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Moving Machine & Accident Prevention


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Moving Machine & Accident Prevention

  1. 1. RAJASHREE POLYFIL (A Division of Century Enka Ltd.) Safety Bulletin Issue : 23 Month : April -15 SAFETY WHILE WORKING WITH MOVING MACHINERIES G*mn[ bil) mS)ni[> k[ siY kim krt[ smy s&rxi frt) mS)ni[ siY[ kim krvin) s&r(xt pÜ(t Major Reason of Accident While Working with Moving Machinery 1. Long Hair (l>b[ bil / li>b& biL) 2. Loose Clothing (l*j kpD[ phnni / l*j kipD ph[rv&>) 3. Jewellery (¶v[lr) phnni / ¶v[lr) ph[rv&>) HSE / RAJASHREE POLYFIL / APR-15/23 kB) B) Sip ½li[r pr Q)l[ kpD[ n phn[> Sip fli[r upr Q)li[ vA#ii[ n ph[ri[.> Sip fli[r pr kim k[ smy Q)l) ¶v[lr) n phn[> Sip fli[r upr kim ni smy[ Q)l) jv[lr) n ph[ri[
  2. 2. 4. Absent minded ((dmik yi mn ki kim pr n hi[ni / (dmik /mn ni kim upr n rh[v&>) 5. Overconfidence (a(t (vÅvis / a(t (vÅvis) 6. Not adherence with Lockout/Tagout (Electrical Isolation) during maintenance or cleaning m]>(Tn[>s k[ smy (vjl) ki[ p*N<$p[N alg n krni / lik-aiuT T]g-aiuT ki piln n krni m]>(Tn[>s kim dr(main (vjl) n[ p*N<$p[N alg n krv& / lik-aiuT T]g-aiuT ni piln n krv& 7. Working with Unguarded parts of moving machinery (vni giD< vil) G*mn[ vil) mS)n m[ kim krni {vgr giD< n) frt) mS)n siY[ kim krv&>} s&rxi k[ (ly[ (kyi gyi aipki pRy[k pyis aipki[, aipk[ p(rvir, smij tYi p*r[ d[S ki[ K&Shil) d[gi. HSE / RAJASHREE POLYFIL / APR-15/23 kim k[ smy mn ki[ kB) B) kim s[ BTkn[ n d[> kim dr(myin mn n[ kim Y) Btkvi n di[. E[si si[ckrkimnkr[> (k “m]> ti[ 20sils[ yh) kimkrrhi h*> ai]r E[si h) krrhi h* m&z[ ti[ k&Cnh)> hi[gi” mS)ni[ m[ m[>(Tn[>s k[ smy yi sfie< k[ dr(main (vjl) k[ tiri[> ki[ alg kr[> tYi vk< pr(mT / lik-aiuT / T]g-aiuT ki axrS: piln kr[>
  3. 3. G*mn[ vil) mS)n[> ke< trh s[ hi(n ph&>ci skt) h]> : • G*mn[ vil[ Big s[ Tkrin[ aYvi unk[ (ks) Big k[ acink bihr ain[/f[>k[ jin[ s[ ci[>T ki lgni. • Sr)r k[ (ks) B) Big ki G*mt[ h&y[ ri[lr , b[ÃT aYvi p&l) k[ B)tr ai jini. • Firdir (knir[, n&k)l[ Big ai(d s[ cmD) ki kT jini yi C[d hi[ jini, K&rdr[ Bigi[> s[ GP<N yi (Cl jini • (kºh) di[ G*mn[ bil[ Bigi[> k[ b)c Sr)r k[ (ks) a>g ki ai jini, (ps jini, kT jini eRyi(d. • mS)n k[ siY j&D[ Bip, gm)< ai(d s[ jl jini, (bjl) ki zTki lgni ai(d. • y(d mS)n q)k n hi[ aYvi aipr[Tr (AkÃD {dx} n hi[ ti[ B) d&G<Tni hi[ skt) h]. ±yi kr[> ? mS)n cil* krn[ s[ phl[ : Jb aip mS)n cil* krt[ h]> usk[ phl[ uss[ j&D) (rAk ki[ m]n[j krn[ k[ vir[ m[> si[c[>, j]s[ : • c[k kr[> (k mS)n k[ G*mn[ bil[ Big m[ giD< sh) tr)k[ s[ lgi h] tYi aµC) (AY(t m[ h]. • G*mn[ vil) mS)ni[ k[ m]>(Tn[>s k[ smy s&rxi vk< pr(mT ki axrS: piln kr[>. • mS)n k[ E[s[ Big (jnk[ Krib hi[ jin[ yi sD jin[ s[ ci[T lgn[ aYvi d&G<Tni k) (rAk vQ jit) h], uºh[> smy-smy pr c[k