Dominate paola galvisss


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Dominate paola galvisss

  1. 1. Paola Galvis..
  2. 2. Players: from three to five. Elements: game of double six (28cards).The dominoes is a game of 28 cards that represent 21combinations of two dice, more 7 combinations of 0 with ititself and with in view of.
  3. 3.  The cards are rectangles; a side is black and other one is divided in two exactly equal boxes, each of which presents the face of in view of stamped on he, by means of black points on white bottom (or upside-down). This alternation between the white and the black seems to be the one that gives name to the game, since I dominate, in Frenchman, answers to the habit of the priest in winter: black externally, white within.
  4. 4.  Joining ends with the same number, to be the first one in singing " it dominated! ".
  5. 5.  the cards place mouth below and one proceeds to shuffle them. To determine the number of cards that correspond to every player, there is reduced the number of players of 8. Every player takes of the heap the corresponding number of cards and places them of foot, in row, so that only the own player could see them.
  6. 6.  Theplayer with the highest double it places on the table mouth arrives. The second player places a card perpendicularly to the double. The number of the end of the card must be the same that that of the double. The following player can choose one of two ends opened of the row that has had the premiere of cards of dominoes. Always it is necessary to join one of the free ends with a card of the same stick.
  7. 7.  The shift implies the only issue and is happening from player in player following the direction of the needles of the clock. If a player does not possess any card that corresponds with one of the numbers of the ends of the table it must take cards of the heap until it could throw. In the heap always a card must stay mouth below (if more than two players play) or two cards (if two players take part). When the player without combination cannot resort to the heap, it must say " I happen! " And the following player obtains the shift.
  8. 8.  There wins the first player who has got away himself from all his cards. He sings " it dominated! " And it gains the hand. If it does not come near to this conclusion, the game ends when nobody can realize any movement, that is to say, nobody can throw any card. After annotating the punctuation of the round, the cards place mouth below, fight and it begins a new hand. The loser begins the following item.
  9. 9.  When a player sings dominoes, others add the points of the cards that still have in his hands The total constitutes the punctuation of the winner. If the game is closed because nobody can move, the players add the points of the cards that they possess It gains the lowest punctuation. The winner does it for the difference between his punctuation and that of other players.
  10. 10.  For example, if three players puntúan 15, 19 and 22, it gains 15 and his punctuation is the following one: 4 (19-15) + 7 (22-15) = 11. The first player who obtains 50 or 100 points (as it is established) gains the game.
  11. 11.  Is better to reserve for a more advanced moment of the item the cards that give major options of game. If one possesses four or more cards that end in the same number it is a good strategy to try that both ends of the chain finish in this number (the opponents difficultly will have options to throw).
  12. 12.  Toforce to take cards to the opposite ones means that they will have more cards with which to part to reach the dominoes. Following this line, and with little luck, the heap will have remained closed when the shift came to the player and probably it will lose the shift, but it will not increase his capital in cards.