Know Your Muslce Groups For A More Effective Body Building Workout


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Know Your Muslce Groups For A More Effective Body Building Workout

  1. 1. Body Building Anatomy
  2. 2. Understanding the muscle groups is vital when settinggoals and helps develop focus when you train. Here in this article we take a look at the key muscle groups you will need to know and focus on for a more effective workout plan.
  3. 3. The neck muscle-In your neck there are the upper trapezius which travels down the back of your neck andthe levator scapulae runs which travels alongside the firstfive to six vertebrae in your neck. These are the only twosimple muscles you need to consider in your neck region.
  4. 4. Trapezius- Known as the traps and travels down along your back from the nape of your neck to the waist on both sides of your spine.
  5. 5. Shoulders- In the front part of your shoulders lies the anterior deltoids whilst down the side of your shouldersrun the middle deltoids. Travelling down the back part ofyour shoulders are the posterior deltoid muscles and just below the anterior deltoids running from the armpit outwards you can find your rotator cuffs.
  6. 6. Chest-Known as the pectoral muscles.
  7. 7. Arms- As well as your biceps, the muscles located on theinside of your arm, you can find the triceps running downthe side. These run from the shoulder down to the elbow.You can also see distinct muscles in your forearm as well.
  8. 8. Your arms contain two of probably the most well-known muscles, the biceps and triceps. The biceps are found on the inside of your arms and your triceps travel down theside of your arms running from the shoulder down to your elbow.
  9. 9. Stomach muscles- The abdominals are shorted to abswhich is where you will build your 6 or 8 pack stomach muscles.
  10. 10. Leg muscles-Here there are three distinct muscle areas; the quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles. The quadriceps or thigh muscles are located on the front ofyour thigh and the hamstring muscle is on the back of yourthigh. The calf muscles are below your knee at the back of your leg.
  11. 11. Other Muscles-The above groups are key in understanding where and what the muscles are but there are other important muscles to take note of. They are the buttock muscles or glutes, the lower trapezius in the lower backand the latisimus dorsi or "lats" located in the upper back.
  12. 12. Knowing your body building anatomy can increase workout productivity as you become more aware of the muscles as you train. This developed focus will greatly help achieve your goals and improve motivation. A littleresearch on your body goes a long way, so take some time, get a mirror and have a look at them and become a more aware and mentally prepared body builder.
  13. 13.