LibGuide for NAU Students at the
Phoenix Biomedical Campus Library
Two Universities, One Library: Access Through a Single ...
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Two Universities, One Library: Access Through a Single Portal


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2013 Arizona Library Association (AzLA) Conference Poster

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Two Universities, One Library: Access Through a Single Portal

  1. 1. LibGuide for NAU Students at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus Library Two Universities, One Library: Access Through a Single Portal Jessica Cole, MLIS, AHIP Introduction & Purpose The Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC) Library is used by both Northern Arizona University (NAU) and University of Arizona (UA) students, and it contains physical and electronic resources from each university under one roof. Electronic resources of NAU and UA are available to NAU students while they are physically located on campus. The Question: How can we provide access to all of the NAU & UA resources for NAU students at PBC in the absence of a website specific to this unique library? A LibGuide was created to simplify access to electronic resources. This poster presents a work-in- progress. The Goal: Provide access specifically to the Health Sciences resources of both university libraries in one place. This effort was undertaken to allow NAU students to become familiar with the resources available to them in this new and unique setting, without requiring them to navigate and understand two different library systems and websites. University of Arizona Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL) Health Sciences “Top Resources” available from library site Northern Arizona University Cline Library Navigation to Health Sciences Resources from library site LibGuide Usage Lessons Learned • LibGuides are easy to create and have been a major help in simplifying access to resources and supplying NAU-PBC students with PBC Library information. • With two institutions and multiple networks and systems, access to resources and the troubleshooting of technology issues in general are more complex at PBC. We have learned to communicate with Information Technology personnel from each institution when access and technology issues arise. About the Campus NAU is partnering with UA at PBC, where students in healthcare fields train side-by- side. The campus spans 28 acres in downtown Phoenix. The first NAU-PBC graduate students began their studies at the Phoenix campus in August 2012. AHSL NAU User Experience @PBC PBC LibGuide for NAU Students User Experience @PBC Cline Library NAU User Experience @PBC Future Directions A new PBC Library Director will come on board in 2013 or 2014 and help shape the future of this unique library setting. Collaboration between UA & NAU continues, and the future is bright! Focus: Health Sciences library spares students from sifting through other subjects. Minimal clicks to most frequently used databases & e-resources. Access: NAU students can only access AHSL resources at PBC, not from home. Service Information: Does not apply to NAU students. (AHSL ILL not available.) Access: 24/7 from anywhere through NAU authentication. Focus: Hundreds of subjects. Many clicks to find Health Sciences resources. Undergraduate emphasis. Service Information: Partially accurate for PBC students (Document Delivery provided by Cline Library; “My Library Account” information is N/A at PBC.) Focus: Health Sciences databases from NAU & UA listed in one place. Access: All resources accessible from campus. NAU resources available 24/7, but UA links won’t work off-campus. Service Information: Specific to the PBC Library and this campus, with applicable information from Cline Library carried over for easy access to request additional services. Usage is high, and student feedback has been positive. Between September 2012-2013, the LibGuide was accessed by its 50 NAU-PBC student users a total of 1732 times. 25 NAU students were surveyed about which library website they start from when conducting research.