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011811 Legislation Summary


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Published in: Education
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011811 Legislation Summary

  1. 1. 2011 Legislation as of January 18, 2011Row # Bill # Bill Title Sponsor 1 HB0050 School Termination Procedures Modifications Menlove, R. 2 HB0191 Nonresident Tuition Waiver Amendments Wimmer, C. 3 HB0195 Debt Service Obligations of a Divided School District Sumsion, K. 4 HB0199 Advertisements on School Buses Bird, J. 5 HB0218 Clubs in Public Schools Sandstrom, S. 6 HB0220 Civics Education Amendments Morley, M. 7 SB0097 Higher Education Mission Based Funding Urquhart, S. 8 SB0107 Higher Education Success Stipend Program Niederhauser, W. 9 Charter School Amendments Stephenson, H. 10 Charter School Finance Amendments Stephenson, H. 11 Charter School Funding Amendments Newbold, M. 12 Charter School Revisions Bigelow, R. 13 Charter School Revolving Account Hughes, G. 14 Civics Education Amendments Morley, M. 15 Concurrent Enrollment Transcripts Menlove, R. 16 Curriculum in the Public Schools Stephenson, H. 17 Divided School District Assets and Liabilities Sumsion, K. 18 Education Policy Amendments Bramble, C. 19 Eligibility for Interscholastic Activities in Secondary Schools Madsen, M. 20 Engineering Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools Stephenson, H. 21 Expansion of Online Learning Opportunities for High School Stude Stephenson, H. 22 Full-Day Kindergarten Anderson, J. 29 Honors Math Programs Stephenson, H. 30 Incentive for Front-Line Teachers Nielson, J. 31 K-3 Reading Amendments Morgan, K. 32 K-3 Reading Initiative Accountability Morgan, K. 33 Math Education Initiative Stephenson, H. 35 Public School Accountability Stephenson, H. 36 Public School Funding Harper, W. 37 Public School Teacher Tenure Modifications Stephenson, H. 38 Public School Transportation Amendments Wimmer, C. 39 Retention Elections for School Board Superintendents Davis, G. 40 School Administrator Amendments Frank, C. 41 School Building Construction Impact Fees Powell, K. 42 School Building Construction Modifications Stephenson, H. 43 School Community Councils Amendments Wright, B. 44 School Curriculum Amendments Stephenson, H. 45 School District Leave Policies Grover, K. 46 School District Public School Conversion to a Charter School Stephenson, H. 47 School Finance Amendments Newbold, M. 48 School Restructuring Stephenson, H. 49 State School Board Election Provisions Nielson, J. 50 Student Based Funding for Public Education Liljenquist, D. 51 Tax and Related School Funding Amendments Adams, J. S. 52 Utah Orderly School Termination Procedures Act Repealer Stephenson, H. 53 Utah Schools Seismic Hazard Inventory Wiley, L.