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EventTech 2015: Connecting With Superfans


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VP of Creative Strategy Mike Standish talked about Game of Thrones: The Exhibit at Event Marketer's EventTech 2015 conference, and shared how PBJS created an immersive experience that impressed and connected with even the most devout GoT superfans.

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EventTech 2015: Connecting With Superfans

  1. 1. Connecting with Superfans: Shareable Content Strategies
  2. 2. #GoTSuperFans @MikeStandish VP, Creative Strategy
  3. 3. An exhibit for superfans Our goal: 100,000 superfans sharing their passion. ⌂ A small portion of a vast audience ⌂ Allow superfans to “peek behind the curtain” ⌂ Use digital and social to amplify buzz
  4. 4. What is a SuperFan?
  5. 5. SuperFans are SuperAdvocates A person whose love of a brand has become such an important part of their identity that they take joy in expressing that love to others. ⌂ Earnest ⌂ Stewards ⌂ Expressive This audience is a huge opportunity.
  6. 6. How do you make superfans happy?
  7. 7. SuperFans want to be invited into the world that they love.
  8. 8. Content strategy is design strategy When a superfan steps into an exhibition, they want to leave the ordinary world behind.
  9. 9. How we did it ⌂ Don’t build a museum, build a world ⌂ Get as immersive as you can ⌂ Tear down barriers between superfans and content ⌂ Tell a story with your exhibit space
  10. 10. SuperFans are supersmart.
  11. 11. You are not the biggest nerd Admit that your superfans are probably smarter than you. And they want to prove it.
  12. 12. How we did it ⌂ Build an army of experts, both on your internal team and at the event ⌂ Be willing to answer questions ⌂ Build relationships with the right client stakeholders, and involve them in the process ⌂ Be ready for serious review cycles ⌂ Read the books. Twice. ⌂ Watch the show. Twice.
  13. 13. SuperFans are Cosplayers at heart. Even if they’re not wearing a costume.
  14. 14. Empower SuperFans’ Creativity The relationship between brand and superfan is a collaboration. Let go of your brand a little.
  15. 15. How we did it ⌂ Embrace the power of digital ⌂ Analog tools are still useful ⌂ Create an ecosystem in which the two blend seamlessly
  16. 16. SuperFans want to share their enthusiasm with other SuperFans.
  17. 17. Sharing should be easy Give superfans authorship, and remove all barriers to sharing.
  18. 18. How we did it ⌂ A pre-show digital experience ⌂ Make sharing dead simple from mobile devices ⌂ Custom content delivered before and after the exhibition