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capabilities and characteristic

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Report in processing

  1. 1. Capabilities and characteristic of hardware and software --- PROCESSING Prepared by: Aizel C. Paquia III-BLIS
  2. 2. PROCESSING• The term software refers to the instruction that control the operation of the computer hardware it has three major functions:
  3. 3. • 1. it allows the effective application of hardware to problem solving• 2.It allows efficient management of computer resource• 3. it Is the inheritance between he user or organization and its stored information
  4. 4. Types of software• System software• Application software
  5. 5. Application software in one of three ways• Individual programs: have a single purpose and a single function• Integrated packages: combine a range if key software types. Such as word processing , spreadsheet….• Software suites: combine a range of individual packages into a system that integrates the features from all packages but sill provide full functionality in each application
  6. 6. System software• This allows the user to interact with the computer and the peripherals that plug into it
  7. 7. Components of system sofware• 1. ram: contains a permanent instruction• 2. device drivers: are programs that allows communication between the cpu and peripheral devices such as the mouse and the printer.• 3.Operating system: are the collection of programs that perform and manage the function of the computer.
  8. 8. Application software
  9. 9. • Word processors: the most and widely used software
  10. 10. • Spreadsheet: allows you to organized numeric data on a worksheet or spreadsheet.
  11. 11. • Database management software: is a collection of structured data in which records related to a certain entity such as person, book or item of stock.
  12. 12. Database management structure• Relational database: data is viewed as a collection of linked tables. They are linked through unique key that is commom to all of them.
  13. 13. Network model: this structure is very similar to hierarchical model except the possible for lower level to more than one parent level.
  14. 14. • Object oriented: this structure is s multi media approach in which the user navigates through the data stored by clicking on objects.
  15. 15. Desktop publishing ( DTP)• Allows the user to produce complete publication using computer hardware and software.
  16. 16. Graphic software: painting, drawing, and photo editing• Painting software: is generally used to create manually drawn bi mapped graphics which are formed by series of dots called pixels.• Drawing programs: allows free hand drawing and object manipulation• Photo editing: allows image manipulation at very sophisticated level
  17. 17. CAD/CAMComputer aided design is now common place in many architectural, mapping, mechanical, and engineering organization. It is used in highly technical graphic drawing
  18. 18. Presentation graphic• Software that has been around for more than a decade demand from the business community promoted its development and use. it helps us efficiently of organized the information and effectively communicate with others.
  19. 19. Personal information managers PIM• Is one of the newest and fastest growing software areas it integrates all the features of hand written diary or organizer as well as man automated information management tools into a system that promises to organize every part of your life.
  20. 20. Groupware• Enables work related task to be coordinated throughout a network as way as increasing team productivity
  21. 21. Project management• Project management involves planning organizing directing, controlling resources (such as equipment and people) to meet objective by set of date within the budget
  22. 22. Multi media authoring tools• Combines a range of media ( data types) including sound, graphics, text, animation, and video into an east friendly environment.
  23. 23. communications• electronic mail, or e mail as it commonly called, involves the communication of data over a network.
  24. 24. Web browser• A web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.
  25. 25. Web development software• One of the growth publishing areas in web publishing. Many organization are now in the internet or are in the process of doing so. This is becoming a very important communication medium for many organization.
  26. 26. Programming language environment• Underlying software is a programming language. Programming languages send messages to the CPU as each action is required. However they can be used in independently of the software.
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