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Reinventing You: Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Sucess


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Session: Reinventing You: Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Sucess
Presented by: Dorie Clark , Clark Strategic Communications
Date and time: Wednesday, June 26, 12:45am

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Reinventing You: Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Sucess

  1. 1. ReinventingYou:DevelopingYour PersonalBrand for Career SuccessDorie Clark@dorieclark
  2. 2. LearningOutcomes•How are you currently perceived?•What’s the essence of your brand?•How can you leverage your uniquestrengths?•How do you demonstrate thecontribution only you can make?
  3. 3. @dorieclarkReinventingYouDefineYour Brand,ImagineYourFuture
  4. 4. Why BuildYour LeadershipBrand?- Most people aren’t paying closeattention to you- If you don’t get noticed, you can’tget promoted- Value of uniqueness
  5. 5. JudyRobinett:“If 3 people tellyou you’re ahorse, buy asaddle.”
  6. 6. RecognizeWhereYou’reStarting•GoogleTest•Your own “360interviews”•Focus groups
  7. 7. Anatomy of a ProfessionalNarrativeWhere youstartedHow yourpast relatesto yourfutureWhereyou’regoing21/06/2013 7
  8. 8. What is Executive Presence?• GT•Gravitas•Communication•Appearance
  9. 9. Self-Fulfilling ProphecyTheArt of thePower Pose
  10. 10. IncreaseYour InternalVisibilityKeith Ferrazzi@dorieclark
  11. 11. ConveyingYourAuthorityFrom Emailsto Diplomas@dorieclark
  12. 12. What value can you offer toothers?
  13. 13. Everyone Needs aWingman@dorieclark
  14. 14. Creating Content is NoLonger OptionalFind the right medium@dorieclark
  15. 15. BuildingCredibilityin Real LifeAlanWeiss@dorieclark
  16. 16. Stay inTouch• Twitter:@dorieclark• LinkedIn•
  17. 17. @dorieclarkReinventingYouDefineYour Brand,ImagineYourFuture