peer-led, in-formal, with people cross-sector and cross-career stage.Networking, sharing ideas, building communities of learning and practice that broke the traditional hierarchical structure, and the typical norms. Redefining ‘peer learning’ to ‘sector learning’. The whole sector is involved.When I say whole sector, our events involve the bringing together of not just students and acadmic staff, but all stakeholders in education. We have had the chief inspector of education, chief executive of the GTCS, head teachers, practicing teachers, education consultants, parents – if someone has an interest in education, we have an interest in them.Our focus is professional growth and development, for ALL. Regardless of career stage, experience or sector within education.
  • Within the first few weeks of its conception, we had over 100 students join the society, and the interest didn’t stop.We have been consulted by other faculties in the university, education authorities, staffs, teaching unions, and individuals to share our expertise on various areas of education (not just the society and how it operates), and to have input in really shaping education.
  • We advertise, share our ideas, what we do, what we’re learning about, who we are doing all this with by using social media and our website.This has always been a good way to gauge general feeling and moods in education, and how we can respond to that in the work we do.So we remain current, relevant, responsive and interesting!
  • What is most important to note is that this is a transferrable concept.Recognise the potential in the students you have – allow them to recognise their own potential – I didn’t until various opportunities facilitated by Amanda.Facilitate opportunities for them to achieve and shine, but to be create, to innovate, to share ideas, to fail, to be successful in their creative, self-initated endeavours, whatever they may be – a concept, a design, a group, a task anything!
  • For this to work, it has to be initiated by students. But the mechanisms need to be there to ensure that students have the opportunities to initiate, to create.How do you view your role, and how do you view students?Are we pails to be filled with your knowledge and expertise, within the constraints of the university structure and the limits of your expertise/ curriculum?Or are we creative, innovative individuals with potential, who are like flowing rivers, who can think and grow organically, free from the constraints of the linearity that can stifle creativity. Are you ready to jump in with us on what could be a bumpy, scary, but envigorating and interesting journey which is the student experience, the experience of the developing professional, ready to encourage, support, scaffold, but offer the independence to create, innovate, grow and develop as the professional we need for today’s workplaces, today’s society, today’s world.
  • The student body is changing. – Who they are, - why they are there – and what they want from university.The circumstance we find ourselves in, socially, economically, politically is highly uncertain – the outcomes beyond HE are uncertain.For students, this should be a challenge, but an achievable one. They should be coming out ready, inspired and able to meet these challenges and lead change.They should have clear accomplishments, clear objectives, with challenging goals and aims and desired outcomes. That takes so much more than simply their academic experience. It takes having the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum, go beyond the norms, to share, create, innovated, fail, succeed and celebrate personal and collective success and achievement. It’s about recognising that everything we have seen done, or we have seen around us has been created or intiated by people no different from you an I. If they can be innovative, creative, successful and lead change – why cant we?When you realise and recognise this:Life is never the same- Professional life is never the sameThe possibilities are literally endless.
  • Enhancement themes cpd

    2. 2. Out of the mouths… Expertise “Yeah, your CV is Hierarchy “Every university enhanced, but it should have a is so much more CPD society!” than that. It’s about shaping Cross-sector education!” “ The opportunity Cross-career stage to meet, share good practice and “The CPD society discuss education creates issues with other opportunities for professionals”Consultation CPD which are easy to access and participate in.” Collaboration Cross-faculty
    3. 3. 21st Century Student and Employability Professional and Outcomes EmployabilityRecognisingPotential Leadership ManagementFacilitating ResponsibilityOpportunity Student Initiated OwnershipTrust, Support, LifelongCelebration learning Commitment Professional Growth and The Student Dedication Personal Experience Development Improved outcomes
    4. 4. Academic/ staff Academic/ staff OR Student/Student/ growing professionalgrowing professional
    5. 5. GET IN TOUCHWebsite: www.cpdstrathclyde.co.ukTwitter: @CPDstrathclydeFacebook: Continuing Professional Development in Education Society Email: CPD Society Paul Campbell: Amanda Corrigan:info@cpdstrathclyde.co.uk p.campbell@strath.ac.uk amanda.j.corrigan@strath.ac.uk