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  • SONY DCR-DVD403f/41/350secFocal Length 5mm
  • NIKON D80f/14 1/200secISO-320Focal Length - 35mm
  • SONY DCR-DVD403 f/4.81/500 sec.Focal Length - 5mm
  • Top 5 photos

    1. 1. TOP 5 PHOTOS SPRING 2013Photographic Vision Final ProjectLife in the Philippinesby Chris Vetrano
    2. 2. CASARORO FALLSVALENCIA, NEGROS ORIENTAL, PHILIPPINESThis was a tough shot. Aside from the trek up the hill and the trek down 335stairs, with little oxygen, I also had low light and mist to contend with. Iadjusted the ISO until I felt it was accurate to what I saw. Some of the light atthe top of the photo is actually mist. It was overcast that day. Framing wasimportant also, I do not like to photoshop my pictures, I would rather capturewhat I am looking for with the camera.The ride up on motorbike at the end was on a very rocky road. At the topthere is a sign that mentions the 335 steps. When you reach the bottom of thestairs you still have to walk another 300 yards over big boulders and around abend before you can see the falls. but it was well worth it, the falls areso beautiful.
    3. 3. This is from exploring colors assignment, this photo has so muchmovement, as if the coconut is propelling forward. I got down lowwhile taking this shot so that I could get Apo Island in thebackground. I took about 5 shots before I got the picture I waslooking for. As the next wave is coming in, the water from the lastwas going back out and wrapped nicely around the coconut to giveit the look of motion . The other aspect was the coconut keptmoving, which was a little challenging. This photo was taken withmy SONY DCR-DVD403 f/4 1/350sec Focal Length 5mm CarlZeiss lens.COCONUT& APO ISLAND
    4. 4. SUNSETON THE ROOFThis photo is one of many AMAZING sunsets we get here from our rooftop. Iadjusted the ISO and a few other settings on my HTC camera phone. I wanted toget the colors as accurate as possible. Also, the framing was very important. Thetwo trees on the bottom left and right, and the Nepa roof, do a great job of that. Italso add depth to the shot, which enhances the overall appeal. Sunsets are myfavorite nature pictures. So many variations and it seems, they always better.
    5. 5. MYGIRLFRIEND MARIAThis picture is of my girlfriend Maria...BEAUTIFUL inside and out! I lovethe lighting on this, just before sunset. This was taken with a Nikon D80 F/141/200sec ISO-320. Balance of color is very important, my background inLandscape Design helps me to see that when I am taking pictures. This photohas a nice balance of color
    6. 6. SELINOG ISLANDMINDANAO PHILIPPINESA friend invited us on his boat to Selinog Island, which is about 15miles from Zamboanguita, the town we live in. I had never been tosuch a beautiful place before. It was just amazing. I did a littlesnorkeling/swimming, the water was incredible. I took this withmy SONY DCR-DVD403 f/4.8 1/500 sec. Focal Length - 5mm witha Carl Zeiss lens. A lesson learned while taking photos here wasALWAYS clean your lens!!! I took about 2 pictures and at some pointbetween my next shot I had gotten something on the lens. I had someamazing shots, only to find that there was a smudge, smack dab in themiddle of the lens, most likely from my finger. A remote island, in thePhilippines, which I may never get to again, with 30 pictures blurred inthe middle. A photographers worst nightmare! Oh well...I will never letthat happen again, I can assure you that ;-)Im just happy I got this one.
    7. 7. MYPHOTOGRAPHIC VISIONMy Photographic Vision is inspired by the beauty of thePhilippines. Nature is very photogenic and so is my beautifulgirlfriend. I have always been a Nature lover. My photographicvision is very eclectic, I also take pictures of people, animals,cars, motorcycles, houses, landscapes, plants, trees, mountains,boats, buses, bridges, buildings, planes, parks, botanical gardens,bicycles, events of all types, and many other interesting and orstrange things I come across. In taking this class I haveaccomplished what I wanted, and that was to learn the technicalsettings of the camera. I now understand that significantly morethan I did before this class.