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How to Catalog Newspaper


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Published in: Technology, Education
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How to Catalog Newspaper

  1. 1. Series Area• Contents:12.6A Preliminary rule12.6B Series statements
  2. 2. 12.6A. Preliminary rule• 12.6A1. punctuationFor instructions on the use of spaces before and after prescribed punctuation• precede this area by a full stop, space dash, space.• Enclose each series in parenthesis.• Precede each parallel title by an equal sign
  3. 3. • Precede other title information colon.• Precede the first statement of responsibility by a diagonal slash.• Precede each subsequent statement of responsibility by a semicolon.• Precede the ISSN of a series or subseries by a comma.
  4. 4. • Enclose a date following a numeric and/ or alphabetic designation in parentheses .• Precede the title of a subseries or the designation for a subseries, by a full stop.• Precede the title of a subseries following a designation for the subseries by a comma.
  5. 5. 12.6B. Series statements• 12.6B1. record each series statements as instructed , for serials , do not give series numbering if each issue or part is separately numbered within the series.( Acta universitatis stockholmiensis)( H.C )( Quellenwerke der Schweiz= Statistiques de la suisse)
  6. 6. ( Public Health Service Publication; no. 1124) ( Bulletin of Iowa Highway Research Board) ( Iowastate University bulletin)( West Virginia University bulletin. EngineeringExperiment Station bulletin, ISSN 0083-864)
  7. 7. Note area• Contents: 12.7A preliminary rule12.7 B notes
  8. 8. 12.7A preliminary rule• 12.7A1.• Precede each note by a full stop, space , dash, space, or start a new paragraph for each.• Separate introductory wording from the main content of a note by a colon followed but not preceded by a space.
  9. 9. 12.7A2• In making notes, follow the instruction in 1.7A.In referring for another bibliographic resources, use the title or name title under which that resource is entered or would be entered. If this is not possible, use the title proper and statement of responsibility of the resource.If it is known that the note does not apply to all issues or parts or a sereial or to all iterations of an integrating resource, add appropriate numbering or publication dates.