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I have found this event in internet, seems interesting so I am sharing it for mutual benefits.


• Prioritising asset integrity activities at a time of softening oil prices

• Next generation inspection and maintenance methods and strategies for more efficient and safer production

• Case studies focusing upon asset life span extension

• Corrosion and erosion detection and treatment strategies

• Risk mitigation and management through analysis and performance indicators

• Back to the Future of Asset Management

For More details please contact Roland Muller - Project Director
TEL :+420 228 882 141
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  1. 1. Developing robust asset integrity practices to improve efficiency and extend the life-cycle of new and ageing assets globally Conference steering committee and speakers: Organised By:Media Parnters: , U.K. TBC , Norway , , Norway Norway, , Spain , Netherlands , Netherlands , Austria Barun Roy Siemens, Austria Project Engg. Manager Jeffrey Samuelsen TBC Schlumberger, HSE NOR General Manager Global Oil & Gas sset ntegrity, Maintenance & Inspection Management Summit whilst preventing major incidents International Conference Days: 28 - 29 April 2016 Berlin Germany 420 228 882 141 , U.K. Attend this conference to: • Ensure correct design, construction and operation of the whole life-cycle of the asset through case study presentations to minimise costs of remedial work and equipment replacement • Learn the importance of incorporating asset management (ISO 55001) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) in Asset Integrity Management (AIM) for greater plant safety and optimisation • Consider the latest RBI, corrosion, coatings, In-line Inspection (ILI) and NDT technologies and innovations to protect and extend the life-cycle of the assets • Upgrade inspection and turnaround planning through value added methodologies to support the decision making process over the life-cycle of the asset • Develop, optimise and manage effective maintenance programmes for new and in-service assets based on risk and cost-benefit principles to enhance production of assets Albert Hogewoning Bayards Group, Netherlands Technical Director Lowering Weight and OPEX by choosing Aluminium for Offshore structures.• benchmarking the best practices in Asset Integrity & Inspection Management Business Networking Dinner 28th April 2016 19:30 - 22:00
  2. 2. trainings and summits in the energy sector. With our unparalled expertise in the energy sector, we deliver contend-led energy forum creating the platform for exchange of practical knowledge. We have maintained the highest standard of quality and service in research, development and delivery of cutting-edge practical information based forums and at the same time, creating the right platform for top industry leaders and decision makers to network and benchmark. We focus on knowledge exchange and expansion, networking and benchmarking but most importantly maximizing deal-making opportunities for all our clients. Dear Colleague, Building on the success of the global AIM series of events, Asset Integrity Management comes to Berlin! This edition will draw upon 6 years of research with the global asset management community and reflect on the expertise in this field. With more than 70% of the today’s oil production coming from fields older than 10 years, oil and gas operators are now engaging in new price- responsive strategies to react accordingly to the low oil price environment, and, the big push is on the optimisation of existing assets. In Norway many of these operating companies are looking at ways to re-evaluate maintenance, inspection and turnaround practices to optimise plant efficiency. In light of this the Asset Integrity Management Berlin conference will cover strategies to successfully plan, initialise and implement high-level inspection, maintenance and integrity assurance framework to deliver, support and maintain asset capabilities to ensure it is safe, cost effective and reliable for operation. Based on extensive research with experts in Europe this edition aims to cover robust integrity practices to improve asset efficiency and extend the life-cycle through interactive roundtable discussions, Q & A sessions, panel discussions and industry-specific case studies on the latest initiatives taken by operators. It will create a meeting point for asset integrity professionals worldwide to share their best practices and benchmark them. With presentations from both upstream and downstream sectors, this conference has been designed to make your time out of the office completely beneficial. Taking part in the Global Oil & Gas Asset Integrity, Maintenance & Inspection Management Summit providing much more than just simply presentation sessions. Delegates are invited to participate and talk about their unique experiences, challenges and projects via various interactive and discussion led sessions included into the program. Get involved and share your sights on the current market trends and challenges in the sector I look forward to seeing you at the Asset Integrity Management Berlin Summit this April ! Kind regards, Amit Kulkarni Senior Conference Manager Zenith-Energie Europe For more information or to register – Tel: + 420 228 882 141 Email: Who Should Attend? The Asset Integrity Management Berlin conference is designed for integrity, safety, maintenance and inspection professionals, and those responsible for making decisions related to ensuring safer operations and sustainable production. Director, Chief, Manager, Head, Engineer and Inspector of: • Asset Integrity • Inspection & Corrosion • Production & Operations • Process Safety • Design • Pipeline • Maintenance & Reliability • SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality) • Safety Engineering & Loss Prevention Meet our Sponsors: Zenith Energie is a premiere provider of events, conferences, webinars, exhibitions, professional Reasearched and developed by: Conference Overview Bayards is one of the world's leading aluminium construction companies. Our company is active in many different industries and many different projects. From different aluminium structures and products for the transport industry, to architectural and infrastructural projects. From the engineering and production of structures for the Offshore industry, to collaborating with multiple research institutes and high- tech companies in finding advanced aluminium solutions. Bayards is a global specialist in developing high quality aluminium products. In combining innovative design, expertise, craftsmanship, state-of-the-art production technology and R&D, we serve our high-end customers in their challenging projects. Binary Semantics is Offshore Software Development, Business Analytics company offering IT services, Consulting services and Knowledge services across several industry segments such as Automobiles, Manufacturing, FMCG, Technology, Insurance, Travel, Hospitality and B2B Publishing. Our global operations spread across USA, Canada, Europe and India have won over 150 satisfied customers. We leverage our strong technology expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop customized solutions and services to fit your needs. Presenters are hand-picked and identified through extensive market research Our distinguished speakers comprise of the world’s foremost strategists, crème de la crème industry leaders, CEOs of global companies, industry gurus, as well as thought leaders and trend setters.
