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Predictive Analytics World for Business Germany 2017


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Predictive Analytics World for Business is the leading provider of independent specialized conferences in applied predictive analytics. Users, decision makers and experts in predictive analytics will meet in Berlin in order to discover the latest findings and progress, to exchange among specialists and in person and to be inspired by the success stories.

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Predictive Analytics World for Business Germany 2017

  1. 1. Predictive Analytics World Business 2017 13th – 14th November, Estrel Berlin – The awakening of artificial intelligence
  2. 2. Executive Summary Predictive Analytics World is the leading provider of independent specialised conferences in applied Predictive Analytics. Users, decision-makers and experts in Predictive Analytics will meet in Berlin on 13th -14th November in order to learn about the latest innovations and progress, to exchange views on a skilled and personal level and to be inspired by their successes.
  3. 3. Main Topic for 2017 The awakening of artificial intelligence Just a few years ago “Artificial Intelligence" was considered a fiction from the past. Now AI is awakening from its hibernation thanks to new processors ("GPUs") due to the growing amount of data („Big data") and not least due to advances in the research and application of neural networks („Deep learning"). But something else has changed since the last AI boom in the 1980s and the subsequent AI winter in the 90s: there is a growing demand in the economy and industry. AI is taking over customer communication and control warehousing. It cautions against machine failures and interacts with financial products. It recognizes diseases and identifies fraud cases. The most important tool of AI is the process of machine learning for the prediction of events as well as the evaluation of decisions. In other words: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics. Whoever wants to understand the opportunities, limits and risks of AI has to deal with the concrete methods and applications of Predictive & Prescriptive Modeling. That is exactly what the speakers at Predictive Analytics World Business do: they show how they have mastered complex challenges with Predictive Analytics by using real projects from corporate practice that have benefited their business.
  4. 4. Projects from previous years:
  5. 5. Facts & Figures Predictive Analytics World Berlin 2016:  28 Sessions and Keynotes  Ca. 220 attendees  Running parallel to eMetrics & Conversion Conference:  Worlwide series of events:  Further information:
  6. 6. Satisfaction of attendees (1/3) “For the second time, we participated in the Predictive Analytics World and were once again very impressed by the quality of the presentations. In addition, we were able to win a well-known customer at the Predictive Analytics World, so the participation was worth twice as much for us.” Dr. Michael Allgöwer, Head Competence Center Data Science, b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG
  7. 7. "The Predictive Analytics World has given me a very exciting, very inspiring context for what data will deliver in the future. I was given some very valuable insights in companies that have shown me how they already work with data today. It was a great, inspiring conference for me.“ Dirk Von Gehlen, Head Social Media, Satisfaction of attendees (2/3)
  8. 8. "The DDB serves the data hype in a pleasant way. It is not a nerd conference, but a meeting place for business owners, marketers and developers alike. The mix is unique: customers and service providers, traditional companies and exciting start ups, suggestions for BI, marketing as well as product and business development.“ Christian Gersmeier, Head Strategic Marketing, ProSiebenSat.1 TV Germany Satisfaction of attendees (3/3)
  9. 9. Further opinions „Excellent organisation. Interesting lectures.“ "The lectures were all very good. In particular, the keynotes were very well chosen and represented very interesting, also varied topics at the conference." "Many sessions with very good content, no saleshows by service providers and software providers (contrary to other events). Very open exchange during the Q & A following the sessions and no glorification of results by speakers. Attendees with high professional know-how and thus very good discussions during the breaks."
  10. 10. High proportion of decision-makers 2% 56% 42% Self-employed Employees Decision makers
  11. 11. Professional audience 4% 12% 12% 72% Other Marketing & Sales Business Analytics Data Science
  12. 12. Experts with experience 24% 16% 16% 20% 12% 10 + years 7-10 years 4-6 years 1-3 years < 1 year
  13. 13. Day 1: Smart Customer Experience A good product, low prices and the right promotion are no longer enough to stand up against Amazon & Co. Start-ups are successful, not because they are digital, but because they are customer-centric. They rely on a personalized customer experience - from marketing through sales to service. The tools required for this are by no means restricted to the start-ups. Established businesses can also benefit from Predictive Analytics by increasing revenues, more satisfied customers and lower costs. This is demonstrated by the lectures at the Predictive Analytics World on Day 1.
  14. 14. Day 2: Smart Industry, Economy & Society Our thermostat learns when to switch the heating on and off, the factory knows when to order components, and the traffic lights control the traffic in such a way that there is no traffic jam even at peak times. Sounds like a future? By no means: that is the present. What is already feasible today and will be possible tomorrow in the areas of industry, business and society, will be shown by the speakers on Day 2 at Predictive Analytics World Business.
