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Presentación sobre las diferentes fiestas británicas, realizadas por mis alumnos de quinto durante el proyecto.

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  1. 1. FLOWERS The flowers give is: -Lilas -Roses -Iris -Orchior -Carnation -Tulip CHURCH The mother visited -Mother church - Abadia Westmister -Bartolome Creat PRESENTS The child give present to the mother -Cards -Flowers -Cake The simnel cake is the tradicional cake of mothers day MOTHERING SUNDAY
  2. 2. BRITISH CELEBRATION At United Kingdom the carnival Tuesday it’s known as Pancake’s Day or Shrove Tuesday because the ancient tradicion it’s to eat Pancake’s because, they are easy to make and they can also put toppings. They cook-it in a frying pan. They make pancake’s races INTERNATIONAL COOKING In Island they eat a lot of meat and peas. At Lituany people eat pancake’s and donuts. At Sweden they eat a thype of cake called semla. In Finland,they eat pea soup and a thype sweet bread. TRADICIONS Pancake’s are also tradicionals in Christian festivities at Ucraine and Russia. Tuesday of carnival is one day of February before ash Wednesday. Since 1950 the village of Liberal,Kansas and Olney celebrate the race International Crepe’s Day tradicionally the three village competite.
  3. 3. Fish and chips Veal Wellington Shepherd ´s pie He borns in turkey He was a roman soldier He kills a dragon It isn’t big celebration Celebrate feir or parties Rose in the lapel
  4. 4. Twelfth night : 1. Willian Shakespeare writes a comedy abaut twelfth night ,was write in 1599 – 1601 in Lliria. 2.Wassail it is a popular drink whith various spices and sometimes honey. 3.If you don’t remember put down the decoration you will have bad luck.
  5. 5. APRIL FOOL´ SDAY 1. JOKES The BBC invents a story about fliying penguins. 2.DEFINITION April fool´s is a festive dedicated at the jokes, celebrated at the 1st day April It finishes at 12:00 of the night. 3.ORIGINS The name “fish” , that it is say to the victim is relacionated with Napoleon. 4.OUR OPINION Our opnion is that April Fool’s is a funny festive,but comercial too.
  6. 6. MEDIEVAL TRADICION: ORIGEN AND TRADICIONS In England this date is the same for saying football This day is tradicionaly used for teams play a especial journey sporting competicion,sueh as rugby… Boxing Day mark he start a christmas loaded prep football. ETIMOLOGI: In boxing day they make gifts to poor people. In the past christmas baskets with Food and fruits to their bondage.
  7. 7. Begin the fourth sundays after christmas. The duration of Advent Are 22 or 28 days. Principal decoration is the crown of Advent Symbolize the four sundays of Advent . Consist in collect green branchs and in any . The crown has four candles locate. Non –religious , make Advent calendars. Open the windows there are chocolate
  8. 8. WHEN: Midsummer is celebrated on 24th of June. MONUMENTS: STONEHENGE: Midsummer is celebrate in centre of Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire,England. WORKS: A play wrhitten by Shakespeare Midsummer time. “ NIGHTS DREAM “ ACTIVITIES : Supersticions: If a young girl pik a rose and repeat a especific ritme,its said that their true love will visit them
  9. 9. THE FLAG CELEBRATE ST.ANDREW The people dance,read poems,listen music and activities. TIPIC PLATE Is haggis. Saltire Its made with:Sheep organ, DAY WHAT AND WHERE The day of st.Andrew is the 30 of November.Is celebrate in Scotland. WHO IS ST.ANDREW St.Andrew is fisherman,is the brother of Pedro and is the first of the twelve apostles
  10. 10. This is Queen's in her 90th birthday Trooping the colour Trooping the colour is the name of the parade. Celebrate in London because its Queen s birthday. Queen s birthday is an oficial festivity. In the parade there are 1.400 men,200 horses, 400 musicians. They walk around London Queen grieta citycen Born Elizabeth 2 was born the 21 st of april on 1926. She is the only person in the world has got two birthdays. Two birthdays Elizabeth second has got two birthdays the 21 st of april and the second Saturday of june.
  11. 11. NEW YEAR COSTUMS They congratulate withy hug and kises. The first bell open the new year When Big Ben chimes midnigth, sing the traditional song “ AULD LONG SYNE” SUPERSTITION The first man give good lucky. Is dark hair and skin and gives lukier. Has bring coal bread and a bottle of Whisky. CURIOSITIES 250.000 people along the river Thames the fireworks . ACTIVITIES Parades
  12. 12. 1)In spain we know S.V. In japan tanabata . In china Qi Qiao Jie. In maxico friedship day. In puerto rico friedship day. 2)In 1842, Esther A began selling the first mass postcard Valentine´s, known as “valentines”with symbols like heart shape or Cupido. Also on this day is common tradition of giving roses to those people who a special affection. 3)Saint Valentine does´nt celebrate on 14th of February in some contruies. In colombia is celebrate in Setember. In U.K and Canada is tradition send love letters. S.Valentine produce 8.000.000 of sweets each year. 4)S.Valentine is a priest of centuary III. He practis in Roma, Govern. Claudio II or bid celebrate mariages, to yougns because in his opinion inglis whith out familiers better soldie.