Winning Blueprint To Writing The Perfect Resume


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Best practices for resume writing

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Winning Blueprint To Writing The Perfect Resume

  1. 1. Although there is no single winning blueprint to writing the perfect resume, there are a number of things you should do and stay away from. Remember, that studies show that most employers will spend less than 20 seconds reviewing an emailed resume and 5 - 10 seconds for a faxed one. It has to be clear, concise and easy to read. The Resume Don’ts • Don’t title your resume as “Resume” start with your full name. • Don’t use cliché words like (People person, Multitasker, Go-Getter…) • Don’t mail or fax if email is an option (use the option that the job posting asks for fax, email…) • Don’t go over one page. • Don’t use fancy fonts.
  2. 2. • Don’t use personal pronouns “I”, “my” or “me” • Don’t use passive words. (instead use words like “ achieved, attained, generated - passive words convey little) • Don’t use colorful paper – white, buff or beige is standard. • Don’t include a picture or other artwork. • Don’t lie. Brag but never lie. • Don’t include your whole life’s history. • Don’t include personal information. • Don’t include salary information. • Don’t include more that 10 years of employment history. • Don’t say you were laid off or fired from your last position. Save it for the interview. • Don’t include personal references. • Don’t include “references available upon requests.” If they want them they will ask. • Don't include your age, height, weight, date of birth, marital status, sex, ethnicity, health, religion, or political affiliations.
  3. 3. The Resume Do’s Do send your resume with a cover letter. Do strive to make a good impression. Do make your resume clear, concise and easy to read. Do use BOLD or Underline for section headings. Do emphasize your strongest qualifications. Do focus on accomplishments, skills, and results. Do print your resume on high quality 8 ½ by 11 paper. Do make contacting you easy. i.e. consider including home & office telephone numbers email. Do include descriptive terms that include supportive facts and figures. Do use short phrases, not long and complex sentences. Do utilize action words. Do list your most recent job/educational experience first. Do list job titles, dates, cities and states. Do use word processing and spell checkers.
  4. 4. Do ask 2 friends or colleague to proof read your resume. Do create a resume tailored to the job you are after. Do keep your resume up-to-date. You never know when opportunity may come knocking. Social Networking Employers are using social networking sites to check for potential new employees Don’ts Don’t be sharing pictures or videos of your wild parties or be blogging on how you where so drunk… (Goes for current employees also) Do’s Set up a Linked-in account and keep it up to date. Put the URL to your linked in account in your resume.
  5. 5. Setup an Twitter account and follow recruiter and job tweets -upload an avatar of yourself not a space alien – use your bio for your career search link to you resume - send messages using the @ symbol. Tweet about your job search. Use a professional looking page background. Maybe If you are an outgoing person and have a lively personality you MIGHT try using a YouTube video resume to sell yourself if not DON’T try this. If you do decide to do one keep it short to the point – Tell why you can give worth or value to you’re your new employer while giving a brief background of yourself and accomplishments. It may take a hundred takes to get it right. Setup a separate youtube account for this and don’t link
  6. 6. it with your other youtube videos where you are playing air guitar with a mop on your head. PCI Health Training Center PCI is a medical training school offering comprehensive academic medical programs including Medical Assistant training, Medical Office Assistant and Patient Care Assistant financial aid and career placement is available Campuses in Dallas Texas and Richardson Texas