  3. 3. the Chairman 10 Achieving More for Less: Effective Engineering Safety Management as a Basis for Optimising AIM the Lowering Weight and OPEX by choosing Aluminium for Offshore structures. Dr. Albert Hogewoning Bayards Group Technical Director 6 2 How to implement an Asset Integrity Management System. Criticality Ranking and Inspection Planning - Integration of Corrosion Loops in the inspection process - Integration of Integrity Operating Windows into the Corrosion Control and Monitoring System -Resource Benchmarking and planning Barun Roy Siemens Project Engg. Manager Effective Process Safety Management a Basis for Optimized Asset Integrity Management , MAINTENANCE o
  4. 4. man 5 The Aker Solutions presentation will ask why we keep doing the same kind of inspection and maintenance activities, expecting a different result. Relatively simple methods for improving integrity management effectiveness will be suggested, with examples given at equipment, system and plant level: Focus on reducing the number and scope of maintenance and inspection tasks Work to replace hands-on maintenance and inspection with condition monitoring Refine the remaining maintenance and inspection tasks to be more effective -Revealing integrity status, progress of work and relevant information A systems approach to corrosion management Effective application of Fitness-For-Service and failure risk analyses -Integrated systems model for pipeline integrity management -Best Practices, Case Studies and Lessons Learned Beyond Budgeting - management innovation for new business and people realities - The Statoil implementation journey - The problems with traditional management, including budgeting - The Beyond Budgeting principles and companies on the journey - Statoil's "Ambition to Action" model; - Redefining performance - dynamic and relative targets and a holistic performance evaluation - Dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets - From calendar-driven to event-driven; a more self-regulating management model - Implementation experiences and advice "Are we insane?" Jeffrey Samuelsen TBC Schlumberger HSE NOR General Manager , MAINTENANCE o
  5. 5. What are the benefits of attending the summit • Address your specific challenges through a series of theoretical and practical exercises, led by a recognised expert in the field • Learn substantial information on a particular topic within a short period of time – the facilitator will already have sifted and selected the information presented from a wide variety of sources and the small group size will enable you to get your questions answered • Gather with like-minded delegates to discuss your shared challenges, exchange ideas and solutions and benchmark your competitors or project partners A GLIMPSE OF OUR ASSET INTEGRITY SERIES IN GERMANY For more information or to register – Tel: + 420 228 882 141 Email: Do you have a product or service that our senior decision-makers and influencers need? The Global Asset Integrity Management conference offers you the perfect platform to showcase your solution to your target market and meet and network with senior-level decision makers who are leading the way in the industry We specialise in providing business development, marketing and sales solutions that are tailored to specifically deliver on your business objectives. We pay patient attention to what our exhibition and sponsorship customers want, expect, need and value. Every sponsor wants to create customers, develop qualified sales leads, convert leads into sales and retain customers. Our tailored sponsorship packages help you to achieve these objectives. If you would like more information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities or to discuss which package will best help you achieve your objectives, please contact Roland Muller on +420 228 882 141 or email SOME OF PAST ASSET INTEGRITY CONFERENCE ATTENDEES & SPONSORS Because we know that each sponsor has a different message, business development goal and branding objectives, each sponsorship package is tailored to your corporate strategies. Though most sponsorship offers multiple levels and types of exposure, there are a few main ways for you to highlight your corporate strengths: Additionally Zenith-Energie International offers a selection of sponsorship opportunities that enables our clients to increase their opportunity to develop new relationships during our events, including one-to-one meetings with clients to understand their challenges, requirements and opportunities 1. Thought Leadership As a sponsor at the Asset Integrity Management Berlin conference, your company will gain second-to-none exposure to senior-level decision makers at the point in time that they are seeking solutions, information and systems for improving their firm’s strategies. For a select few sponsors, you can build your reputation as a market leader through subject-specific presentations, workshops and focus days. This highly selective sponsorship allows your firm to establish tremendous capability and expertise in your specialty as well as highlight successful work completed with your clients. 2. Premium Branding We bring together buyers and suppliers for collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing. Branding is often a major initiative for our clients who are seeking to get the message out about their offerings. Build your company’s brand and visibility in front of senior decision-makers in order to get shortlisted. As a sponsor, your company branding will appear alongside the global leaders associated with best practices in this field. Our dedicated marketing team will help you achieve your promotional aims in the months leading up to the conference. Zenith-Energie leverages multiple marketing channels including online, direct mail, email, press releases, media partnerships and social media to publicise the event and increase awareness about your participation to our extensive database, as well as through our network of partners. 3. Featured Networking Events / Face Time Networking and information sharing are two major aspects of our conferences and Zenith-Energie International builds in many opportunities for sponsors to benefit from meeting industry leaders. Focused and high-level, our events will provide you with the perfect environment to initiate new business relationships, identify upcoming opportunities and achieve face-to-face contact that overcrowded tradeshows can not deliver. The exhibition area is designed to be the heart of the event – a place to network and share strategies with key decision makers. Sponsorship opportunities range from exhibition stands to sponsored lunches, cocktail receptions, gala dinners and a host of other branding opportunities. Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities
  6. 6. o 7 204 904 228 882 141 228 882 141 : 227 204 904 T