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New Publishers for New Scientists - PeerJ at MedicineX


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Slides and Video of the PeerJ presentation to the New Scientists session of MedicineX at Stanford - "New Publishers for New Scientists" Sept 30th, 2012. Event web site at:

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New Publishers for New Scientists - PeerJ at MedicineX

  1. 1. New Publishers for New Scientists Peter Binfield @p_binfield
  2. 2. “Somewhere along the way, the business of academic journals got stupidly misaligned with their raison d’être” PandoDaily 2012 “Information Wants To Be Free. Information also wants to be expensive. ...That tension will not go away.” Stewart Brand, 1985
  3. 3. • Free, immediate access • Deposition in a digital public archive • Unrestricted reuse What is Open Access?
  4. 4. The Growth of Open Access “The Development of Open Access Journal Publishing from 1993 to 2009”, Laakso et al, PLoS ONE, e20961
  5. 5. New Publishers for New Scientists
  6. 6. What makes unique? “PeerJ” – a Peer Reviewed Journal - in the biological and medical sciences, - judging submissions only on technical and scientific validity, - encouraging ‘Open’ Peer Review paired with a PrePrint Server – “PeerJ PrePrints” - with a full suite of ‘privacy’ controls to encourage participation, - in an experimental space where new features, functionalities and standards can be tried out. Using a ‘lifetime membership’ model which dramatically reduces the cost of publication
  7. 7. The Membership Model Unlimited publications/yr Great for principal investigators Basic Plan $99 Lifetime One publication/yr Great for graduate students * All contributing authors need a plan membership * Members must perform one review per year
  8. 8. Peter Binfield Co-Founder & Publisher, PeerJ @p_binfield Thank You!