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PeerJ blitz presentation at Science Online 2013 #scio13


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The slides and audio of PeerJ's blitz presentation at Science Online 2013 #scio13 - Feb 1st 2013 (

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PeerJ blitz presentation at Science Online 2013 #scio13

  1. 1. Academic Publishing is Evolving… PeteBinfield Co-Founder and Publisher PeerJ @ThePeerJ m @p_binfield
  2. 2. Predicted ‘Disruption Timeframe’ of OA vs Subscription model Source: “The Inevitability of Open Access”, David Lewis (College and Research Libraries, Sep 2012
  3. 3. Academic Publishing is Evolving… Late 2012 Early 2013 Late 2012 2006 2009 2011 2010 2013 2013
  4. 4. Academic Publishing is Evolving…
  5. 5. Academic Publishing is Evolving… Interesting Features PeerJ - an entirely new Open Access business model - a broad based journal in the biological and medical sciences, judging submissions based only on technical and scientific validity - fully peer reviewed, with rapid review process handled by a (very) large editorial board - encouraging of ‘Open’ Peer Review - members incentivized to participate in the peer review process PeerJ PrePrints - a preprint server for the biological and medical sciences - a full suite of ‘privacy’ controls to encourage participation - closely integrated with the journal - an experimental space where new features, functionalities and standards can be tried out New Features and Functionality Enabled by the Membership Model…
  6. 6. Academic Publishing is Evolving… The Initial Reception
  7. 7. Academic Publishing is Evolving… Since Then…
  8. 8. Academic Publishing is Evolving… Current Status • Staff of 5 (London & San Francisco) – Jason Hoyt, Co-Founder and CEO (ex Mendeley) – Alf Eaton, Senior Engineer (ex Mendeley & Nature) – Patrick McAndrew, Sys Admin (ex – Jackie Thai, Admin & Production (ex PLoS ONE) • ~ 800 Academic Editors & Advisors – 5 Nobel Laureates • Public Submissions to PeerJ: Dec 3rd 2012 • 1st PeerJ Publications: Feb 2013 • Public Launch of PeerJPrePrints:Next!
  9. 9. Academic Publishing is Evolving… Thank You Pete Binfield Co-Founder and Publisher @p_binfield @ThePeerJ