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Reinvent Your Meeting With Social


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Session: Reinvent Your Meeting With Social
Presented By: Eric Ly , CEO, Co-founder of LinkedIn, Presdo
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 11:45am

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Reinvent Your Meeting With Social

  1. 1. ReinventYour MeetingWith SocialEric LyFounder, Presdo
  2. 2. Learner Outcomes• Understand how the Internet is forcing us toreinvent the way we deliver face-to-face events• Know what social media really is• Recognize why combining “social” with face-to-face will lead to a renaissance for the industry
  3. 3. Co-Founding•Launched in 2003 – 10 years!•225M members•200 countries
  4. 4. Great Disruptions of the Internet
  5. 5. Big Data is data collected on user online activityEstimated to be at 1.8 billion terabytes (IDC mid-2011)Marketing becomes “data driven”
  6. 6. Key Ideas of Social Media
  7. 7. Sellers Can Now Access and ReachCustomers inVery EfficientWays
  8. 8. Face-to-face & “social”:Is there a match?
  9. 9. Take a Step Back…• Trade shows were created asmarketplaces to connect buyersand sellers…• ...not necessarily about sellingbooths and lead retrievalequipment, securing the rightdestinations, or providingentertaining speakers• Face-to-face has been valuable...but will it continue to be?
  10. 10. Face to face’s competition is…“digital”For example… web, email, SEO, SEM, social media, onlinemarketplaces, virtual events, and even more to come.
  11. 11. Your Customers Are AlreadyThereBig brandsare alreadythere, and soare the smallones
  12. 12. Newspapers
  13. 13. Music
  14. 14. Moviesa.k.a. “digital movies are crushing DVDs as we speak”
  15. 15. “The ultimate goal of social media is to drivepeople toward face-to-face interactions”—Twitter userSocial media is a perfect complement for face-to-face
  16. 16. ROI Metrics for Event-Driven Social Media• Attendance (pre-registrations and no-shows)• Retention of audience year-over-year• Participant satisfaction• Brand recognition• RevenueIn other words, social media is an approach whose results you canmeasure using the metrics you already understand
  17. 17. Re-Imagined: Exhibitors & Sponsors• Contextualizedpromotion &exposure• Highly targetedand relevantconnections/leads• More business
  18. 18. Re-Imagined:Attendees• Reconnectwith existingcontacts• Onlinecommunities• Matchesbased onsharedinterests
  19. 19. Future of Face-to-Face• Events become centerpieces that extend intoonline communities and marketplaces, andvice versa• Social media is the layer that ties it alltogether
  20. 20. Event-Oriented Social NetworksEvent-oriented social networks where exhibitors, sponsors and attendeesconnect based on similar interests to create valuable business opportunities
  21. 21. The challenge: will the events industrycontract, or will it expand and capturegreater opportunities?
  22. 22. Opportunity with event-oriented social media• Revenues from expanded opportunities toconnect• Greater relevance in the changing digital B2Blandscape
  23. 23. Next: Blending Social and Face to Face•2:15-3:30pm this afternoon•Meeting Rooms 201-207
  24. 24. Thank youEric LyPresdo Inc.eric@presdo.com650-469-3123