Coloring Outside the Lines - Reinventing the Meeting Experience


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Session: Coloring Outside the Lines - Reinventing the Meeting Experience
Presented by: Jeff Tobe CSP, M.Ed, Primary Colorer, Coloring Outside the Lines
Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 11:15am

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Coloring Outside the Lines - Reinventing the Meeting Experience

  1. 1. cOLOriNg OuTSidE tHeLiNeS™…Re-Inventing the MeetingExperience
  2. 2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:1. Shatter the stereotype of theexperience attendees expect to have.2. Implement creative problem solvingtechniques to remain relevant toyour attendees.3. Look at the meetings profession froma whole new perspective.
  3. 3. Welcome
  4. 4. workingtogether isCominga beginningkeepingprogresssuccess- Henry Ford
  5. 5. But Henry Ford also said about hiscars:“Any color… as long as it’s black.”“Any color…
  6. 6. InquisitiveBe… CreativeEmpathetic
  7. 7. Find what unites yourather than whatseparates you
  8. 8. those that aremovable,Benjamin Franklin said…“All mankind is divided intothree classes:those that are immovable,and those that move.”
  9. 9. He also said…“Beer is living proof thatGod loves us and wantsus to be happy.”
  10. 10. They did it by killinganyone who opposedthem, but still….Remember…The Pharoahs didn’tget the Pyramids builtby just talking about it.
  11. 11. Not by whatyou say.Jeff TobeYou express whatyou value by whatyou do…
  12. 12. Before criticizinga vendor or an attendee,walk a mile in their shoes.
  13. 13. That way,if they get upset…they’ll be a mile awayand barefoot.
  14. 14. “Man cannot discover newoceans unless he has thecourage to lose sight of theshore.”-Andre Gide
  15. 15. Recognize that thehighway to offering the ultimateevent experienceis dotted with many roadblocks.
  16. 16. …but roadblocks are justopportunities to find a newroute.
  17. 17. Believeinyourself
  18. 18. That what lies behind us andwhat lies ahead of usare insignificant compared towhat lies within us.Believe
  19. 19. color outsidethe linesGive yourselfpermission tocolor outsidethe lines
  20. 20. perspectiveFrom every challengecomes an opportunity!
  21. 21. In every business globally…PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING!There are only two sides to a coin…Managing the BusinessCreatingValue for theCustomer
  22. 22. © 2013 Coloring Outside the Lineswww.coloringoutsidethelines.comThe“Harvey Principle”JeffTobeLearn to see invisibleopportunities whereeveryone else sees onlyvisible limitations.
  23. 23. Learn to see invisibleopportunities where othersonly see visible limitations!
  24. 24. “From every challenge comes anopportunity”• It’s all about perspective• Give yourself an A.S.K.(Alternative Solution Kick)1 1 3
  25. 25. It’s all about the “experience”
  26. 26. Are you Prepared to Make theLeap?SatisfiedCustomersLoyal/EngagedCustomersCustomerServiceCustomerEXPERIENCE
  27. 27. What is the…EXPERIENCE???Fill in the name of YOUR organization here!
  28. 28. Every transaction cannot NOT be anexperience for the customer!How RANDOM or howMANAGED is the experienceyou are delivering?The vast majority of event planning professionals deliverexperiences without ever thinking about the big picture.
  29. 29. “From every challenge comes anopportunity”• It’s all about perspective• Give yourself an A.S.K.(Alternative Solution Kick)1 1 3• Shatter the stereotype of theEXPERIENCE your “customer”expects to have with you!
  30. 30. Need to exercise our “riskmuscles”“Coloring Outside the Lines is scarybusiness…”