Big Bang Proposal Pt1 (Open Share)


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Part 1 of a proposal developed in 2009 for exciting Malaysian retail with converging retail, creative economy, sustainability, brands and unconventional media centred around an inflatable pop up retail mall.

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Big Bang Proposal Pt1 (Open Share)

  1. 1. PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL RELEASE VERSION 1.2 A STRATEGIC INTEGRATED CREATIVE MARKETING PROPOSAL FOR: Malaysia Year-End Sale An unexpected shopping adventure.A Unique Proposal For Making New Perspectives:Exciting Retail and Developing Shopping Tourism. UNCONVENTIONAL RETAIL
  3. 3. PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL It  is  natural  that,  from  time  to  time,  family   Weddings INTRO members  would  have  wanted  to  see  each  other.   Destination   Shopping The  same  is  true  of  friends  who  were  permanently   Choice  FactorsVisiting  Friends  And  Relatives or  temporarily  parted  by  migration  and  nomadic   Religious  festivals lifestyles. Gastronomy  (learning  to  cook  and   A  niche  market  acting  like  activity  –   enjoying  gourmet  Meals  in  restaurant) tourism,  but  it  differs  in  that  it  involves   Destination   little  or  no  physical  exertion Choice  Factors Special  Interest  Tourism Attending  music  festivals BACKGROUND The  type  of  interests  are  very  diverse Painting Individual  business  trips,   PART 1: CAUSE AND EFFECT Takes  place  as  part  of  people’s business  occupational  commitment attendance  at  meetings  training  courses  and  conferences Largely  in  work  time 1 Destination   Visiting  and  organizing  trade   transport  to  tour  areas;  walking,  cycling  and  riding Using  modes  of  Business  Tourism Choice  Factors ‣ The Blurring  of  business  tourism  with  leisure   Malaysia Year-End Sale (formerly Malaysia Savings Sale) is a major attraction in the Malaysian tourism fairs  and  exhibition 2 calendar.their  family  held oannually and the 2nd shopping sales event in the calendar Destination   place at evelopment  but  are  aof the year tourism,  particularly  is a  business   person  takes   It when   ith  them   n   w taking A  more  recent  d the end  rapidly  growing  market Undertaking  product  launches Choice  Factors Activity  Tourism from the r  last their  business  ttofto  November through to the New Year. land  –  based  sports;  golf  and  the Malaysia Mega-Sale taking place just after business  o extends   week rip   incorporate  a  relaxing  holiday  after   heir   Participating  in   The other is tennis work  is   nished  (Davidson,  1994) mid-year between July and August coinciding with the Middle-Eastern Summer peak travel season. Incentive  travel 3 Taking  part  in  water  –  based  activities;  diving  and  wind  –  sur ng ‣ This sale comes at a perfect time, coinciding with the Christmas and New Year Festive Season as well as the Malaysian school holiday season. And several more important National public holidays. One  of  the  oldest  forms  of  tourism Shrines ‣ Despite the importance of these 2 country-wide retail events, but to date have yet had any noteworthypleasurable  activities Destination   Seeking   campaign,Religious  Tourism Involves  people  traveling  often  as  a  sense  of  duty Choice  Factors on-ground activation, event or activity Attending  religious  events either as promotions or celebrations. Ad-hoc events with third-rate talent and unprofessional event management hardly deliver the quality of entertainment, promotionsThe  four  “S’s”  of  sea,  sand,  sun  and  sex and attractions Visiting  places  with  religious  signi cance interesting enough for local Malaysians let alone foreign tourists as a draw for enticing destination tourism. ;-) Destination   Choice  Factors Tourism  experience  is  based  on  physical   Hedonistic  Tourism pleasure  and  social  life ‣ A planned campaign or strategic promotions plan, creating both consumer and industry awareness in ways allowing for both Malaysia Mega-Sale and Mineral springs Year-End Sale to be more than just turning the entire hedonistic  tourist  is  ointo a Simply about exploiting natural Malaysia The   country ften  younger   phenomena for their medicinal bene ts and  travels  in  a  group  with  other  like  Health Tourism discount store. Destination   Choice  Factors minded  people.     Sea  water These resorts became centers of ‣ The Malaysia Year-End Sale is organized under the Ministry of Tourism through Tourism Malaysia Secretariat and fashion and social activity Malaysia Shopping Secretariat. Mountains,  water,  etc  –  related  scenery Destination   Desire  to  view  spectacular  natural   ‣ For the past decade or so, the tourism industry is the second income earner for thescenery  has  ourists  since  time  immemorial A broad area which is primarily concerned with national stimulated  t Choice  Factors Scenic  Tourism providing opportunities to participate in tourism Urban  areasSocial Tourism economy, after manufacturing. 2007 Malaysia registered 20.97 million tourists against RM46.1 billion in X Destination   Choice  Factors receipts. not normally be able to go 9th Malaysia Plan, the tourism target is to achieve 24.6 million tourists with RM59.4 For those who would Under the nancial or health reasons, primarily billion in tourism receipts by the year 2010. Attendance  at  traditional  festivals ‣ Shopping is the second major revenue-generating activity after payment for accommodation, contributing but is anbusiness or RM12.2 billion of the overall tourist expenditure (breakdown for 2007) Not a new phenomenon, 26.6% important segment of the tourism Visits  to  heritage  attraction Clearly  linked  to  the  special  interest   National,  regional  or  local  food  and  wine tourism  and  Encompasses  many   elements  of  the  tourism  market Educational tourism has developed in a number Destination   of ways i.e. Student Exchanges – young people Choice  Factors Cultural  Tourism Destination   X Watching  traditional  sporting  events, travel to other country to study and learn moreEducational Tourism Choice  Factors about the culture and language of other people Holidays  motivated  by  Sampling  Local   Produce  or  product,  etc. Taking  part  in  local  leisure  activities Special Interest Holidays – people s main motivation for taking a trip is to learn something new such as cookery classes, gardening – Etc themed cruise to language classes
  4. 4. PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL INTRO RESEARCH PART 1: CAUSE AND EFFECT CURRENT STATUS Communication Retail Shopping Events & Activities‣ Good campaign communication is attractive ‣ Strong support from Retailers nationwide, ‣ Except for a very few, mostly are not relevant to the eye and translates well to BTL, Decor, etc- Media support & in-store / mall activities adds and does not add any real value or attraction to buzz from A&P but of value only to domestic‣ Ads are visually appealing but insufficient as a markets and landed foreign visitors. ‣ Almost all have low value with entertainment, destination pull factor in decision process with production and/or content unable to assist any International and Asian tourists markets ‣ In-store activities need improvement to be an improvement with domestic or foreign travel attraction and pull factor for travel decisions‣ A&P makes good awareness / buzz for local ‣ Events target and reach only a few tourist market and for attracting foreign visitors and ‣ Mall pull factors especially merchandise range segments with nearly none that are appealing tourists already landed to visit malls and is less unique compared to more attractive to leisure and urban entertainment tourism shopping centers, etc competitor offerings - Singapore and Thailand segments CAN BE MORE EFFECTIVE NEEDS IMPROVEMENTS VERY WEAK (IF ANY) ROI