Question 1 - Conventions


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Question 1 - Conventions

  1. 1. Q1: In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products? Paul Birkett
  2. 2. The main purpose of a film trailer is to market the film to a suitabletarget audience. The distributors want to make people aware of theirproducts in order for them to be successful. It usually informs theaudience what genre the film belongs to, tells them when it will bereleased, outlines that plot and contains some positive reviews. The waythat they are marketed depends on the type of audience that they aretrying to connect to. For example, a romantic comedy would be mostlikely aimed at teenage girls. Magazines and posters follow this samerule and use fonts, colours and layouts that would attract the rightaudience. Articles about the film will be present in magazines thatpeople who like the genre are likely to read.Marketing Campaign
  3. 3. There were a couple of film trailers that really helped me establish an appropriate look and feel of my own trailer. These were:• The Hills Have Eyes• 28 Days Later• Dead Man’s ShoesThe first two listed are in a more traditional style and feature a very fast pace accompanied by flashing images and loud electronic music. Theyalso feature opening captions to give a brief background story so that the audience knows what to expect. The Hills Have Eyes trailer beginswith a rendition of “California dreaming” to lull the audience into a false sense of security. The track and the picture jitters to create tension andinvoke feelings of dread. Most shots following this are broken up with black frames placed in between the clips in the editing stage. This is aclever way to show a fraction of the film whilst still keeping the viewer interested. A heart beat sound effect has also been added for moretension. The cuts become very quick during the end.The 28 days later trailer also has sudden flashes of shots which are broken up by captions. They are in an eroded text which relates to the genreof the film (horror). Some shots are met with a sudden drum hit sound effect to give more impact. The dialog is of people shouting to invokepanic. The captions near the end zoom towards us and the cuts get quicker to create tension. Near the end, choral music starts whichaccompanies the scenes of carnage happening on screen. This goes against normal horror trailer conventions but it is very effective at distortingthe viewers view of the film and making them more intrigued by it.Dead Man’s Shoes was more niche due to the low budget and the way the trailer is constructed. It does not follow traditional conventions bystarting with an establishing shot of the characters walking in the countryside. Normally, we are thrown straight into the action with close-upsand hand-held camera movements to disorientate us. Also, the music at the start is calming, the cuts are not as frequent and fade transitions areused for a more calming effect on the viewer. Then the mood changes and the cuts are more frequent, characters start shouting dialog, red andwhite frames flash periodically between cuts to give a subliminal message of violence and horror. The music is low, menacing and electronic atthis point. The number of close-ups increase and cuts are made jittery in editing. Then, haunting choral music starts accompanied by positivereviews displayed in eroded text. The music cuts out suddenly when the titles fade in, zooming towards us for more tension. The website isshown at the end.Trailers that influencedmy work
  4. 4. My trailer does not have a voice over. I have noticed that most horror films do not feature a voice overbecause this is more typical of comedies or spoofs.My trailer features some electronic music with a menacing mood. This is something used in mosthorror trailers.I use red and white frames to be inserted between some cuts to give a subliminal message of violenceand horror.Some of the cuts are short to quicken the pace of the trailer.There is lots of violence in my trailer which is typical of red band trailers.The colours are vibrant which I did in the editing stage. More and more films are being colourcorrected. This especially makes the blood more dramatic to witness.The characters at the start of my trailer are shown to be happy and enjoying themselves. This is to lullmy audience into a false sense of security. This is done a lot in horror trailers.My captions and titles zoom into the viewer to build tension.My trailer features a variety of shots and lots of fast cuts which are typical of horror/thriller films.The film title is shown at the end and there are other captions present.Some of the shots in my trailer are hand-held to give a sense of disorientation. This is used frequentlyin modern horror movies.Ways my trailer followsconventions
  5. 5. The dialog in my trailer is very minimal which means that the audiencerely on the visuals and the titles to get an idea of the story and plot.Classical music is used in my trailer which is not usual of horror trailers.This was used in Dead man’s shoes to create a twisted mood to messwith the audience. Something that should be calming has a newmeaning to it.My film has no clear hero because all of the actions onscreen arecontroversial and morally wrong. Usually, a trailer shows a characterwho audiences can relate to and trust to make the right decisions.Some of the takes are quite long which makes my trailer seem more artyand challenges the usual fast pace of horror trailers.Ways my trailerchallenges conventions
  6. 6. Posters – Contain all the information about the film that is needed,positive reviews to attract film lovers, sum up the genre of the film witha tagline, use the colour scheme to its advantage and have a professionallayout, usually show an image taken from the film of the star, usuallycontain bright vibrant colours to stand out and catch peoples eye.Magazine covers – the magazine covers that I looked at (mainly Empireand Total Film) featured some aspects that are commonly used. Themastheads are large and bold which demand attention from the reader.The stars featured on the front are usually relaxed which gives andinformal feel to the magazine or serious if they are in character. There islots of overlapping of different layers to make the cover more visuallyappealing. The star usually has eye contact with the reader to make itmore personal.Poster/magazineconventions
  7. 7. My reviews are Stars names are included at thepositioned here. The top which is where they arelayout is similar to usually positioned. The text hasposters that I have looked been stretched to draw attentionat to them. This is done in manyThe main image is not a posterscharacter from the moviewhich is typical of film Taglines are usuallyposters. This looks more featured on posterslike a rare, vintage movie Colour scheme relates backposter. to the films theme of ultraCast list is aligned in the violence. Bright red wouldcentre for a more make it stand out at a bussymmetrical look stop for example The film title here is in big, bold font to demandThe film rating is attentionshown here The release date relates Poster analysis back to the genre, website listed
  8. 8. Eye contact connects with the Masthead is large and reader, making it more personal bold Date and issue numberLayers overlapping here shown here Drop shadow helps to Article stories are featured give more depth to the down the side image The main image of the star gives an informal look and feel because All of my text is aligned of the relaxed position with each other which he is in makes the overall look Barcode goes against more visually appealing conventions by being vertical. Most magazines have Footer bar shows other barcodes horizontal. stories that are featured Magazine cover analysis