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Supporting Sustainability through Digital Technologies

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  1. 1. Supporting SustainabilityThrough Digital Technologies Josh Hoole Circuit Rider Development Manager, Communities 2.0 Mark Smith Public Engagement Officer, Communities 2.0
  2. 2. What we’ll cover• SMS Poll• Reality Check• Technology and Sustainability• The Online Office• Social Media for Marketing• Q&A• Hands On Interactive Surgery
  3. 3. Your Organisation – Reality check• What’s your organisations’ attitude to technology?• What is your leadership role?• Who will drive any changes?• Who will implement any changes?• What support will you need?
  4. 4. Technology hasTwo Simple Aims 1) Do things better 2) Do better things
  5. 5. Issues for Our Sector• REDUCE COSTS AT ALL COST!• £83bn cuts in Public Spending• Big Society increasing expectation and role for voluntary & community action• Make do & mend culture• Government & other providers moving services online, e.g. Student Loans, Universal Benefits, Charity Commission, Big Lottery• More efficient & cost-effective to digitise services
  6. 6. Technology and Sustainability• Not Green IT• Business Sustainability • Efficiency • Effectiveness • Reduced Cost
  7. 7. Why Use Technology? • No cost or low cost • Fast • Saves time • Access from anywhere anytime • Reach a wider audience • Reach a more targeted audience
  8. 8. Top Tech Tools – CommunicatingVideo Conferencing • ooVoo – free online video conferencing • Skype – free video chat
  9. 9. Top Tech Tools – CommunicatingVideo Conferencing Scenario• 2hour Cost Time meeting in Skype Free Instant Llandrindod Wells ooVoo Free Instant £54 3 hrsTravel Travel 45p per mile + staff time hourly rate
  10. 10. Top Tech Tools – CommunicatingCommunicate with members / clients / donors • Twitter – short, targeted & regular messages to followers • Facebook – multimedia information direct to supporters
  11. 11. Top Tech Tools – CommunicatingCommunicate with members / clients / donors Cost for Cost for 10 Cost for• Promoting users 10,000 users updates your new campaign / Twitter & Free Free Free Facebook event £300+ £1 + Design Design time, time, printing £1 - £300 Printing printing lead lead time, for other Flyers time, postage, costs postage, envelopes envelopes
  12. 12. Top Tech Tools – SavingSharing Stuff / Remote Access • DropBox – shared & synchronised file storage
  13. 13. Top Tech Tools – SavingSharing Stuff / Remote Access• Small office Cost 2GB Cost 50GB server set up DropBox Free £79 p.a. Small £800 + set up and £800 + set up Business on costs and on costs Server
  14. 14. Top Tech Tools - SavingOffice Set Up • Google Docs – share and collaborate on documents online • Google Apps – move your whole office online
  15. 15. Top Tech Tools - SavingOffice Set Up• Small office Cost for 10 users Cost for 10+ starter set up Google Apps Free £33p.p.p.a £850 + set up Business £850 + set up and and on costs + Exchange on costs + £50 for £5 p.p for MS Server MS Office Office
  16. 16. Improve Your Online Presence - Why1. Your website is 1 in 270m2. Communicate efficiently to and with your service users/members/customers online3. Reach more people by ‘going to where they are’4. Drive relevant traffic to your website5. Increase number of members/followers/enquiries/sales
  17. 17. Social Media in the UK
  18. 18. One Simple Aim Mobilise the right people to take the right action at the right time
  19. 19. Social media for marketing
  20. 20. Plan Your Use of Online Media1. Aligned to your business plan2. Knowledge of your audience3. Clear goals and measurements4. Great stories & lightweight media5. Integration
  21. 21. Integrate Your EffortsShare This andFind Us On
  22. 22. Also think about…• What should your online presence achieve?• What information is most important?• Who is your audience and where are they?• What are competitors / similar organisations doing?
  23. 23. Brand It All Up St David’s Penknife Club - Local Fundraisers
  24. 24. Measure, Measure, MeasureMeaningful Metrics• Set realistic goals Metric Measurement and a Measurement Grow Supporters List # Newsletter subs,• Create a Metrics RSS Subscribers spreadsheet Increase Blog Average #• Gather, analyse, act comments comments/posts – perpetual loop Visitors to stay longer Stick rate, average on site time on site Increase action # petition signatures
  25. 25. Any Questions?
  26. 26. www.clickconnectdiscover.org @Communities2_0 @jho3446 @MarkSmithC200845 474 8282