Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure: our research programmes


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Presentation of the Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure: who we are and our research programmes

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Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure: our research programmes

  1. 1. Vila-seca, June 2011
  2. 2. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Founders SCIENCE AND URV Vila-seca Town Hotel and Catering Business Association of the Province TECHNOLOGY Council of Tarragona PARK FOR TOURISM AND LEISURE Associate member of the Xpcat, the Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalonia
  3. 3. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Background (I) Over 10 years ago public and private institutions in Tarragona together with the Rovira i Virgili University launched a strategy for the creation of innovative platforms to develop and share tourism knowledge. 1998 Launch of the Municipal Tourism Assistance Service financed by the Tarragona Tourism Board and administered by the Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (GRATET) at the URV. 1999 Creation of the Costa Daurada Tourism Studies Foundation (FETCD). 2001 Launch of the Costa Daurada Tourism Observatory, created by FETCD. The URVs Strategic Research Plan targets the tourism sector as a university priority for further development. 2002 Creation of the URVs University School of Tourism and Leisure.
  4. 4. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Background (II) 2003 Proposal for the creation of a centre for cooperation between universities and businesses with the Hotel and Tourism Business Association of the Province of Tarragona. 2005 Constitution of the Costa Daurada Science and Technology Park company (a limited company) to provide impetus for a technology centre for tourism and leisure. Ministry of Education and Science approves financing for the companys proposed centre. 2007 Implementation of the Vertical Policies Programme for tourism research advanced by the URV and the Tourism and Leisure PCT, with the participation of URV research groups.
  5. 5. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Background (III) 2009 and 2010 Tourism and leisure is one of the five strategic areas in which the Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS), backed by the URV, concentrates its efforts. This CEICS project qualifies as a Campus of International excellence in 2010 in the regional category. 2010 The Tourism and Leisure PCT facilities and the Vila-seca URV campus are officially inaugurated in June.
  6. 6. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Mission To become an international knowledge- economy hub for the sector and to create an ideal environment for R&D&i investment in tourism and leisure.
  7. 7. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Principles  To promote sustainability and competitiveness amongst tourist destinations, businesses and resources  To ensure independence and excellence  To promote cooperation within the tourism and leisure sector (culture, commerce, events, sports)  To involve professionals in the sector in R&D&i  To focus programmes on long- and medium-term projects (74% strategic research and innovation + 25% tactical research)  To promote the creation of tourist information systems that are useful and efficient  To implement a technology programme to promote the development of content and management tools, to take advantage of social networks and mobile technologies, and to design experiences and manage transport systems.
  8. 8. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Services M eeting room s Telephone Science Equipment Cooperation community Internet & furnishings I nnovation CLUSTER Classroom “To promote the creation and growth of innovative businesses using incubation and spin-off mechanisms and to provide other value-added services as well as high-quality facilities and spaces.” International Association of Science Parks (IASP)
  9. 9. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Development ofprogrammes for innovation Consortium for Increasing -Obtaining competitive public financing for applied research Competitiveness in Tourism and (ERDF, Avanza, INTERREG, etc.) Leisure in the Counties of Tarragona -Knowledge transfer programmes Costa Daurada Tourism Studies Foundation Costa Daurada Tourism Observatory (FETCD)
  10. 10. Tourism and Leisure PCT: R&D&I programmes (I) Information systems: data for situation analysis and characterisation of demand on a scale of local destinations Situational analysis Characterisation of demand Market intelligence: knowledge instruments for public and private entities Market Programme Think Tank Programme Enotur Programme
  11. 11. Tourism and Leisure PCT: R&D&I programmes (II)Knowledge transfer: added value for the sector Competitiveness plans Strategic plans In-company administrative and management training E-learning Product manualsProducts: development of innovative initiatives Wine Country The Landscape of the GeniusesTechnology: technological applications for administration and tourist satisfaction Platform programme E-business Programme Tracking Programme SIGTur Programme
  12. 12. Tourism and Leisure PCT: Facilities Rovira i Virgili University (URV), together with the Vila-seca Town Council and the Hotel and Catering Business Association of the Province of Tarragona, have led the effort to build the Tourism and Leisure PCT with an investment of 2.8 million euros – financed through the public funding programme for science and technology park infrastructure (Convocatoria de Infraestructuras de Parques Científicos yTecnológicos) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The URV later transferred the facilities to the development company of the Science and Technology Park for Tourism and Leisure.
  13. 13. Conclusion: Innovation as a strategy BUSINESS Competitive value based on knowledge Technology services Innovation • Cooperation as a response to the needs of services innovation • Network integration as a system to improveUNIVERSITY governance of the tourist destinationoResearchers • Generation and diffusion of knowledgeoTeaching staff globallyoSpecialised research groups •Knowledge (research + innovation + development) as a component of tourism excellence at the destination
  14. 14. +34 977 394 871 www.pct-turisme.catFeel free to contact us at: Tourism and Leisure PCT @PCT_Turismo