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Connexity: Reinventing the Networking Experience Updated


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Session: Connexity: Reinventing the Networking Experience Updated
Presented by: Sarah Michel CSP, VP of Professional Connexity, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting
Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 10:00am

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Connexity: Reinventing the Networking Experience Updated

  1. 1. ConnexityReinventing the Networking ExperienceSarah Michel, CSP
  2. 2. Real Value of Live EventsReal Value of Live Events
  3. 3. ConnexityConnexity
  4. 4. MeetingsNeedTo be intheConnexityBusiness!
  5. 5. Are you Delivering Networking Value? Healthy repeat attendance (75% or more attend 2 out of past3 years) 35% of your attendees are high influencers, decision makers,practitioners Strong attendee on-boarding process in year one thatdelivers high networking value
  6. 6. People Are Problem-Centric Not Content-CentricPeople Are Problem-Centric Not Content-Centric
  7. 7. The Big Three…1. Attendance loyalty & Growth2.  Growing Expo & Sponsorship3.  Education & Experience Design
  8. 8. Connexity HuddleHow does community andconnection impact yourmeeting challenge?
  9. 9. Create ExperiencesCreate Experiences
  10. 10. Make The Attendee Your FocusMake The Attendee Your Focus
  11. 11. Create A Shared VisionCreate A Shared Vision
  12. 12. Welcome to Sage City!
  13. 13. Make it Easy to Find Like-MindedMake it Easy to Find Like-Minded
  14. 14. Design for NetworkingDesign for NetworkingSmall Tables Chairs in CircleStandingConference Style
  15. 15. ““Space is the bodySpace is the bodylanguage of yourlanguage of yourconference or meeting.”conference or meeting.”~ Chris Flink~ Chris Flink
  16. 16. Space MattersSpace Matters
  17. 17. Create Watering HolesCreate Watering Holes
  18. 18. Connexity HuddleConnexity HuddleWhat ideas/solutions can yougenerate for ways to createmore connexity with yourroom/space design?
  19. 19. Move From the Halls to Inside The Four walls
  20. 20. Move to Participant-CentricMove to Participant-Centric
  21. 21. Connexity HuddleWhat skills are needed to lead sessionswhere the focus is on interaction anddiscussion with peers?Are you current speakers up to the task?How can you support them?
  22. 22. Keep The Conversation GoingKeep The Conversation Going
  23. 23. Connexity Action PlanWrite Down…One StartOne StopOne Continueto Create more Connexity for your attendees!
  24. 24. Connect with me..Connect with