PAHO Regional Health Observatory


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PAHO Regional Health Observatory

  1. 1. Regional Health Observatory Eng. Ramon Martinez, Health Information and Analysis, HSD/HARegional Advisory Committee on Health Statistics – CRAES 2012 La Habana, Cuba. March 26 – 28, 2012
  2. 2. Content• Overview of the Regional Health Observatory• Progress and achievements• Demonstration of the RHO Portal
  3. 3. Regional Health ObservatoryVision• Regional Health Observatory will be an authoritative source of data and information to support decision-making in health in the Region of the Americas
  4. 4. Regional Health ObservatoryObjective• generate and disseminate data, information, and the scientific evidence to support technical cooperation, planning and programming, decision-making and policy in public health in the Region of the Americas.
  5. 5. Regional Health ObservatoryFunctions:• collection, standardization, integration, and processing of health data and statistics from countries of the Americas and technical programs across the Organization;• application of epidemiological methods for documenting health situation and trends, measuring of population health status, inequalities and inequities;• monitoring progress of health indicators and the achievement of goals;• generating the analytical evidence to support decisions in public health and guide public health policies;• evaluating the impact of health interventions at regional and national levels.• Identify public health issues• disseminate health data & information, information products, analytical results, as well as technical and political recommendations
  6. 6. Regional Health Observatory ComponentsHealth Information and Portal of the Regional Health de Plataforma de InformaciónIntelligence Platform (PHIP) Salud de OPS Observatory Health Analysis and Intelligence team
  7. 7. Progress and achievementsHealth Information and Intelligence Platform
  8. 8. Progress and achievementsHealth Data Warehouse is implemented, currentlycontains the following datasets:• Regional Mortality datasets. Registered and corrected deaths by five dimensions: country, year of occurrence, sex, age group and underlying cause of death (underlying cause of death, ICD-10 to 4th character)• Core Health Indicators database• Datasets from Technical Programs: Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Dengue, Malaria, Immunization• Estimates of World’s Population, World Population Prospects, 2011, United Nation Population Division.• World Development Indicators, World Bank 2011• Official Development Assistance for Health, OECD and IHME
  9. 9. Progress and achievementsAnalyzed & published health themes• Health situation and trends in the Region of the Americas• Mortality and causes of death• Maternal health• Child and infant health• Adolescent health• Aging and health• Non-Communicable diseases• Tobacco control
  10. 10. Progress and achievementsPortal of the Regional health Observatory• It is the means to facilitate access to health data and statistics and to disseminate analytical results, technical and methodological recommendations, briefings of the health situation and trends generated by the RHO.• It is envisioned as a point of entry to a comprehensive and authoritative set of health data and information from the Region of the Americas.
  11. 11. Portal of the Health Observatory • • Content – Health themes – Health data – Country statistics – Reports – Presentations
  12. 12. Health themes • Themes organized by: • Population groups • Broad groups of Diseases • Plan for the elaboration of health themes
  13. 13. Health Theme: Non-CommunicableDiseases • Information architecture for health themes • A health theme includes multiple topics
  14. 14. Country Statistics
  15. 15. Reports
  16. 16. Presentations
  17. 17. Challenges & perspectives• To strengthen the health intelligence team• Implementation of the Plan for elaboration of Health Themes• Establishment of a health analyst community of practice and establishment of networking• Interoperability between RHO and National Health Information Systems• PAHO and HSD/HA will continue strengthening RHO and will work to achieve the RHO vision.