krt[ rh[> tYi unki aivÅyktin&sir m]>(Tn[>s krt[ rh[>. • Jic kr[> k) mS)n apn[ n)v pr mjb*t) k[ siY s>l³n h]. • G*mn[ vil) mS)ni[> m[ aYvi unk[ ais-pis kim krt[ smy Q)l[ vA#i, gl[ m[ lTkt) vAt&y[>, GD), a>g*q) ai(d n phn[> • mS)ni[ s[ aYvi unk[ (ks) B) Big s[ riAti b>d n kr[> ji‡c kr[> tYi (vAvAY kr[> (k mS)n : • simiºy kim k[ di]rin, m]>(Tn[>s k[ smy, sfie< k[ smy aYvi ti[ Krib) k[ smy B) mS)n p*r) trh s&r(xt h] tYi kim k[ smy ci[>T lgn[ yi d&G<Tni hi[n[ ki[ ki[e< Dr nh)>. • mS)n k) sfie<, EDjATm[>T tYi ¾lik[j (nkiln[ ai(d s[ p*v< mS)n (Avc aif kr d) ge< h], (vjl) k[ tir alg kr (dy[ gy[ h]> tYi el[(kT^k T]g lgi (dyi gyi h]. (nÀn s[ j&D) (rAk ki[ B) phcin[ tYi (vAvAY kr[> (k vh m]n[¶D h] : • (vjl), hvi aYvi pin) k) S(kt / Uji< , ji[ mS)n s[ s>l³n h]. • glt tr)k[ s[ (Djien (ky[ gy[ s&rxi upkrNi[> k) s>l³nti. d&G<Tni ri[k-Yim k[ upiy : • Jhi tk s>Bv hi[ upy&±t (f±s giD< ki h) upyi[g kr[> {j]s[ - ji[ giD< nT-bi[ÃT s[ ks[ gy[ hi[>}. sh) mT[(ryl ki eAt[mil kr[>. y(d jil)/m[S ki upyi[g krni hi[ ti[ jil) k[ C[d etn[ Ci[T[ hi[n[ ci(hy[ ti(k u>gl) a>dr n jiy. • Jhi‡ (f±s giD< ki upyi[g s>Bv n hi[ vhi‡ e>Trliˆk ki pb>F kr[> ti(k jv tk giD< b>d n hi[, mS)n vil* h) n k) ji sk[ aYvi mS)n G*m rh) hi[ ti[ giD< h) Ki[li n ji sk[. k&C jghi[> pr fi[Ti[el[(±T^k D[vies, p[sr s[>(s(Tv m]T, yi aiˆTi[m[(Tk giD< h) upy&±t piy[ gy[ h]. HSE / RAJASHREE POLYFIL / APR-15/23
  4. 4. • Jhi‡ giD< ki upyi[g s>Bv h) n hi[ vhi‡ j&giD jgikr mS)n ki[ s&r(xt (kyi ji skti h]. • (rAk m]n[j krn[ k[ (ly[ E[s) jghi[> k[ aipr[Ts< p*r) trh p(S(xt tYi k&Sl hi[n[ ci(hy[ tYi dx s&pr(vjn ai]r aivÅyk Äy(±tgt s&rxi k[ siFni[> ki upyi[g a(nviy< kr[>. yid rKn[ yi[³y aºy vit[> : • y(d mS)n pi[gim[bl el[kTi[(nk (sATm s[ k>T^i[ÃD h] ti[ pi[gim m[ p(rvt<n mi#i dx Äy(±t h) kr[. • k>T^i[ÃD D[vies (ks kim k[ (ly[ h] E[s) mi(k<>g avÆy kr[>. • Jhi j$rt hi[ emj[<>s) k>T^i[l j]s[ s&gmti s[ ph&cn[ vil) jgh pr lgi emj[<>s) (Avc, lgiy[>. • mS)n k[ aipr[(T>g k>T^i[l sh) h]>, esk) p&(OT kr[> . • (ks) an(FkZt Äy(±t, ak&Sl Äy(±t aYvi ap(S(xt Äy(±t ki[ mS)n clin[ k) an&m(t n d[>. • ny[ Äy(±tyi[> ki[ p*r) trh p(SxN d[n[ k[ vid h) mS)n clin[ k) an&m(t d[>. • s&prviejr B) p(S(xt tYi k&Sl hi[n[ ci(hy[. • G*mn[ vil) mS)ni[> k[ ais-pis k) sfie< , gZh ÄyvAYi tYi rK-rKiv sh) rK[> tY u(ct pkiS ki pb>F kr[>. ±yi kr[> / ±yi n kr[> : ±yi kr[> • (n(Åct kr[> (k mS)n s&rxi k) dZ(OT s[ q)k trh s[ mº[>T[n h] tYi kim k[ (ly[ (fT h]. • (n(Åct kr[> (k mS)n k[ s>ciln k[ smy aivÅyk Äy(±tgt s&rxi k[ siFni[> ki upyi[g (kyi ji rhi h]. ±yi n kr[> • (js mS)n m[ D[>jr T]g lgi hi[ us[ apn) mj)< s[ cil* n kr[>. • kim krt[ smy Q)l[ vA#i, gl[ m[ lTkt) vAt&y[>, GD), a>g*q) ai(d n phn[>. • s&rxi giDi[<> ki[ kB) B) n (nkil[> aYvi (nkil[> ti[ cil* krn[ s[ phl[ us[ q)k trh s[ usk) jgh pr lgi d[>. HSE / RAJASHREE POLYFIL / APR-15/23