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Winning Blueprint To The Perfect Resume Cover Letter


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cover letters for your job application and resume

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Winning Blueprint To The Perfect Resume Cover Letter

  1. 1. Winning Blueprint to the Perfect Resume Cover Letter Think of the cover letter as a sales letter. What are you selling? Yourself ! The cover letter is the first (and best) maybe the last chance to make a good impression! Think? How does a business generate interest in a new product? They list the products key features; explain how the product will save time or money and lastly, where to get the product. Imagine You’re trying to sell your car. Which advertisement would get you more response – “For Sale 2 door automobile” Or “2010 Ford Mustang, Dependable, drive anywhere, fun transportation, great gas mileage.”
  2. 2. Sell Your Self NEVER send out a resume with out a proper cover letter! Don’t use a generic cover letter or worse no cover letter at all it sends a powerful message to potential employers - you’re lazy. Take the time to do a separate cover letter for each position your applying for. What should you include in the cover letter? How can you benefit the employer?!
  3. 3. Diagram of a Basic Cover Letter: Today’s Date Your name Mailing address City, state, and zip Telephone number(s) Email address (Always include your full contact information – name, address, telephone, email… – on ANY employment related correspondence!) Mr. Wonderful Hiring Person (Your addressee’s name) Director of Human Resources (Professional title) The Big Company (Organization name) 5050 Hire Me Please Lane (Mailing address) Dallas, TX 79999 (City, state and zip) (Include the full address of you potential employer and their contact name & job title, if available. If you don’t know the contacts name use a generic title such as human resources, Personnel, Office Manager, etc.)
  4. 4. Re: (List the position your interested in) Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Hiring person (or Dear Sir, if you don’t have a contact name) First paragraph – why are you writing… i.e. “I saw your advertisement in the….for the position of…” Briefly say what job you are applying for and how you heard about it. Express interest in the position… “I think( use Think not Feel) my background meets your requirements” and how they can learn more about you…. “My resume is enclosed for your review.” Second paragraph – include on or two short paragraphs that make relevant points about your qualifications for the position. Be sure to highlight any training or education that meets the employers’ specific job requirements. Don’t regurgitate your resume word for word. Consider using bullets such as • Graduate: The Best School Ever * Perfect attendance
  5. 5. * Member: Student council * Member: Phi Alfa Kappa Beta Delta • 3 years experience as Medical Assistant in transplant recovery clinic… • Trained in taking patient histories, EKGs, dialysis… Third paragraph – explain what you will do next “I will call you…” or “please contact me….” or “I look forward to interviewing…” Always say thanks! “Thank you for you time and I look forward to hearing from you…” etc. Sincerely Your handwritten signature Hungry Job Applicant (Your name typed) Enclosure: Resume PCI Health Training Center PCI is a medical training school offering comprehensive academic medical programs including Medical Assistant training, Medical Office Assistant and Patient Care Assistant financial aid and career placement is available Campuses in Dallas Texas and Richardson Texas