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Capabilities and characteristic of software processing


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Capabilities and characteristic of software processing

  1. 1. Capabilities and characteristic of software__ processing
  2. 2. processing• The term software refers to the instruction that control operations of the computer hardware. It has tree major functions:
  3. 3. • 1. it allows the effective application of hardware to solve the problem.• 2. it allows efficient management of computer resources.• 3. it is the interface between the users or organization and its stored information.
  4. 4. Two main types of software• 1. system software• 2. application software
  5. 5. Application software• Individual programs: have a single purpose or single function• integrated package : combine a range of key software types, such as word processing , spread sheet , database and drawing.• Software suites: combine the range of individual package into a system that integrates features from all the packages but still provides full functionality in each application.
  6. 6. System software• This allows the user to interact with the computer and the peripherals that ‘’plug into.’’
  7. 7. Three main components of system software• ROM• DEVICE DRIVERS• OPERATING SYSTEM
  8. 8. ROM• Contains a