  15. 15. Classic topics  Churn Prevention & Failure Prediction  Customer Lifetime Value  Fraud detection  Personalization  Recommendation systems  Credit & Risk Scoring  Revenue & Market forecast  Attribution models  Email & Ad-targeting  …
  16. 16. Innovative topics  Internet of Things & Industry 4.0  Stream Mining & Real-time Prediction  Machine ~, Ensemble ~ & Deep Learning  Process ~, Graph ~, Network ~ & Text Mining  Predictive APIs, Apps & Self-Service AI  Model Management & Model Factory  Natural Language Processing & Generation  Smart Devices, Homes, Factories, Cities, Industries, Economies & Societies  …
  17. 17. Presentation formats Keynote: A visionary lecture on a major topic in the area of ​​Predictive Analytics. 45-50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Case Study: Presentation of a concrete application of Predictive Analytics with presentation of the solution in detail and clear statements about the economic success of the project. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A. Deep Dive: Introduction or guidance on technical respectively subject-specific basics and on specific procedures, methods and tools of Predictive Analytics. No pure presentation - instead active discussion with the attendees. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Max. 20 attendees.
  18. 18. We are inviting service providers and product providers to present their services and products to the professional audience in sponsored sessions or sponsored deep dives: Sponsored Session: Presentation of your own product or customer project by means of examples from the customer's practice. 25 minutes plus 5 minutes Q & A. Sponsored Deep Dive: Introduction or guidance on your own product using practical and easy-to-understand examples. No pure presentation - instead, active discussion with the participants and / or the participants can follow the examples on their own computer. 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q & A. Max. 20 participants. Presentation formats for sponsors
  19. 19. Day 1: Smart Customer Experience Day 2: Smart Industry, Economy & Society Track 1: Case Studies (Beginners & Experts) Track 2: Deep Dives (Beginners) Track 3: Deep Dives (Experts) Track 1: Case Studies (Beginners & Experts) Track 2: Deep Dives (Beginners) Track 3: Deep Dives (Experts) Morning Keynote [60 minutes]: How to merge marketing, sales & service with Predictive Analytics to customer experience management Keynote [60 minutes]: From Smart Homes through Smart City to Smart Society - how intelligent systems change our everyday lives and our society Sessions [30 minutes] for Predictive Analytics in the online marketing: - Attribution - Real-time Bidding - Customer Segmentation - Uplift Modeling - Next-Best-Action Modeling - … Session [60 minutes]: Ensemble Learning Session [60 minutes]: Model Factories & Management Sessions [30 minutes] for Predictive Analytics in economy & society: - Credit & risk scoring - Intelligent assistance (like Facebook „M“ or Cortana) - Natural Language Generation - Predictive Policing - … Session [60 minutes]: Predictive Analytics with R Session [60 minutes]: Graph Mining Session [60 minutes]: Deep Learning Session [60 minutes]: IoT & Industry 4.0 Session [60 minutes]: Predictive A. with Scala / Python Session [60 minutes]: Stream Mining Afternoon Keynote [60 minutes]: From e-commerce to smart commerce - why AI- first becomes rule in the online trade Keynote [60 minutes]: From Smart Devices through Smart Factories to the Smart Economy – how Robotics & AI smoothen the transition from mass production to mass customization Sessions [30 minutes] for Predictive Analytics in the e-Commerce: - Churn Prevention - Frau Detection - Recommender Systems - Revenue Prediction - Dynamic Pricing - … Session [60 minutes]: Uplift Modeling Session [60 minutes]: Advanced Deep Learning Sessions [30 minutes] for Predictive Analytics in the industry: - Predictive Maintenance - Route Optimization - Anticipatory Shipping - IoT & Big (Sensor) Data - Process Mining & Optimization - Predictive Replenishment - Demand Forecasting - … Session [60 minutes]: Text Mining Session [60 minutes]: Reinforcement Learning Session [60 minutes]: Process Mining Session [60 minutes]: Prescriptive Analytics Session [60 minutes]: Big Data / Hadoop Session [60 minutes]: Data Design Thinking Self-Service.AI: Pitch Competition for AI-driven SaaS Start-ups (
  20. 20. Tips for a successful abstract  Get attention - with a short and concise title.  The abstract, like a good appetizer, should make you want more: to motivate the visitor to attend your session.  Specify: name the problem, describe the solution, and quantify the benefit.  Give a promise: tell the listener what he can learn and use from your session for his work.
  21. 21. Tips for a successful lecture  No sales pitch. Convince with your project, your person and your expertise.  Be open, honest and concrete: How did you solve the problem? What did not work? How much is the benefit in figures? How did you validate the forecast? Start understandably for everyone and go increasingly into detail for the experts.  Make room and take the time for content-related questions and professional discussions.
  22. 22. 30th June: Submission deadline for abstracts 30th October: Submission of presentations 13th -14th November: PAW Berlin Roadmap
  23. 23. Support PAW!  We are looking for competent speakers on exciting topics. Share our Call for Speakers with your network.  We are looking for cooperation partners for marketing: where and how do we reach potential attendees? Let us know your ideas.
  24. 24. Spread the news! Share the buzz! Predictive Analytics World Deutschland:    Predictive Analytics World International:    Twitter-Hashtag: #pawcon
  25. 25. Martin Szugat Programme Chair Phone +49 176 1019 0176 Email Web Your contact persons: Sandra Finlay Conference Chair Phone +49 8151 5566045 Email Web