PAKRA Success Story: helping Sam the Inside Sales Director to embrace Social Media channels


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PAKRA success story starring Sam, the Social Director of Inside Sales for a web-based technology company. Learn how Sam was challenged with trying to harness social media as a lead generation source for his company. See how PAKRA Consulting helped Sam and his team to better target qualified decision-makers using social-media channels and helped turn cold leads into warm leads.

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PAKRA Success Story: helping Sam the Inside Sales Director to embrace Social Media channels

  1. 1. PAKRA Success Story starringSam, the Social Director of Inside Sales
  2. 2. Our salespeople are great at good, old-fashioned selling— even cold-calling is no problem. But the market has changed … AND our customers have embraced social media faster than we have
  3. 3. Honestly, our sales cycle justtakes too long for us to compete in today’s marketplace …And we are really struggling with how to set up lead- and sales- management processes and metrics for social media.
  4. 4. And what’s worse, our competitors seem to be all over the social-media landscape.So, prospects are turning to them instead of us. Our sales agents need to learn how to manageand leverage social-media channels — and FAST!!
  5. 5. the challenge As director of inside sales for a web-basedtechnology company trying to harness social media for lead-generation, Sam has a big challenge:
  6. 6. PAKRA® solutionsSam engaged PAKRA® Consulting to:•  Teach sales agents how to   Locate and leverage prospect information from social-media sources   Target qualified decision makers   Spend their time on warm calls instead of cold ones•  Show agents and managers how to   Use social-media channels to build their brand   Become thought-leaders in their space   Be trusted advisers for potential clients•  Set up scalable inside-sales processes and metrics Their Customers NOW look to Sam’s team for solutions to their business challenges
  7. 7. the results My prospect told me she’d been following By implementing custom me on Twitter before I even solutions created for the contacted her!  inside-sales team by PAKRA, Sam’s team:PAKRA Games •  Cut the average are fun! number of interactions needed to qualify prospects by 50%PAKRA makes social media •  Reduced their sales make sense! cycle by 75%
  8. 8. “By using social-media channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, we are becoming the trusted advisers in our space … Prospects have started calling us! And because we put a measurable inside-sales system in place, we can easily scale up our processes to meet increased demand”
  9. 9. Create your own Success StoryContact PAKRA®•  Implement optimized sales process•  Hire, train and retain your best team•  Leverage social media channels where your customers want to interact I’m a Twitter sensei Not only do my customers know me, but my kids think I’m cool